Color-Changing Clock

Time is always ticking, just as a color steadily changes its hues. You can read the time not …Continue Reading

Ring Clock

If you are looking for a gadegt of accessory and clock in one, this stainless ring, with its …Continue Reading

Flat Life Clock by Finn Magee

What? This is a functioning digital clock. Measuring 23.5 x 16.5 x .25 inches, it looks more like …Continue Reading

Ceramic clocks in the shape of straw hats

These ceramic clocks are so cute! They look like straw hats and come in a number of different …Continue Reading

If You Don鈥檛 Wake Up, You Lose Your Money!

Do you feel it so hard to wake up every morning? Maybe this Shredder Clock is ideal for …Continue Reading

Bird cage clock

Isn鈥檛 this bird cage clock so beautiful? It combined the function of cages and clocks. Just look up, …Continue Reading

Line忙r Clock

No more mechanical or digital clocks, designer Audun Ask Blaker now brings us with the Line忙r Clock, the …Continue Reading

Your Clock, Your Time

You’re rightly the person that controls your own time, no matter how fast or slow the real time …Continue Reading

Clever LEGO Clock

Time is a mystery, while Hans Andersson’s LEGO Clock makes time more complex and mystical. Named as “Time …Continue Reading

Chirp Alarm

Chirp is here to pull you up from your warm bed. The alarm clock comes with two separate …Continue Reading

Alarm Earphone

Earphone, also an alarm clock! Specially designed for music lovers who are used to wearing earphones to enjoy …Continue Reading

IQ Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are wonderful devices, and among them Oliver Sha’s IQ Alarm Clock is obviously the best. It …Continue Reading

Clock Parasol

Japanese designer Kota Nezu has recently released this Clock Parasol, something that has drawn an inspiration from sun …Continue Reading

A Clock That Kills Flies.

In the nature there’re many eccentric plants like pitcher plants that live on small insects, and now there’s …Continue Reading

Melting Clock

In the famous painting “Eternal Memory”, Salvador Dali has demonstrated us a weird world with melting clocks hanging …Continue Reading

Edison Alarm Clock

The Edison Alarm Clock, although involves the great scientist Thomas A. Edison, actually is an innovative work by …Continue Reading

Domino Clock

Modern clock designers try to arouse us from deep sleep in a way that will give the users …Continue Reading

Clock for an Architect

In form the clock designed by Daniel Weil of Pentagram is something like a spinning-wheel, but it’s actually …Continue Reading

Manifold Clock

Who says hour hand and minute hand of one same clock must be seperated? They can have certain …Continue Reading

Flower Clock

Compared with regular wall clocks that are named as “Flower Clock”, the new one from Rafael Assandri seems …Continue Reading

Farmland Alarm Clock

Another day waking up on the farmland, with the shrill cry of a cock… But actually I’m still …Continue Reading

Marionette Clock By Jongchul Kim

From Robotic Hands Clock to Bungee Jumping Mint Clock, Korean designer Jongchul Kim has surprised us with really …Continue Reading

Vinyl Record Clocks

The invention and application of the digital players marks that the mankind have entered the Digital Age, during …Continue Reading

Front & Back Clock

Since batteries are important parts of most clocks, why not just take them out of the back boxes …Continue Reading

Swing Clock

The designers never cease to bring forth new ideas. The latest invention is the Swing Clock, the dial …Continue Reading

Re-clock Clock Concept

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west everyday to indicate the changes of light; …Continue Reading

Stretching Clock

From now on, the first thing you should do in the morning is to fully stretch yourselves, because …Continue Reading

Vertical Clock

When asked how the time passes away, different people have different opinions. Some of them insist that time …Continue Reading

Time Sealed In A Jar

I sealed the time in a jar, to remember the wonderful experience of capturing fireflies during the cool …Continue Reading

Oblique Clock is a kinetic decoration for modern houses.

Before you all leave comments about the “quite ordinary clock”, I’ve just had a question for you: how …Continue Reading

Annular Eclipse Clock

Apart from telling you the accurate time, the Annular Eclipse Clock designed by Lee, Gimpo-si and Gyeonggi-do will …Continue Reading

Innovative Gadgets Powered by Renewable Energy

Designed by Elium Studio for Lexon, these innovative gadgets are all made from sustainable materials like the corn …Continue Reading

Creative Kitchen Clocks

Kitchen clocks are timepieces merely designed for your kitchens. These clocks may be different in shapes, sizes, colors …Continue Reading

1+1+1=One Clock

Wait, wait, I鈥檓 not showing off my mathematics and I鈥檓 not planning to discuss anything irrelevant聽to creative products. …Continue Reading

Set your clock forward/back an hour.

British Summer Time is one hour in advance of Greenwich Mean Time, so clocks and watches should be …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

Seemingly like a grandmother, a grandchild and a dog are going for a walk together, have you really …Continue Reading

Tuna Alarm Clock

You like tuna? Try this then. Shaped like a tuna can, the 鈥渄elicious鈥 alarm clock will wake you …Continue Reading

Insert Clock

What if clocks tell time in an absolutely different way? Will you feel uncomfortable with that? Let鈥檚 check …Continue Reading

The clock wears a mask

It鈥檚 really hard to identify聽the square gadget as a clock, were it not for the more or less …Continue Reading

Kim The Talking Clock now comes into vogue.

Remember Carlo Collodi鈥檚 Pinocchio whose nose grows longer every time he tells a lie? This isn鈥檛 him, but …Continue Reading

The clock tells time with words.

Almost all the digital watches nowadays show the time by electronically lit up numbers, e.g.22:20 and we have …Continue Reading

OLED Clock

Simplicity is the main character we have seen from the innovative OLED clock. Totally four OLED figures included, …Continue Reading

Clip-on Time-telling Tags

We鈥檝e all encountered the frustration of forgetting to take away our watches before, especially when we hurry off聽to …Continue Reading

Milky Way Clock

Milky Way, as Henrik Amberla named his new design, is an innovative alarm clock that features a turning …Continue Reading

Catena Wall Clock

OMG, the clock seems so simple, yet it costs up to 2338 dollars!! The man who would buy …Continue Reading

Lamp and Music System

Believe me, nothing could be more suitable to a Mac聽than the 鈥楧iva鈥 lamp and music system. Specifically designed …Continue Reading

Work Time Clock

This special work is designed in a 24-hour format. As indicated in the clock, normal work time lasts …Continue Reading

Seiko Dynamic Melody

Have you ever met a clock that tells time with a beautiful mechanical dance and accompanied by a …Continue Reading

Digits Jumbo Clock

Guess what, the digit clock won鈥檛 tell the exact time automatically. Therefore you could do nothing with it …Continue Reading

Chasing Time Wall Clock

Oh, yeah, yeah, the wall clock couldn鈥檛 be more ordinary at the first glance, but you are sure …Continue Reading