Pull-out Bookshelf

Made of natural poplar wood, you can draw and push the seperated five parts of this stylish bookshelf …Continue Reading

Seesaw Bookshelf

Japanese BCXSY has designed a bookshelf named as Seesaw bookshelf. It is full of playful by judging from …Continue Reading

Turning pay phone booths into community bookshelves

Pay phones in NYC have been underused. How about transforming them into public bookshelves? This idea was conceived …Continue Reading

Stacked Teacups Bookcase

Unique design! The bookcase looks like teacups staked together and the overall effect is enchanting. It is handmade …Continue Reading

Check Bookshelf

Your favorite books, your favorite designs, your favorite furniture鈥ny of your paper books can be sorted by this …Continue Reading

Face Shelving

Need to face your books everyday? If so, why not store them on this Face Shelving system? As …Continue Reading

Weed Shelving

Today we’re loving this Weed Shelving, Sergey Saava’s creative work that is shaped like weed and brings into …Continue Reading

Catalyst Shelf

Aptly dubbed “Catalyst”, Jiyoung Seo’s shelf triggers user to feel, touch and react with the unit so as …Continue Reading

Biased Bookshelf

Biased Bookshelf- or more exactly the “Bias of Thought” bookshelf- is a 3D structure created by John Leung …Continue Reading

Chinese Chess Bookshelf

The Chess Bookshelf is in the Chinese traditional style, featuring magnets to hold the chess pieces as unique …Continue Reading

Balanced Shelf

Balanced Shelf from Christian Kim is a shelf unit that can move to form different shapes. According to …Continue Reading

Looks Like Your Back, Neatly Holds Your Book

Apparently the new bookcase from designer Pietro Travaglini seems not that unique or attractive on the first sight, …Continue Reading

AAKKOSET Bookshelf

It is always difficult for you to find out the needed books among various ones on the shelf? …Continue Reading

Equilibrium Bookshelf

The bookshelf here, the Equilibrium is designed to surprise your guests with a unique shape seeking for briefness, …Continue Reading

Growing Bookshelf

Of course the bookshelf holds your books, but more importantly, it also grows to accommodate more books.

Transformable Loop Chair

Can you imagine that the simple Loop Chair can be arranged in 12 different ways? Let the pictures …Continue Reading

Decorative Cloud Shelves

Many people love clouds because they’re white, clean and they change constantly to show us new beauty. The …Continue Reading

Campaign Cardboard Bookshop

As we become more and more technologically inclined, the books we read has followed the same trend. But …Continue Reading

Stylish Round Bookshelf

The exceptional round shape and bright white/red colors give Kim Ji-hye’s bookshelf a refreshing look, making it quite …Continue Reading

Ladder Shelf

Here at I New Idea we find that people always have a vivid imagination and boundless creative power. …Continue Reading

Turning Boxes

Good design helps with better life! Take Lab Istanbul’s Turning Boxes for example. The creative bookshelf is made …Continue Reading

A Bookshelf That Hugs Your Books!

The bookshelf from Sturlesidesign fits in perfect to any home or office environment and especially suits those who …Continue Reading

Hanging Book Cases

Nothing would suit you better to exhibit your favorite books than the Slim Book Case. These transparent book …Continue Reading

Build A Book Nest

It is a wall-mounted bookcase, not only a stylish shelf for your favorite books, but an attractive decoration …Continue Reading

Short Circuit Shelf

We have to admit, that the designer Alexandra DiCairano has successfully helped us to notice the artistic quality …Continue Reading

Versatile Wooden Bookcase

Build these colorful wooden modules as you like! For both kids and adults.

鈥楧ominus鈥 Shelf

Inspired by the classical game Dominoes, Knot Design has come up with the 鈥楧ominus鈥 Shelf, presenting a flowing …Continue Reading

Light and Armchair

Due to the limited living space nowadays, people are looking for compact products that make the most use …Continue Reading

Changeable Bookcase聽

Maybe it鈥檚 the naughtiest bookcase you鈥檝e ever met. Quite unlike others, this shelf wouldn鈥檛 stay steady but constantly …Continue Reading

Single Line Furniture

In general, a giant single-line drawing calls for an overall composition capability, and so does furniture design. The …Continue Reading

Book Collecting Box

What have you seen in the pictures, books? Not necessarily. Shaped like an assortment of colored books, the …Continue Reading

Bookworm Shelf

Named as Bookworm Shelf, the new style is an interesting and attracting bookshelf that can be constructed in …Continue Reading

Extending bookcase

Because of having five parts that slide in and out for each other, you can get an extendable …Continue Reading

Sphere bookcase

Different from normal bookcases which are usually cubes in shape, this unique design is actually a sphere, which …Continue Reading

Seeking a book based on its color

Book classification is useful, but it is not well-know for common people. Therefore, it is not a easy …Continue Reading

Bookshelf helps you to balance your knowledge

Inspired from balance, this shelf will give you some suggestion to maintain the balance of your knowledge. Either …Continue Reading

Supersystem bookshelf

Stair bookcase is a brilliant idea, however, it is a little crowed for most people. This supersystem bookshelf …Continue Reading

Shelf with bench coping

I guess you won鈥檛 wanna waste time to looking for a bench while you get a good book, …Continue Reading

Flexible bookcase

Different from normal rigid bookcase, this one is made from flexible material. Your book could have a better …Continue Reading

Shelf desk

Although you could posit a desk at the side of book shelf to have a good reading experience, …Continue Reading

Equation bookshelf

It鈥檚 a interesting design. All the separators are shaped like parentheses, square brackets and braces.

Angled shelf

If you wanna put other thing on the bookshelf, you might need bookends. But with the unique angled …Continue Reading

Invisible bookshelf

This L metal bracket is actually a bookshelf. But, the point is that, after putting your books on …Continue Reading

Desk beside the shelf

You gonna immediately enjoy the book you have choose on the desk beside the shelf. Plus, the declining …Continue Reading

Unstable shelf

In order to stabilize the shelf you should put your books more regularly.

Flat pack shelf

This bookshelf is made from a single sheet of laser-cut steel. You can hang it on the wall …Continue Reading

Twin bookshelf

This bookshelf is inspired from the two sides of Istanbul, Asian and European, and the bridges connecting them.

Book hanger

Hang your book on this rack, your books and magazines gonna be like floating in the air.

Mikado bookshelf

This shelf is made of several sticks. Although not a regular one, it is still attractive.

Ladder up to your bookcase

This ladder could be a decoration of your bookcase. Each step is a small shelf; you can display …Continue Reading