Winne-the-Pooh for Bottles and Glasses

This adorable collection designed for Disneyland Japan tells funny stories about winne-the-pooh and his little friends, including bottle …Continue Reading

9 Cute Cup Mats

Cup mats, small gadgets that are usually ignored by people, actually also devote much to bringing us a …Continue Reading

Typewriters – Waffle Iron

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Crank Coasters

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A Black Hole in The Table

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Typographic Coasters

@, $, #, &, you couldn鈥檛 be more familiar with these, as they鈥檙e single font characters we often …Continue Reading

Flattened Glass Bottle

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Dirty Dish Mats

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Folding pot mat

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Clumsy Coaster

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Animated Disco Coaster

This coaster could change your cup into a disco light.

Big head coaster

This coaster could stand when not in use. If you wanna use it, just push him down, and …Continue Reading

Crush mat

Hey, what happened? Why is this guy crushed under the glass? It鈥檚 a funny mat.

Funny hot mat

Put a cup of hot coffee, this mat gonna be melted.