Power-up Your Room with Arcade Light Switch Plate

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Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster by Nostalgia Electrics

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T-Rex Radiator Concept

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Rozetkcus Wall Socket

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Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exercise

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Silhouette CAMEO

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T-Shirt Converts Rock Music into Electricity

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Ridekick Electric Trailer

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Four-inch High Efficient Fuel Cell

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Zero Waste Batteries

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eSleeper for Cats

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Ministar Travel Guitars

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Wireless Speaker Light Bulbs

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Hug Electrical Outlets

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Cyborg Insects

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Pod Power

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LED Nostalgic Clear Bulb

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‘Artist’ Phone Case Printer

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Secret Passageway Switch

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Magical Blow On/Off Light Switch

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Nest Smart Thermostat

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Corner Power Strip

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Pistol Hairdryer

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Printable Solar Cells

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FlipIt USB Charger

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Electric Eye Massager

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Push Plug

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CUUM Electronic Wastebasket

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Charging Tap

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Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

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Leaf Grip Remote Controller

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3D Food Printer

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Multifunctional HDTV

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New Vehicle Charger To Power Your House

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Weed Spinner

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Blind Camera

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Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

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Draw Working Circuits With Silver-ink Pen.

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U-socket USB Wallplug

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Modular Electric Guitars

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Panasonic Unveiled First Gesture-controlled TV.

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Easy Fold, Easy Use.

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Water Power Charger

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Edison Alarm Clock

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Electronic Cutting System For Cake Decorating

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Solar Camera Strap

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