Multiuse Foldable Bike

We’re on the same earth and we’re facing the same unpleasant issue of population explosion, which has forced …Continue Reading


Has the ONEYBIKE designed by Peter Varga put you in mind of the old days when people were …Continue Reading

Lazer Urbanize Bicycle Helmet

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Treadmill on Wheels

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Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

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Izzy Plastic Urban Bike Concept

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Electric Bike Concept

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A Bike with a Spokeless Rear Wheel

Possibly nobody could figure out why the Yale mechanical engineering students designed the weird bike with a spokeless …Continue Reading


The ‘Wirebike’ 聽is an interesting bike from Polish designer Michal Gorzynski. It works in a similar way as …Continue Reading

Marguerite Bike Parking loves blossoming.

The ‘Marguerite Bike Parking’ designed by Yoann Henry Yvon Lopez may be the most poetic bike stand we鈥檝e …Continue Reading

Mini-Sized Bicycle

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Peugeot B1K is a bicycle that doesn’t have a handlebar.

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Bike Lanes in the Sky

I鈥檓 sure some of you already had this idea but designer Martin Angelov beat you all to it …Continue Reading

Light Lane

Can you imagine a bike could draw a lane on the road automatically as you ride it? With …Continue Reading

P+ Bicycle System

Created by Young-Min Kim, Hyeon-Jeong Woo and Kyung-Goo Lee, the P+ Bicycle System is a multi-purpose bike rack …Continue Reading

Copenhagen Wheel from MIT

The Copenhagen Wheel鈥攁n advanced wheel unveiled by MIT at the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change in Denmark鈥攊s designed …Continue Reading

The Laser ring ensures you a safer riding on the road.

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Artikcar by Ben Wilson

Missed your childhood again? So did Ben Wilson and that鈥檚 why he has invented the Artikcar, seemingly the …Continue Reading

Broken Wheels

Well, bike thief is surely a problem and the Anti-Theft Collapsible Bike Wheel here seems kind of useful …Continue Reading

No-chain Bicycle

No-chain Bicycle is a new design by Jruiter Studio. It is a compact bike without any basic key …Continue Reading

鈥楧efective鈥 Bicycle

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Suitcase for Bicycle

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Gyro-wheel Bicycle

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Forkless Bike

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Bionic Memory Foam Armor

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Reinvention Of The Wheel

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Innovative Folding Bicycle

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Grow Bike

I don’t know whether or not the designer has a sentimental attachment to his bicycle used in childhood, …Continue Reading

Multifunctional Bicycle Stand

Displayed at the exhibition during “Tokyo Design Week”, the multifunctional bicycle stand drew much attention for its refresh …Continue Reading

Anti-Theft Car/Bike Stickers

How can we protect our bikes/cars from being stolen? Just try these stickers. They can make your beautiful …Continue Reading


At first glance, it seems like a normal bike saddle. But when you need a lock for your …Continue Reading

Seesaw bike

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The most offensive bicycle lock

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E-Motion roller system

This so-called E-motion roller system allows you to ride a real bicycle on rollers. In other words, you …Continue Reading

Bike belt

Chain is the most important part of a bike. But this new product may end the history of …Continue Reading

Innovative bicycle seat is good for men

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Shift bike for beginner

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Although you can adjust the height and even length of the bike, it is not convenient to do …Continue Reading

Modular Electronic bike

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Bubble bike

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Bicycle parking machine

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Prostrate bike

This bike is fairly weird. You can ride it in prostrate position to get a better experience. Because …Continue Reading

Hobby bike

When not in use, you can fold the cycles into the wooden body. And because of the curve …Continue Reading

Jump bike

You think this bike is too weird to accept? If I have to jump to drive a bike, …Continue Reading

Shoes bike

This must be the weirdest bike I ever seen. The two wheels have frames which are made of …Continue Reading

Lock bike with saddle

It is really funny. With a retractable locking cable underneath, the saddle can guarantee your bike from thieving.

Super light bike

It is hard to believe a bike frame only weight of 2.75 lbs. However, it is true. Made …Continue Reading

Aquaduct water filtering tricycle

Having clean water is not a conventional thing in some developing countries, not only for transportation but also …Continue Reading

Xdream fitness bike

Bike is a good fitness station, but always riding in the same way won鈥檛 be a pleasure thing. …Continue Reading