Custom Cartoon Proposal Flipbooks

The custom animations in these flipbooks are beautiful and heartwarming, may be the cutest way to get engaged.

Amazing Little Flip Books

Little flip books feature adorable little stories that are told by making use of negative space and “compartments”.

An Ancient Book That Can Be Read in Six Ways

Even at nowadays, it is still hard to imagine that a book has six completely different ways to …Continue Reading

Books Telling 360掳Visual Stories

Created by a Japanese artist, every book has its own theme and dioramas, from the Christmas, a sweet …Continue Reading

Ocean Fishes in Pictures

Portraits for ocean fishes! The artist have drawed pictures for every fish he encountered and binded them together …Continue Reading

Exquisite Book Carving

The techniques of woodcarving artists have a full play of soft and toughness of the books of paper …Continue Reading

Proposal Book Exquisite Design of Picture Book

The designed picture book is from the Japanese designer Watanabe Yoshie, carving process is complemented by exquisite painting, …Continue Reading

3D Book

The artist Jodi Harvey-Brown said that the book we like to read can be appeared in reality! So, …Continue Reading

The Book That Can鈥檛 Wait

鈥淭he Book That Can鈥檛 Wait鈥 is printed with ink which will completely disappear within two or four months …Continue Reading

Fantastic book dissections

What? These are creations made by dissecting old books with surgical tools. It must require a lot of …Continue Reading

Dictionary Desk Pillow

Quite commonly we say that there’s valuable knowledge in books, but sometime there’s a comfortable soft pillow inside …Continue Reading

Paper Book-like E-reading System

Missing the old days during which you can flip through your paper book pages? You can do the …Continue Reading

Incredible Detailed Book Sculptures

Mountains, rivers, temples, almost everything we see in daily life would appear in another world constructed by Guy …Continue Reading

Secret Passageway Switch

This is a unique electrical switch designed for your books. It is subtly hidden inside your books and …Continue Reading

Book Paintings

A really great artist can create wonderful things almost anywhere – on walls, grounds, lips, eyelids, or on …Continue Reading

Child’s Play Bed

If you ever had a dream to sleep within a book, Yusuke Suzuki’s Child’s Play is rightly the …Continue Reading

Reading Sculptures

Long-Bin Chen’s Reading Sculptures prove that incredible art can be made with almost everything, even with discarded items. …Continue Reading

Book Sculptures

Great books enable us to see the world from a different aspect and to experience wonderful things within …Continue Reading

Book Lamp

Usually we call one lamp a “book lamp” simply because it is designed to ensure you a reading …Continue Reading

Hang Book Lamp

Time again daily life proves to be an important resource of inspirations and Daniel Baek come up with …Continue Reading

Book Ring

A ring that features a mini book to record your sweet time. Or a book that comes with …Continue Reading

“Take a Seat” By Darris Hamroun

The cheapest and simplest way we’ve found to keep our trousers clean when a chair or stool isn’t …Continue Reading

Whale Bookmark

Where is the little whale? Wow, it has been totally absorbed by the interesting story in the book! …Continue Reading

Hello, I鈥檓 here!

Continue to read your book? Hey, just check out where I am standing. Come on, I鈥檓 almost flattened.

Tweet Book

Don鈥檛 you ever find you鈥檙e making great tweets that deserve your buddies鈥 special attention? If so, why not …Continue Reading

Cook a dinner with a book.

We may know clearly what book is sold best, what book talks about hot topics, but we seldom …Continue Reading

Esquire magazine to release augmented reality edition

Firstly adopted by Tom Caudell in the early 1990s, 鈥榓ugmented reality鈥 has finally reached the December edition of …Continue Reading

鈥楽niff Test鈥 to Measure Degradation of Old Books

The goal of the 鈥楽niff Test鈥 is to measure the degradation of old books, and therefore to preserve …Continue Reading

Transparent Shield for Books

Despite eating while reading is not a good habit, most people like me still couldn鈥檛 get rid of …Continue Reading

Infinite Book

The 鈥淚nfinite Book鈥 by Ewald Neuhofer is a new kind of electronic tools that helps to transform paper …Continue Reading

The Book Is Gleaming!

Knowledge is power and book is the phosphor that lights up the future for us in the dark. …Continue Reading

Book Collecting Box

What have you seen in the pictures, books? Not necessarily. Shaped like an assortment of colored books, the …Continue Reading

Double Book Light

Double book light creates you an easy-reading time! Supplied by three AAA batteries, the dual-head LED light makes …Continue Reading

Smell of Books

Have you been disliking e-books just because they don鈥檛 smell the same as paper books? Now with the …Continue Reading

Puzzle magazine

This idea is from a Italian magazine. What the reader need to do, except for reading the magazine, …Continue Reading


Although you can write ABC鈥 all by yourself, I鈥檓 sure you will like this incredible pop-up alphabet book.

What鈥檚 this?

A weird ring? You know what is it use for?

Your book house

This is a laser cut artwork based on Olafur Eliasson’s house. It engraves a house in the book …Continue Reading