Inflatable Outwear

A built-in pump forces air into the inflatable chambers dotted around the outwear that captures body heat to …Continue Reading

A Giant Hood for Taking Breaks

This hood called Nutshell is big enough to cover up your whole head with plenty space to keep …Continue Reading

Cool Functional Garments

To combat with the extreme climate, a fashion designer has designed a collection of five garments with individual …Continue Reading

Super Cool All-over Spike Design Bra

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Super Cool Hug Me Jacket

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Unique hand painted bras

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Fun T-shirt

If you鈥檙e a smoker, you would love this T-shirt. It鈥檚 like lighting a cigarette for you. Would you …Continue Reading

TshirtOS: Programmable and Machine washable T-shirt

TshirtOS is the world鈥檚 first programmable and machine washable T-shirt. Developed by CuteCircuit, it has a built-in LED …Continue Reading

10 cool t-shirts for this summer

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Red Wine Dress

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Grey Knight Armored Hoodie

Although armor is originally made for war-use, Chadwick John Dillon still decided to combine it with ordinary coat, …Continue Reading

Gas-insulation Jacket

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Pic Nic Pants

Weird, weird, weird鈥 Italian design company Acquacalda has recently put forward one crazy product: Pic Nic Pants. It …Continue Reading

3D Ribs Dress

Available from BlackMilk, the stylish shirt comes with a 3D skeletal print, which resembles the skeleton of human’s. …Continue Reading

Warm-kept Base Layer Fabric made from Coffee Beans

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Scented Jeans

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T-Shirt Converts Rock Music into Electricity

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Self-cleaning Clothes

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Fabric Made from Milk

Milk can build your clothes? German biochemist/fashion designer Anke Domaske says “yes”. The young lady recently received an …Continue Reading

Wipe T Shirt

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Skeleton Hanger

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Breathalyzer Jacket

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Creative T-shirts

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Zapparel Augmented Reality Clothes

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The Ready-to-Wear-Away Dress

Always eco-friendly. Being nice and kind to our earth is not merely the duty of everybody living there …Continue Reading

Jersey Sweater

Thanks that your lovely hands keep my waist warm and luckily my Jersey Sweater will make your hands …Continue Reading

The World’s First Bikini Printer

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Style Snaps

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Paper Dress Show

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Photosynthesis UV-Sensitive Shirts

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The Mountain Animal T-shirts

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Magnificent Baby

Babies always need special care. Even though they cannot say any words, we can still feel their anger …Continue Reading

Otoko Kaoru Shirt Lets You Smell Good.

The Otoko Kaoru Shirt is a brilliant idea. It comes with an integrated scent capsule, which will release …Continue Reading

Contra Sweater

Put on the Contra Sweater and start your game! Cool!

Dress Helps Purify the Air

In the future everybody can devote more to bettering our environment simply by wearing an innovative dress that …Continue Reading

The Simplest Way to Have A Good Figure.

Invisible Clothes, a jacket that comes with an attractive appearance, not for women, but only for men!

Trousers Can Recharge Your Phones!

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Jackets And Bags

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Floor Lamps That Wear Clothes.

The love for beauty is a nature not only of all human beings but also of some lamps. …Continue Reading

The Dressed Up Furniture

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Michael Scofield’s Prison Break Tattoo T-shirt

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Fluid Dress

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Food As Clothing, Food As Fashion

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Food-like T-Shirt Packaging

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Leaf Shirts

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Tank Top Safe

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Instant Spray-on Fabric

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Plane Hangers

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3D-printed Clothing

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