Paper Clip Sculptures

Creative humans and animals sculptures are so original because of its unique texture made out of thousandes of …Continue Reading

Blossom Clip Holder

Lively flower shaped magnetic paper clip holder can hold up any notes or photos on any metal surface …Continue Reading

Convenient Clip of Notebook without Nails

This kind of the paper clip makes draft papers become a neat durable notebook immediately, regardless of the …Continue Reading

Super Funny Creative Clip

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Cute Clip of Expression

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iPhone Money Clip

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iPhone Carabiner Clip

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Baboo Clips

Usually adults and children are believed to view one same thing from totally different points. To adults, these …Continue Reading

Nendo Clip USB

When it comes to USB keys, the designing habit that “smaller is better” is always popular. However, Elecom聽x聽Nendo聽Clip聽USB …Continue Reading

Pinching Plant Pots

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IT Clips Reuse Your Tyres.

Bike inner tubes usually have excellent flexibility and toughness, however we seldom get a chance to reuse them… …Continue Reading

Who Is Looking At You?

Well, it is really weird and even awful to clip “a pair of eyes” ono hair… Nobody would …Continue Reading

Flavor Savers Mustache Clips

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Mehmet Ali Uysal In Park Chaudfontaine

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Verbatim Paper Clip USB

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Slide Clips

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Petal Paperclip Holder

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Metro USB Clip

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Clip + Hook

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Dogfood Scoop and Clip

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Huge clips, cute hooks.

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Hairpin-like Chess

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Copco Round Bag Cap

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Glowing LED Clip

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Tenso Paper Clip

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Lettered paperclips

Your document will be easier to find after clipped with these lettered paperclips.

Photohanger clip

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Clothline CLIP

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Dog clip

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Clip with expiry date

You can easily know when you should eat the food just with the help of this kind of …Continue Reading

Conversational paperclip

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