Never Ending String

This never ending slinky machine will provide you an endless source of distraction and entertainment on your desk.

Decorative Playwood Desk

The decorative playwood desk is designed by the Japanese architects. It鈥檚 a mini apartment which features magnets to …Continue Reading

Wire Art

Rather than trying hard to hide wires, why not beautify them to decorate your apartment? Here鈥檚 some instances …Continue Reading

鈥楥LEAR鈥 鈥搕ransparent paint that transforms any surface into an erasable board

鈥楥LEAR鈥 is a new product launched by paint making company IdeaPaint. Transparent and odorless, it can be applied …Continue Reading

Map Fishbowl

An interesting bowl for fish, which wanna to help them go around the world, with the help of …Continue Reading

Broken Wine Rack

You know what? You’ve gotten too many bottles of wine on the rack that it finally breaks into …Continue Reading

Cute Outlet Stickers

White, square, square, white, why is every outlet so similar to others? Can’t they have their own personalities? …Continue Reading

Tide Flowers

The tide rises, the tide falls. The flower blossoms, the flower falls away. Every day on the surface …Continue Reading

Belt Tiles

What else can the belts do for you, except for tightening your trousers? London-based designer Inghua Ting offers …Continue Reading

Spine Staircase

How could we bring a new life into our house? According to Philip Watts Design, we should firstly …Continue Reading

Thread and Nail Portraits

Can you believe simply with ordinary thread and nails we can create amazing portraits like these? Completed by …Continue Reading

Soft Fish Bowl

Psalt Design must be kidding us, because the new fish bowl now brought to us is so soft …Continue Reading

Laptop Body Skins

These interesting clothes are especially designed for your laptops, giving them a personalized look and thus to amaze …Continue Reading

Fishscape Fishbowl

Made of hand-blown glass in Turkey, this Fishscape Fishbowl features a unique interior that evoks the feel of …Continue Reading

Face Shelving

Need to face your books everyday? If so, why not store them on this Face Shelving system? As …Continue Reading

Origami Table Placements

After meals, fold these table placements into cute animals and hold an animal-themed party with your kids.

Weed Shelving

Today we’re loving this Weed Shelving, Sergey Saava’s creative work that is shaped like weed and brings into …Continue Reading

Head shelf

Yaps these shelves look very ordinary when you view them from the front, but they’re indeed creative as …Continue Reading

Red Napkin Holder

Here is not a bullfight in Spain, but what you’ve seen is indeed something related to that famous …Continue Reading

Emotion-Enhancing Eyewear

I’ve heared of many people envying Chaplin’s face that can perfectly express a gamut of emotions and I’m …Continue Reading

Skull Chandelier

Artist Kelly Lamb’s Skull Chandelier is a hanging light that comes with a special shape of a human …Continue Reading

Hidden Garage

Things have gone to be different… To get a car in or out of the house located in …Continue Reading

Melting Mirrors

Mirrors melting off the walls? How incredible a concept! Designed by Rikako Nagashim and Hideto Hyoudou, these new …Continue Reading

Cat Ears For Humans

Do not take these puffy cat ears as merely ornaments or toys… as you may find they keep …Continue Reading

Light Up Your Brain!

Commonly we see cartoonists use a lightbulb to present an idea or a thought rushing into the mind, …Continue Reading

New Zealand Blackboard

Nothing would leave us a much deeper impression of New Zealand than this acrylic blackboard. It rightly comes …Continue Reading

You’ve Got Mail!

Well, well, obviously you’ve got some mails… not from I New Idea or any of your buddies but …Continue Reading

Cutlery Join

Imagine that, we now have a more interesting way to decorate our tables! When table knife, fork and …Continue Reading

LED Ropes

This particular lamp is named as the “LED Rope.” It’s designed by Christian Haas to bring light into …Continue Reading

Balloon Lights

Each of the Balloon Lights designed by Uli Budde for Veritgo Bird is composed of a built-in LED, …Continue Reading

KAWS Light Bulb Set

KAWS has recently launched a limited edition of 1000 sets of bulbs, all of which feature a “XX” …Continue Reading

Flavor Savers Mustache Clips

When girls are happily enjoying various delicious snacks, the naughty boys have done something remarkable: they offered their …Continue Reading

Tea Bag Lamp

Hi, I’m a tea bag, but bit of different from conventional ones you’ve ever met. Because I can …Continue Reading

Spider Podium

Honestly I’ve never found a spider could be so cute before I come up with the Spider Podium. …Continue Reading

Frenchmen Wine Head

One more reason for you to unscrew the cap of a wine bottle is that the Frenchmen Wine …Continue Reading

9 Cute Cup Mats

Cup mats, small gadgets that are usually ignored by people, actually also devote much to bringing us a …Continue Reading

Super Mario Brothers Sprite Magnets

Super Mario comes back again, in a new form of the decorative magnets! Made of bamboo, these magnets …Continue Reading


Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are… That song suddenly hit me the moment I …Continue Reading

“Balloon + Bomb” Coat Racks

In 1945 the first atom bomb was set off over Hiroshima and 65years later the first coat rack …Continue Reading

VW Beetle Sofa

The VW Beetle Sofa is a new piece of furniture that comes with a cute look as that …Continue Reading

[Video]‘Flower Power’ Solar Windows From Sony

At the Eco Products 2010 exhibition Sony showcased these ‘Flower Power’ Solar Windows that can convert sunlight into …Continue Reading

Birdsnest Egg Cup

For men accustomed to keeping eggs in a basket or a drawer, the change to the Birdsnest Egg …Continue Reading

Awesome Telephone Booths

We see telephone booths everywhere but they do not all come with an interesting or creative appearance as …Continue Reading

Icicle Jumbo Magnets

Maybe the most effective way to show that your refrigerator performs really well in keeping frozen foods is …Continue Reading

Accumulator Money Box

What does 237 pounds mean in the year 1870? According to the Accumulator Money Box, that means you …Continue Reading

Peaceful Bomb Vase

War and peace, violence and non-violence, except for those there’re also many other words opposing in meanings, such …Continue Reading

Ready. Steady. Go!

Old streets in Graz, Austria now come to life again after Austrian architects Sandra Janser and Elisabeth Koller …Continue Reading

Floor Lamps That Wear Clothes.

The love for beauty is a nature not only of all human beings but also of some lamps. …Continue Reading

Electronic Cutting System For Cake Decorating

Who says not everybody can make a fancy cake? Surprise them with a nice cake and the Electronic …Continue Reading

Michael Scofield’s Prison Break Tattoo T-shirt

Michael Scofield’s tattoo in Prison Break has impressed many people all around the world, and most of them …Continue Reading