Edible Water Bottle

“Ooho” is a simple and inexpensive blob-like edible water bottle that could replace the regular plastic packaging. Inspired …Continue Reading

Combined Tobacco Bottle

When open the above lids of this item, you will find this tool with the lighter appearance is …Continue Reading

HOPPED UP Beer Glass鈥’Bottoms Up!’

This hand-blown beer glass is specially shaped like a beer bottle. The bottle cap is made of silicone …Continue Reading

鈥楲iquiGlide鈥欌擭on-stick coating makes emptying the bottle a breeze

Developed by MIT researchers of Varanasi Research Group, 鈥楲iquiGlide鈥 is a 鈥榮uper slippery 鈥檆oating that makes emptying your …Continue Reading

Boobzie-dress up your beer can

Boobzie adds the sexy curve to your beer cans! It offers you an amazing way to stand out …Continue Reading

Angel Mommy Pack

Angel Mommy Pack is a smart design especially good for babies and their moms. It’s a clever combination …Continue Reading

Daft Coke

At the beginning of this year, Coca Cola and Daft Punk have collaborated to issue a limited edition …Continue Reading

City Water Concept

It is interesting to start to know a city with its water, or more exactly with these spring …Continue Reading

Peelable Smirnoff Bottles

We now have new Smirnoff Caipiroska to peel. Designed by JWT Brazil, the fruity vodkas come in a …Continue Reading

Boyfriend in a Bottle

Valentine’s Day is soon coming. So what have you prepared for your girlfriends? If you’ve gotten no idea, …Continue Reading

Alex Bottle With Separated Bodies

Three separated halves have made the Alex Bottle quite unique among the same kind products on market. Its …Continue Reading

Nail Bottle Opener

Can one single nail open a bottle? Not likely, unless the nail is built onto a walnut wood …Continue Reading

Bottle Cap Punch

The smart Bottle Cap Punch is designed to cut holes in the metal caps of soda-bottles, so you …Continue Reading

Coca Cola Bottle Chair

Czech design student Jiri Richter has offered us a possible solution to recycle materials. He bounded dozens of …Continue Reading

Dress the Bottles Up!

Different suits make the same person look totally different, and similarly, different packaging designs each gives the same …Continue Reading

Soft Bottles

Who says we always have to pick up the bottles to pour the water into the cups? Surprise …Continue Reading

Coca-Cola Concept Bottle

Will you love Coca Cola more if the popular beverage comes wearing new coats like these? Not merely …Continue Reading

Chewing Gum Bottle Design by Gonglue Jiang

No doubt gums have the power to freshen your breath, but have you ever thought what the gums …Continue Reading

Water Bobble: A sustainable alternative to regular water bottles

The ‘Water Bobble’ was invented as a result of the idea to “make water better” while not resulting …Continue Reading

Stackable Bottle

Have the water bottles taken up too much space of your tiny departments? Luckily you can pile them …Continue Reading


For years water bottle have been offering us with clean water when we’re on the go, on the …Continue Reading

Electronic Drink Caddie for Golf

Made from durable high-density plastic, the golf club is actually a beverage bottle which can hold 54 ounces …Continue Reading

Transparent Milk Box

Nothing is special about the milk box except that it is a transparent one made from glass. But …Continue Reading

Glass Water Bottle and Cup

I鈥檝e said the bottle and cup are made of glass? OH MY GOD, I鈥檝e finally been right on …Continue Reading

Bottles Made from Squids

Made from squid skins, these bottle-shaped cans are possibly the most eco-friendly cans we鈥檝e ever met. If you …Continue Reading

The bottle and the glass come together.

We鈥檝e featured some creative wine bottles on the site before, but none of them would still be that …Continue Reading

Collapsible Pop Bottle

Just because you need to take water along for outdoor sports doesn鈥檛 mean that you have to use …Continue Reading

Yoomi bottle, a self-heating bottle.

The exhausted mother was on the bed for a short sleep, while the baby was crying in the …Continue Reading

Bottles with Collapsed Bases

Designer Agnieszka Bar has recently come up with a range of bottles with collapsed bases, which are known …Continue Reading

Pipette Bottles

Don鈥檛 you think these pipette bottles are familiar? You must have ever seen them in some place鈥.like the …Continue Reading


It probably because drinking is so frequently concerned that the Electra-Pour bottle top is believed to be a …Continue Reading

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

Certainly, you have found it鈥檚 a great way to recycle a bottle. When those needed parts are prepared, …Continue Reading

World Globe Liquor Dispenser

What about drinking the water all around the world? Sounds incredible, right? But that鈥檚 just what the delicate …Continue Reading

Water Bottle and Flashlight

In addition to being a tool for holding water, the bottle can also be sued as a flashlight …Continue Reading

Pertinent Milk Bottle

Making milk bottles into the shape of the word 鈥渕ilk鈥, isn鈥檛 it the most pertinent design?

Self Heating Baby Bottle

With a unique self heating mechanism, this baby feeding bottle is able to heat the milk up to …Continue Reading

Bulb bottle

In order to make your light more efficient, we may choose energy-saving lamp rather than traditional Pear-shaped bulb. …Continue Reading


Healthy is important, but nobody can guarantee that he/ she can live without illness. As one of the …Continue Reading

Plastic bottles for practice

Because of widely used for containing beverage, plastic bottle is almost as the same harmful to environment as …Continue Reading

Open one bottle with another bottle

Similar to the previous easy-open bottle, this product has a slot on the top too. However, it also …Continue Reading

Y water

This organic vitamin drink comes with a Y-shaped bottle, so it could be reused by connecting. Kids will …Continue Reading

Easy-open bottle

This gonna be a good idea for bottles. Because of the additional slot, you could open the bottle …Continue Reading

Hammer Flask

If you wanna feel like a real man, you gotta need this weird hammer. It actually is a …Continue Reading

Binibottle gives you extra convenience

With the extra bottle hold, your process of filling water gonna be easier. Believe it or not, this …Continue Reading

Pet bottle

You can drink directly with a bottle. But, what about your pets? You can use this bottle with …Continue Reading

LED cork

With a LED powered by battery hidden in it, the cork could make your wine more elegant. It鈥檚 …Continue Reading

VIZcap, lock potency

Do you like sports? Do you like sports beverage? However, do you know that there is nearly no …Continue Reading