Light-shaped Bookmark

A solid ray of light will 鈥榮hed light on your last read page鈥, smart!

鈥楤ook on Book鈥 Bookmark

Works as a paperweight to keep the page stay exactly where it is, this transparent book-shaped bookmark is …Continue Reading

Grassy Page Markers

Stick these lovely grass-shaped markers on your page and see if your knowledge would grow and spread faster …Continue Reading

The Zipmark Bookmark Seals in a Good Story Until You’re Ready to Read Next

This bookmark from Peleg Design looks like little plastic zipper, isn鈥檛 it so cool? Now you don鈥檛 have …Continue Reading

Unusual bookmarkers

He likes reading? Then this is a perfect gift for him. A set of bookmarks with legs clipped …Continue Reading

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

Bookmarks and dictionaries are two necessary tools for bookworms, and obviously the item shown here has cleverly combined …Continue Reading

Intelligent Library Bookmark

This Intelligent Bookmark is designed as a reminder that indicates the date by which your books must be …Continue Reading

Bookmark Pen Design

Although bookmarks are created for us to mark a book, we in fact often use a pen instead …Continue Reading

Stipee Bookmarks

Possibly we could also have ourselves immersed in Savanna and Forest that are full of cute animals when …Continue Reading

Page Chaser Catches the Pages Automatically.

Page Chaser is a flexible and folded bookmark that automatically shifts its position to mark the pages as …Continue Reading

Creative coats and hats for your books!

You needn鈥檛 have to search for matched bookmarks for your book covers, they鈥檙e already there. Just as the …Continue Reading

Build A Book Nest

It is a wall-mounted bookcase, not only a stylish shelf for your favorite books, but an attractive decoration …Continue Reading

Whale Bookmark

Where is the little whale? Wow, it has been totally absorbed by the interesting story in the book! …Continue Reading

Buring Bookmark

Watch out, your book is on fire! So from what page does the flame come? Check out the …Continue Reading

Hello, I鈥檓 here!

Continue to read your book? Hey, just check out where I am standing. Come on, I鈥檓 almost flattened.

Rubber Band Bookmark

The rubber band bookmark is one of the products that you never want to miss. Simply wrap it …Continue Reading

Book Marker

Named as book marker, the super thin pen also allows you to mark up your pages with double-colored …Continue Reading

Book-sensitive Reading Lamp

The soft lighting lamp from French is a creative one that controlled by book, it turns off when …Continue Reading

Caterpillar printer

Caterpillar aren’t a cute pet; however, it will also give you some surprising gifts like a printed leaf. …Continue Reading

Puffy Bookmark

We can use a bookmark to help us remember the page. Actually bookmark can be more interesting except …Continue Reading

Precise bookmark

Designed as an arrow-shaped, this bookmark could tell you where you read exactly last time.