A Rollator Doubles as A Portable Seat

An ambulatory designed for the elderly and those who have a walking disability, a rollator that can be …Continue Reading

Tear Drop Chair

A chair looks like a large tear drop with 64 liters of water inside of it. It reflects …Continue Reading

The Chair in the Bottle

Sitpack is the world鈥檚 most compact, foldable seat! It can be folded into a bottle and put in …Continue Reading

Two-legged Chair

The chair requires some physical activity to maintain a balanced seat as it explores a constant awareness of …Continue Reading

Soft Nest Chair

Featuring with an easy storage and a soft texture, Nest Chair is more than a comfortable chair, it …Continue Reading

An ArmChair with A Red Hood

If you love to take a nap in a warm and cozy sofa with a soft blanket wrapping …Continue Reading

Canvas Furniture

Appearing to be paintings leaning against the wall, these sofa, chair and armchair made of wood, metal and …Continue Reading

Pull to Sit

Everything has its personality even to a chair. It asks for an interactivity and allows you to sit …Continue Reading

Cool Sketch Furnitures

Can you figure it out that the left picture above is a sketch while the other a real …Continue Reading

Hidden Furniture

Creative space-saving bookcase that contains a whole set of dinner table and chairs may fit perfectly in tiny …Continue Reading

Adorable Monster Rocking-chair

Kids always wanna become superheroes who battle with monsters. This collection of rocking-chairs appear as leviathans to be …Continue Reading

Reclining Flat-packable Chair

It鈥檚 a comfortable and cozy reclining flat-packable chair specially for libraries and airport lounges. Simply adjusting your posture, …Continue Reading

Sophisticated Beetle Chair

Rhinoceros beetle is the largest insect of its kind, it features a quiet strong curved horn and is …Continue Reading

Chair That Stands Vertical When Not in Use

When positioned vertically, the chair takes on a beautiful human body shape form and stands there still until …Continue Reading

Airport Multi-functional Public Chairs

The basic modules of new public chairs are connected together through a connecting shaft. Passengers can combine the …Continue Reading

Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag chair with barrel shape can either be used for sitting or leaning on, it can …Continue Reading

The Wall Folding Chairs

Portland has designed a foldable seat for a bookstore in Taipei that can be folded to hang on …Continue Reading

Rocker Chair

The so called Swingers of rocker chair designed by designers Cho Neulhae and Jaebeom Jeong is very interesting. …Continue Reading

Fun Climbing Wooden Chair

The father designer has made a fun climbing chair to draw the currish children鈥檚 attention: there are sturdy …Continue Reading

Sitting Lifebuoy

If unfortunately encountered a shipwreck, the life buoy is indispensable. According to the statistics, if the rescue team …Continue Reading

Yoga Chair

The cool yoga chair is designed by Alexia Moisan, Caroline Kermarrec, and Kevin Geffroy. It hangs from the …Continue Reading

RoboChair, Wall Art, 2 in 1

Bring life to your living room with RoboChair. It looks so cool with its back shaped like a …Continue Reading

The funniest thing for April Fools鈥 Day

It is so cool to make the funniest idea in the April Fools鈥 Day. This chair has two …Continue Reading

Simpson Chairs

The Simpson Family now owns their personal chairs, which are designed by Bangkok-based 56th Studio. Quite impressively, the …Continue Reading

Wild Chair

What, chairs may have their tempers too? You must think that somebody is kidding you, unless you see …Continue Reading

Lazy Football Chair

Can you sit to play football? I can, as long as I have this “Lazy Football” chair designed …Continue Reading

Hold Chair

Hey, chairs, have you successfully held the tables? … To make cleaning floor an easy work, Malaysia-based designer …Continue Reading


Inspired by life but also serves life, the PortiqueArmchair designed by Florent Coirier is a clever combination of …Continue Reading

Biker Chair

With no wind, no road, or speed, to ride on the Biker Chair may seem bit of boring …Continue Reading

Sensei Chair/Table Set

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Alphabet Furniture

Use as you read, these Alphabet Furniture sets all come with several individual modules but can combine to …Continue Reading

Nature Chair

“Life within Objects” is a design that provides us a new way to interact with animals and plants. …Continue Reading

Elastic Chair

What will you do with 40 elastic bands, to play a game, to handcraft an artwork, or to …Continue Reading

Hug Chair

Hug Chair, just as implied by its name, is an innovative piece of furniture especially designed for clingy …Continue Reading

Creative Chairs

No doubt we all need a chair. But which is your ideal one, a chair with interesting shape …Continue Reading

‘KE-Chair’ For Vulnerable People to Escape

‘KE-Chair’ is an assistive device especially designed for people who have difficulties in evacuating from disaster. It is …Continue Reading

Rose Chairs

Like any sweet and fragrant roses, the “Tenderly” chair designed by Carla Tolomeo are blooming in your room, …Continue Reading

Rope Chair

Could ropes support us as powerfully as wood? I may not think that’s possible until I saw Jon …Continue Reading

Wall Chair

Things will be totally different if without Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard: before the item is merely a …Continue Reading

Arms Chair

This is not merely a chair as we see. It may be our grandmother, comforting us with her …Continue Reading

Theaters Will Hold More People With Ziba’s Folding Seats.

A good designer always tries to see the matter from users’ points of view. When they frequently need …Continue Reading

Pocket Chair

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Coat Check Chair

If you seldom remember to hang up your coats properly onto racks but instead lay them over chairs, …Continue Reading

Skull Chair

This purely white chair with a skull carved in the seat back recently appeared in Milan, Italy and …Continue Reading

Rubix Transformer Furniture Set

Anything that can change to meet our different needs is undoubtedly always welcome, and right here we’d like …Continue Reading

Diamond Inspired Chair

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Movable Chair

Just admit the fact that this Movable Chair is really a great design! A chair that can move …Continue Reading


Looking for something to surprise all your friends and guests? Sofa XXXX is rightly the thing you’ll need.

Affinity Chair

“What you want to sit on is nothing–like you’re supported by air”, sticking to that concept, Ben Alun-jones …Continue Reading

Coffee Cup Chair

I love coffee. And I would love to enjoy a warm afternoon with coffee and this Coffee Cup …Continue Reading