Colorful Shoes Made from Plastic Trash

Three guys utilize washed up plastic rubbish along the banks of Thames river to reproduce new pairs of …Continue Reading

Re-Feed transforms food waste into instant liquid plant food

Re-Feed is your smart choice for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It transforms food waste into liquid plant food. …Continue Reading

Hotel suit in an airplane

This is one of the most unique hotel rooms in the world. Located in Costa Rica, it is …Continue Reading

Cool solar window charger

Attach this charger on the window and it charges your electric devices by transforming solar energy. It makes …Continue Reading

Oil-absorbing Nanosponge

By adding boron to carbon while growing nanotubes, researchers from Rice University and Penn State University have developed …Continue Reading

‘LAUNDRY PURE’ Laundries without Detergent

Exhibited on “Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (2012 MIECF)” held at Macao, China, the “LAUNDRY PURE” …Continue Reading

Pesticide made from Cooking Oil

Eco-friendly and crop-friendly, the new pesticide made by Israeli agriculture scientist Samule Gan-Mor is a combination of edible …Continue Reading

Tofu Bras

Do you love Tofu, a traditional Chinese food made from soybeans? Many people will nod their heads to …Continue Reading

First Renewable Bio-based Polyester

Change, change, almost every day we’re delivering new changes happened in the world. Today’s news comes from Japan, …Continue Reading

New Carbon Neutral Cement that Mimics Coral

Based on their observations and researches of carol, scientists from Stanford University have developed a new technology to …Continue Reading

Zero Waste Batteries

Though claimed “zero waste” or “no waste”, these earthCell batteries actually are not something decomposing completely in the …Continue Reading

Eiffel Tower will be transformed into a Gigantic Tree.

With the Christmas Day coming nearer, what’s now popular on the internet isn’t this year’s Christmas tree however, …Continue Reading

Bacteria Lamp

How are we going to live the future? According to Philips, in the next few years we should …Continue Reading

Brushes made from Biodegradable Cellulose Acetate

Italy’s largest producer of brushes “Venice” now brings us with its biodegradable brushes and combs made from cellulose …Continue Reading

Pavegen Tiles Convert Kinetic Energy into Electricity

We’re used to walking in cities every day, but have you ever realized that each step you make …Continue Reading

Green Mailbox

Green Mailbox is a wall-mounted mailbox that features a special roof to collect water and irrigate plants automatically. …Continue Reading

Chopstick Garden

Nature is where we get most things used in daily life, and thus they’re expected to go back …Continue Reading

AshPoopie Pet Waste Picker-Upper

Dogs are naughty boys and girls. They run everywhere, rest everywhere and leave their feces everywhere. Thus we …Continue Reading

Toilet Powered Motorcycle

Japanese-based TOTO is possibly the first toilet manufacturer that keeps their product on the move. Its main aim …Continue Reading

The Ready-to-Wear-Away Dress

Always eco-friendly. Being nice and kind to our earth is not merely the duty of everybody living there …Continue Reading

Solar Roadways Starts with Energy-Generating Parking Lots.

Solar Roadways will soon develop solar parking lots for testing, but their real dream is to build a …Continue Reading

Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

Congratulation that Jake Tyler has found cardboard鈥檚 new function and made a vacuum cleaner with the material. As …Continue Reading

Jon Salerno’s Habitat Micro Home

Jon Salerno’s Habitat Micro Home provides a clever and practical way to expand the area of your living …Continue Reading

Parasite office

Buildings in Moscow used to have a long distance from others so you may easily find large space …Continue Reading

Crystallized Sugar LED Lamp

Surprised, ordinary sugar can be used as a sustainable resource to make lamps? But of course you may …Continue Reading

Sperm Bullitt: A Bike for Fertility Clinics

Nordisk Cryobank is one of Europe’s leading sperm banks, and recently they’ve caught more attention than before for …Continue Reading

Re-Paper Chopsticks

Disposable wooden chopsticks, although deemed to have destroyed a vast amount of trees, are still in great need …Continue Reading

Chew Leg Cover Toy

Chew Leg Cover is something that can entertain both your dogs and your furniture. It is made of …Continue Reading

Printed iPhone 4 Cover

Cellphone covers especially designed for iPhone 4 surely need to have their unique characteristics, and these ones are …Continue Reading

Wind-powered Cars

Let’s start a green journey鈥攏ever using any kinds of fuel, but simply relying on wind power. Sounds incredible? …Continue Reading

OAT Shoes Could Become Trees.

Can you believe this, these OAT shoes will biodegrade and sprout trees after you throw them away? If …Continue Reading

Solar Wind Bridge Powers 15000 Homes.

Obviously a bridge could do more things than we would ever think of. According to Italian designers Francesco …Continue Reading

Waste Folder

Waste Folder is a recyclable bin that you can take everywhere, as it usually keeps in a compact …Continue Reading

Water Scale

About 2000 years ago, the great mathematician Archimedes concluded that anything shaped to displace the same amount of …Continue Reading

Melt Tag

It is reported that every year about 1.3 billion trees worldwide are used to make various types of …Continue Reading

‘Soft Gang’ By Creature Industry

Creature Industry’s Soft Gang is a new series of toys that would satisfy both the kids and their …Continue Reading

Bioplastic Rain Poncho

We can use potatoes to make various dishes, but what about using them to make a rain poncho? …Continue Reading

BBQ For Outdoors Picnic

The disposable BBQ is a clever alternative to aluminum trays and forks. All its components are combustible, minimizing …Continue Reading

Ride A Bike, Wash Your Hand

Since people in Africa and southern Asia have to walk a long way to get clean water, we …Continue Reading

Japanese-style Eco Bag

Honestly the Furoshiki Bag 2 is neither a promotion nor a new design, but it does bring back …Continue Reading

Leaf Shirts

With such interesting leaf shirts on, can we humans become Adam and Eve again and then live in …Continue Reading

Indonesian Bamboo Restaurant

We’ll never suggest you go to a restaurant that is constructed from bamboo for dinner, because no buildings …Continue Reading

Crunch Bags

Everybody views the same thing from different angles and product designer Ilvy Jacobs has used unique materials such …Continue Reading

Trash Bag Tells How Much Biomass Energy Your Rubbish Can Offer.

Have you ever realized how much biomass energy you’re wasting when throwing rubbish away? Let the trash bag …Continue Reading

The World’s First Biodegradable Paper Watch

Apparently Geneva-based Altanus has resulted in a world-wide revolution of timepieces after they announced to own the world’s …Continue Reading

What’s this?

This time we’ll firstly tell you that this is something made of black rubber and then it鈥檚 your …Continue Reading

Roof Gardens That Move Around The City

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No Exercise, No Clean Clothes

You’ll never pick up any clean clothes from washing machines unless you take exercise. That’s what we may …Continue Reading

World’s First Flax Fiber Bicycle

Though flax fiber is widely used for suits, have you ever thought of making a bike with the …Continue Reading

Seesaw Faucet Saves Water.

Though what you’ve seen from the Seesaw Faucet is mainly fun elements and a distinctive design, Chanhee Han …Continue Reading