Ghost Car Navigation

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a virtual ghost car in front of the windscreen to lead your way, …Continue Reading

1,000mph Rocket Car

The vehicle with carbon-fiber monocoque, aluminium frame and wheels will attempt to hit speeds of 1,000 mph sometime …Continue Reading

Self-driving Car

This adorable mini autonomous car has no steering wheel or gas/brake pedals, it is entirely controlled by computer …Continue Reading

A See-through System for Overtaking Maneuvers

It鈥檚 dangerous that a car tries to overtake a large vehicle when knowing nothing about the road ahead, …Continue Reading

Porsche Sculpture of Speed

Porsche, as the theme of this year鈥檚 Goodwood Festival of Speed, displays a sculpture of three epoch-making roadsters …Continue Reading

Super Electric Car

The lightweight trolley car sponsored by the German Evonik Company heads for Sydney, which is 5,000 kilometers away …Continue Reading

House & car all in one

Most of us would like to possess a house and a car at the same time. The picture …Continue Reading


What’s the easiest way you can think of to turn a car into a house? My suggestion is …Continue Reading

Corvette Z06 Bed

Cars here, cars there, cars are all in your bedrooms. The series focuses on “cars”, including car-shaped beds, …Continue Reading

Una Cebu Car Crafted from Natural Materials

Who knows what the best way to help people realize the potential beauty and utility local natural resources …Continue Reading

Car Stove

A car installed with a wood-burning stove inside?? That sounds really crazy, but that’s innovative as well, indeed. …Continue Reading

Blind Passangers

Well, the brand is obviously not the only or best way to attract others, because these “Blind Passangers” …Continue Reading

They’re Cars, and They’re Trailers!

You drive a car in the front, with another same (but smaller) car following behind鈥 Do you love …Continue Reading

Smart Fabric Seat Covers

One possible new tendency for car manufacturing announced at the beginning of 2012 is the smart fabric seat …Continue Reading

Modern Office on Wheels

A car, also a moving office, the transformed Mercedes-Benz is deemed as one the most extravagant offices around …Continue Reading

Car Seat Identification

New method is put forward here to keep your cars away from theft, and it’s the Car Seat …Continue Reading

Car Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Kit

What do you usually do during the boring time caused by traffic jam, to play your iPad, have …Continue Reading

Toyota Fun-Vii Conceptual Car

On the Tokyo Motor Show Toyota has unveiled its Fun-Vii concept, a futuristic vehicle that allows the drivers …Continue Reading

LED Light Display for Cars

A light signal isn’t functional enough to help you communicate with other drivers? Well, possibly the LED Light …Continue Reading

Flying Car

Apparently the Terrafugia Transition Flying Car is an advanced vehicle we’ll use in the future. It is literally …Continue Reading

Weird Vending Machines Around The World

Everybody knows what common vending machines can offer, but they seldom recognize that these machines can also provide …Continue Reading

Jaguar E-Type Sculpture

On the Goodwood Festival of Speed held in Sussex, UK many visitors were firstly amazed by Gerry Judah’s …Continue Reading

Jon Salerno’s Habitat Micro Home

Jon Salerno’s Habitat Micro Home provides a clever and practical way to expand the area of your living …Continue Reading

Wind-powered Cars

Let’s start a green journey鈥攏ever using any kinds of fuel, but simply relying on wind power. Sounds incredible? …Continue Reading

Can Cars

Use our intelligence. We should do this because we can create innovative or even magical things with our …Continue Reading

Safety Belts With Built-in Air Bags

This is a new kind of safety belt that incorporates an air bag and you’ll soon see it …Continue Reading

Energy Return Wheel

Striving for a new breakthrough in technological innovation, the Energy Return Wheel designed by Brian Russell is an …Continue Reading

Hydrogen-Powered Car

It is not merely a toy for fun, but also a teaching appliance聽that may tell you how a …Continue Reading

Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic

No body would give himself or herself up to the autonomous cars without struggle, but at least the …Continue Reading

Cartoon Cloud-shape Car Accessory

What could possibly go wrong? A red cloud appeared outside the car’s exhaust pipe as the vehicle roared …Continue Reading

Half Scale Luxury Cars for Kids

What wonderful good fortune kids today are enjoying, they can even own a classic luxury car as the …Continue Reading

Lightweight DeLaSalle Car Can Run 300 miles per Gallon.

A group of high school students from Automotive Design Studio, a unique class provided by Kansas City based …Continue Reading

Super Cute Artificial Eyelash For Cars

With rapid growth of auto industry, car decoration service is being improved day by day. Just as women …Continue Reading

The Fastest Vehicle On The World

Students from the Ohio State University have designed the world’s fastest vehicle. Shaped like a large bullet, the …Continue Reading

Human-powered Car Can Reach Speed of Up to 60mph

After about forty years of developing a perfect human-powered vehicle, engineer Charles Greenwood has finally come up with …Continue Reading

‘CT umbra’ By Nondesigns

How should car manufactures promote their new products, when nowadays they have to face more and more competitions? …Continue Reading

Poo-powered VW Beetle Is On The Road!

Unless you’ve left home without your glasses, you’ll no doubt find the Poo-powered VW Beetle running through the …Continue Reading

Maverick Flying Car

The Maverick Flying Car is not something that you can merely see in the sci-fi (science fiction) movies, …Continue Reading

Mercedes Arrow Recreational Vehicle

Mercedes Arrow is a two-seater recreational vehicle designed by Felipe Palermo. It comes with two stunning features, one …Continue Reading

Human Powered Vehicle Concept

Taking the zero-emission vehicles to a new level, more and more automakers are developing vehicles that are powered …Continue Reading

BMW Car made from Stone

It is BMW Z4. You’re totally right. But have you noticed something different the BMW car has compared …Continue Reading

Weird Car-shaped House

There’re various ways to show your love for cars, for example, you can frequently have them cleaned and …Continue Reading

Audi A9 Hybrid Concept

Low-emission, and self-repairing, these two features are enough to make Audi A9 Hybrid Concept one of the cars …Continue Reading

Renault 2010 Sand Jumper

Excited about the cool Renault 2010 Sand Jumper? Well, continue reading then, coz the following information is much …Continue Reading

“Bug”: A Zero Emission Concept Mini Car

As the cities get crowded and polluted, numerous automakers and designers are trying to tackle the problem of …Continue Reading

Falcon Concept Car Powered with Jet Propelled Engines

Welcome to the cool looking Falcon Concept Car. It’s futuristic, it’s magnificent, and most importantly, it’s powered with …Continue Reading