Coffeebrewer 鈥搖nique brewing system

Coffeebrewer is original and practical, combining the functions of a filter dripmaker and coffee plunger. Packed with 26 …Continue Reading

Easy Packaging Tape

Packaging tapes, which are commonly believed rather difficult to remove from boxes, are now pushed forward to a …Continue Reading

Press-to-open Keyring

Though they’re designed for keys, sometime the keyrings are so difficult to handle that you couldn’t slip your …Continue Reading

Extendable Sock Aid

Who can tell me where the end of human’s laziness is? After years of benefitting from dish-washers, clothes …Continue Reading

Stem Food Sprayer

Better food with lemon juice, while better lemon juice with Stem Food Sprayer. The Stem is designed to …Continue Reading

Rotating Soap

Why do we need a Rotating Soap? The reason is obvious: as the soap rotates, it not only …Continue Reading

iSlice Slice Box Cutter

We love everything coming with a nice shape. The iSlice Slice Box Cutter features a U – shaped …Continue Reading

EZ Opener

Along with the improvement of many designs, it is really hard for people to put forward better and …Continue Reading

Easy-to-Find Tape

Quite often a simple but subtle change makes the world with big difference, and the Easy-to-Find Tape is …Continue Reading

Salt Savor

Housewives must have long been annoyed by cooking, as they need to screw off and screw on the …Continue Reading

iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer

Shaped like a stapler, the device is in fact a bag re-sealer that helps you seal the package …Continue Reading

Provent Therapy For Obstructive Sleep Apnea

How to enjoy a good sleep is a common question asked frequently by people suffering from obstructive sleep …Continue Reading

Sat 119

Sat119 is a portable and simple extinguishing device that everyone can easily handle while without training. It looks …Continue Reading

The Original Shirt Plate

Lazy men always need something special and this time they’ll no doubt get crazy with The Original Shirt …Continue Reading

Free Cutter

You must be dreaming of such incredible scissors as shown here. They’re completely smart-looking and their convenience is …Continue Reading

Take Easy Bowls

Have to think to myself, what a simple but effective design! A bowl that has a wavelike base …Continue Reading


It is Snowdozer, a smart gadget that performs quite well in removing snow and ice from your cars, …Continue Reading

DarkFin Gloves

Why haven’t we thought of the fantastic idea before? Simply adding some fins onto an ordianry glove, the …Continue Reading

Thrift Toothpaste Package Design

For those who believe they’re a thrifty housekeeper or try to become a thrifty person, you now have …Continue Reading

Zip Bed

For those who have kept seeking for an easiest way to have their table tidy up, we once …Continue Reading

Pen Scissors

Here on I New Idea we’ve shown you various kinds of scissors that are embedded with an amazing …Continue Reading

The Front Pocket Wallet

A wallet especially designed for your front pockets! Coming with a round corner, the new wallet will not …Continue Reading

Yes! Swatter By Zhao Ke

We’ve seen a simple but great change from the Yes! Swatter by Zhao Ke. It features a smart …Continue Reading

Smart Rescue Tube

When searching for a clever and smarter alternative to regular bulky life jackets, Baek Mi Young has come …Continue Reading

Popcorn Yubi-fude Finger Brush

Nice idea… From now on, your paint brushes will be as nimble as your fingers. And more importantly, …Continue Reading

Slide Clips

Compared with traditional binder clips, these stainless steel Slide Clips are much easier to slide onto your documents …Continue Reading

Fold Up Your Bathroom?!

Folding up the bathroom? That seems like an impossible task. But here on I New Idea we believe …Continue Reading

USB Physical Therapy Instrument

The USB Physical Therapy Instrument is a new concept that aims to relieve your pain by utilizing the …Continue Reading

Re-Knife Pencil Knife

At first glance, the Re-Knife Pencil Knife seems like a terrible idea, featuring something that we seldom use. …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Well, what do you think it is? A cylinder? Why not come in and check out the answer鈥

Ladder Shelf

Here at I New Idea we find that people always have a vivid imagination and boundless creative power. …Continue Reading

V Lock Lets You Find the Keyhole Easily.

You can never insert the key into the keyhole correctly in the dark, unless you have a flashlight鈥r …Continue Reading

Stay Open Bag Holders

From now on, you can always pour the food conveniently into plastic bags even if without others’ help. …Continue Reading

DadaNana Baby Carrier

It’s a backpack. It’s also a baby carrier. It’s something that permits the babies and their parents to …Continue Reading

Log & Squirrel Self Watering Planter

Of course plants can give a refreshing look to your living space, but they do need enough care …Continue Reading

“Slingme” Bag Carrying Strap

Best gift for those who frequently go on a shopping spree! Dubbed “Slingme”, the smart pad not only …Continue Reading

To Do Tatoos

Dose anybody become obsessed with shoddy short-term memory? Here is the perfect solution, the to-do Tattoo kit.

La Gota Table by Timothy Emmott

Similar to the Easy-packing Table we introduced before, the La Gota Table by Timothy Emmott also aims to …Continue Reading

Teapot Frame

Thanks to Betina Piqueras for sending these pics of the teapot frame, which is designed to bring much …Continue Reading

Quick Snap Ice Tray

Most times, it’s not that easy to get the ice cubes out of the ice tray. But the …Continue Reading

Stackable Cups

Clean and hygienic cups may be good for your health, but the large amount of electricity used to …Continue Reading

Chewing Gum Bottle Design by Gonglue Jiang

No doubt gums have the power to freshen your breath, but have you ever thought what the gums …Continue Reading

World’s First Shoot-through Camera Bag

The revolutionary camera bag fits in especially perfect to those travelers who need to keep their cameras safe …Continue Reading

Go around, with the laptop carried in the hand!

What if your laptop is equipped with an adjustable handle on the back end? Just think about that鈥

Double Side Umbrella Strap

We seldom roll the umbrella up in the right way, and we have to do that once more …Continue Reading

Roll-up Backpack

Not that the conventional backpacks perform bad in holding items, but that we simply need something better to …Continue Reading

Rotary Kettle for hand impaired People

The Rotary Kettle fits in perfect to the handicapped, and those who are really too lazy to pick …Continue Reading

Urban Wheelchair Concept

More and more designers are endeavoring to improve the personal urban mobility, including Ben Thorpe with his latest …Continue Reading

Lace-amatic Shoe-Fastener

Not everybody could easily handle the simple thing to knot their shoelaces, and the case is particularly bad …Continue Reading

Multi-tab Power Strip

The multi-tab power strip was invented as a result of the idea to save you much trouble in …Continue Reading