Super hot coffee machine

This is an unusual coffee machine. Every drop of the coffee comes through two hot girls. Wondering what …Continue Reading

Creative wobble bottle opener

With a weighted metal base, this wobble bottle opener works like a tumbler toy that rights itself when …Continue Reading

Animal head clothes hangers

Add fun to your wardrobe with these creative animal clothes hangers! It looks like the animals are dressed …Continue Reading

Deep Sea Diver Loose Tea Strainer

Tea Strainers come in different creative designs. Here is another one. Simply soak your favorite loose leaf tea …Continue Reading

OpenAir—your workstation on the go

Designed by San Francisco-based designers, Nick+Beau, OpenAire is a laptop case that can magically turn into a portable …Continue Reading

Street art—the Olympic Games

The 2012 London Olympic Games kicked off a few days ago. Now we found this image of street …Continue Reading

Creative proposal

The right moment and the right person! Using the solar eclipse to propose is definitely one of the …Continue Reading

A tiny world on the fingernails

Flickr user Alice Bartlett created a tiny world using her fingernails. She used green flocking as lawn that …Continue Reading

Cleavage or buttcrack? Fun T-shirt

Awesome design! This T-shirt turns your cleavage into buttcrack just so you look even sexier and will definitely …Continue Reading

Creative wine bottle stopper

After opening a bottle of wine, seal it with Top It Off wine bottle stopper. The classical tall …Continue Reading

Kitty superheroes

Please meet Cooper and Pancake-kitty Dark Knight and kitty Man of Steel! Aren’t they adorable? Also check out …Continue Reading

Creepy Zombie Head Gumball Machine

This zombie head gumball machine is creepy and scary! Created by Thomas Kuebler, it looks so real. Now …Continue Reading

Stunning Bonsai Tree Building

These bonsai tree buildings are extraordinarily detailed, reflecting the skills and craftsmanship of Japanese artist Takanori Aiba. The …Continue Reading

Construction Overhead Hat

Construction Overhead is designed by London-based hatmaker Sorenson-Grundy. They transformed a handmade hat into a fantasy millinery workshop …Continue Reading

Real Dollhouse

The once-popular dollhouse is finally changed into life-sized house for real people! Rightly in Manitoba, Canada, an old …Continue Reading

Zig Zag Mirror

With a cute name “Zig Zag”, this mirror put forward by MUT Design not only offers the users …Continue Reading

Zen Circus Fitness Furniture

As antigravity yoga is quite popular around Europe now, designer Caroline Kermarrec has thus drawn a creative inspiration …Continue Reading

Guiness Submarine Bar

London-based Jump Studios has transformed a tourist submarine into a deep-sea bar to commemorate Guinness Company’s Sea Experience …Continue Reading

Slip-on Shoelaces

During the last tens and hundreds of years, almost all the designer and manufactures were devoted to improving …Continue Reading

Inverted Umbrella

Rainy days, romantic days, many couples are fond of hanging out on a wet day to experience something …Continue Reading

Gokey Wrist Band

Only one key in the pocket, usually we do that when outside for a walk or jog just …Continue Reading

World’s First Lick-able Wall Paper

Does the elevator’s wall of an office building located in Great Portland Street, London taste good? Possibly, as …Continue Reading

Tree Pod Restaurant

Five meters high from the ground, the dinning pod built on top of a tree is located in …Continue Reading

Flower Matches

Designed by Japan-based artists, these Flower Matches give us another reason why we always love creative designs: each …Continue Reading

Meeting Rooms in the Air

Soooooo dangerous… That’s just what I thought of the moment I saw this floating office. It is designed …Continue Reading

What’s this?

What’s this, in your opinion? The answer wouldn’t come to you if you stare at it too closely …Continue Reading

Innovative Assembling Furniture

Forget the bothersome problem that your apartment is too small, because you can still enjoy a convenient and …Continue Reading

“Record me” Home Recorder

During these days with a cellphone or laptops, we humans are no longer relying on the traditional ways …Continue Reading

Dirty Car Art

Why hasn’t anyone thought of the good idea before? Created on the back windows of dirty cars, Scott …Continue Reading

ISI Desk Clamp

Design easy and use easy, Devraj Bhadra’s ISI Desk Clamp is an innovative concept that offers us a …Continue Reading

Stunning Alien Predator-themed Motorcycle

Using discarded car and bicycle parts he collected everywhere, Bangkok-based artist Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn has created a perfectly-detailed Predator-inspired …Continue Reading

Check Bookshelf

Your favorite books, your favorite designs, your favorite furniture…Any of your paper books can be sorted by this …Continue Reading

Expandable Caravan Concept

Named after the famous Italian medieval traveler Odoric of Pordenone, the “Odorico” expandable caravan looks good, functions good, …Continue Reading

Tide Flowers

The tide rises, the tide falls. The flower blossoms, the flower falls away. Every day on the surface …Continue Reading

Funnel Wall Plays Music during Rain

Located in Dresden, Germany, the small colorful house is built with some funnels on the wall and they’ll …Continue Reading

Transformable Stand Sleeve for iPad

Love playing with your iPad, but never mind what kind of sleeve or stand it is using? No, …Continue Reading

Optical Illusion Paintings

What have you seen from these Optical Illusion Paintings made by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak, a second picture …Continue Reading

Facebook Bed

How popular do you think the Facebook is? Normally we’re no longer contented with using it for most …Continue Reading

Suitcase Symphony

Life is music, thus we all love symphony instead of monotony. Keeping that in mind too, a Dutch …Continue Reading

Manual Stools

Can you sit on water? Of course you can, but merely in science fictions or in your dreams… …Continue Reading

Creative DVD Packaging Design

Great music is just like the beautiful sunrise, as they both bring big shocks to us, and that’s …Continue Reading

3D Cabinet

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Angel Mommy Pack

Angel Mommy Pack is a smart design especially good for babies and their moms. It’s a clever combination …Continue Reading

Creative Laptop Bag that Can Charge Your Computers.

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Awesome Collection of Package Designs

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Creative Business Card for Yoga Instructor

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Creative Notebook Designs

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Computer System That Reads Your Emotions

Although computers are still designed without emotion or spiritual excitement, they now at least can read your emotions. …Continue Reading