Poor Little Fish Basin

No one needs water so much as the fish which would lose their lives without water. So we …Continue Reading

New Architectural Glass Reduces Bird-Strikes

Unlike humans, birds cannot see transparent glass and they’re always in danger of flying towards such “open areas” …Continue Reading

Human-powered Car Can Reach Speed of Up to 60mph

After about forty years of developing a perfect human-powered vehicle, engineer Charles Greenwood has finally come up with …Continue Reading

Repurposed Plastic Trash Bricks

New Zealand businessman Peter Lewis has created an innovative machine that can transform discarded plastic like bottles and …Continue Reading

MIA Electric Flashlight Lamp

With the technology and design placing towards energy-saving and multiuse, Jia Dai makes the flashlight a new one …Continue Reading

Poo-powered VW Beetle Is On The Road!

Unless you’ve left home without your glasses, you’ll no doubt find the Poo-powered VW Beetle running through the …Continue Reading

Orbital Washing Machine

Orbital Washing Machine, which takes the very name from the fact that it has a spherical drum spinning …Continue Reading

Amazon Tote Bag

Now I really envy you guys living in the Seattle area, not for the sweet-smelling coffee but the …Continue Reading

Panotram Electric Tramway System

With a closed internal niche and patio, the new tramway system relies on the power of electricity to …Continue Reading

Edible Glasses

You know those disposable paper cups that give you much convenience have destroyed the environment? Well, no more. …Continue Reading

Clothes Made from Textile Biomaterial

Guess what, the cool jacket is made from vegetable leather that is grown from a vat of green …Continue Reading

World’s First Solar Powered Football

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup entering the most important period, everyone around the world is showing more …Continue Reading

Human Powered Vehicle Concept

Taking the zero-emission vehicles to a new level, more and more automakers are developing vehicles that are powered …Continue Reading

SolarLight Harvests Wind Energy for Power

Who can tell me why the light concept is named as “SolarLight” but actually designed to harvest wind …Continue Reading

Latro Algae Lamp

We need lamps everywhere, in the rooms, in the cars, in dark streets鈥oint is that too much fuel …Continue Reading

World’s Tallest Residential Skyscraper

Welcome to World One, the world’s tallest residential tower in the future. It is a 450 meters tall …Continue Reading

Firefly’s Nest Lamp

Also known as “Geometric Romance”, the lamp from Tommaso Gecchelin aims to bring you back to the romantic …Continue Reading

Three-wheeled Peugeot Velocite

Developed by Juan Carlos for the year 2020, the “Peugeot Velocite” has borrowed a cool shape of the …Continue Reading

Wind Powered Walking Sculpture

Surely you still remember Theo Jansen and his Strandbeest, right? Here is another kinetic sculpture from the talented …Continue Reading

Moovie Personal Electric Vehicle

Han Jing, a 22-year-old graduated student from Tsinghua University has made his industrial design “Moovie” part of the …Continue Reading

Internal Straw Drinks Packs

The “Internal Straw” has come to change the way you sip the drinks. Or more exactly, the innovative …Continue Reading

Audi A9 Hybrid Concept

Low-emission, and self-repairing, these two features are enough to make Audi A9 Hybrid Concept one of the cars …Continue Reading

Planet Earth Reusable Bag

Foldable, portable and also durable, the Planet Earth Reusable Shopping Bag is an ideal alternative to the common …Continue Reading

Renault 2010 Sand Jumper

Excited about the cool Renault 2010 Sand Jumper? Well, continue reading then, coz the following information is much …Continue Reading

Glass虏 Tiles For Green Homes

The future of home decorations has arrived! Try the Glass虏 tiles and go for a greener life at …Continue Reading

Paper Pencils

Made from 100% recycled paper, these pencils, with environment protection as the main concept, aims to enlighten the …Continue Reading

Bright Woods’ Collection of Illuminated Chairs And Tables

Showcased at Milan Design Week, the Bright Woods’ Collection of Illuminated Chairs and Tables have drawn the visitors’ …Continue Reading

Cardboard Baggage

What’s cardboard plus originality? It’s the Cardboard Baggage, which also doubles as a multi-functional rack to keep your …Continue Reading

“Bug”: A Zero Emission Concept Mini Car

As the cities get crowded and polluted, numerous automakers and designers are trying to tackle the problem of …Continue Reading

Healthier Pool Purifier

People say that swimming pools offer more than entertainment to the users, but also resulting in illness, provided …Continue Reading

Aptera Motors

Welcome to the magnificent-looking Aptera Motor. It’s white, it’s cool, it’s powered by electricity and it has three …Continue Reading

Eco-Home From Italy

Dubbed “Fincube”, the low-energy but high-tech residence is a collaborative work designed by Studio Aisslinger and hotelier Josef …Continue Reading

Each Bottle is A Water Purifier.

321 鈥 pronounced “three to one” 鈥 is a reusable water bottle, or more exactly a portable water …Continue Reading

Chewing Gum Bottle Design by Gonglue Jiang

No doubt gums have the power to freshen your breath, but have you ever thought what the gums …Continue Reading

Pen Organizer Made From Phone Book

See what happens when an old phone book is changed into a pen holder, the result is quite …Continue Reading

Protect The Earth and Choose Eco Coke!

“Same classic taste, but greener”, with that in mind, Andrew Kim has come up with a new series …Continue Reading

Solar-powered Bus Waiting Booth

Presented here is the solar-powered bus waiting booth, designed by Yang Mingjie for Ningbo South Business District, China. …Continue Reading

Solar-powered DIY Washing Machine

A team of students from the 脡cole Sup茅rieure d’ Art d’ Aix-en-Provence have developed the solar-powered washing machine, …Continue Reading

‘Flow’ With The Wind

Coming with a poetic name ‘Flow’, the bamboo lamps are created as a result of the intention to …Continue Reading

The World’s First Solar-powered Mechanical Watch.

Developed by Cabestan Watches, ‘Sol Invictus’ is the first solar-powered mechanical timepiece around the world. It features the …Continue Reading

Solar City Tower for Olympic Games 2016

Will the Olympic Games 2016 present us another building worth expecting, like the Bird鈥檚 Nest of the Beijing …Continue Reading

Rechargeable LED Pegs

By installing LED lights inside the recyclable plastic pegs, designer Natalia Romanova has come up with a new …Continue Reading

Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

You need an electrical bicycle? You need a lightweight bicycle? You still need an eco-friendly bicycle? Well, what …Continue Reading

Martin Jetpack: The World’s First Practical Jetpack

Hey, guys, it’s time to wave goodbye to the airplanes which only offers you confined spaces and boring …Continue Reading

Futuristic skyscrapers will capture the rainwater.

Everybody knows clearly that daily consumption of water could be recycled by rainwater, which could then be purified …Continue Reading

The Largest Solar-Powered Boat on the Earth

Created at the Knierim Yacht Club in northern Germany, PlanetSolar is the world’s largest solar-powered boat, measuring 31 …Continue Reading

Saint Clair Lamp

Solar-powered lamps are not that new to us, but the Saint Clair Lamp presented here still surprises us …Continue Reading

POSEIDON Patio Heater

The POSEIDON Patio Heater, a 6.5 feet tall device that is completely made from metal, is ideal for …Continue Reading

Movie Polaroid Camera

Though it’s just an innovative concept from Kim Hyun Joong, Movie Polaroid Camera also presents a good prospect …Continue Reading

Air Scale

Air Scale is an innovative design by Yasuhiro Akama. The concept is all about telling the users the …Continue Reading