Touch Board

A London-based design studio innovates a PCB that can generates audio by simple touches or gestures once be …Continue Reading

Dissolving electronics that help fight infection

A new class of programmable electronics can be used with the implanted devices and helps prevent infection at …Continue Reading

Super suitcase that can charge 16 iPads at once

What? This suitcase can charge 16 iPads and a 13-inch MacBook at once! Simply slide the iPads into …Continue Reading

Clever Air Tube Ear Phone

Unlike normal earphones, Air Tube Ear Phone automatically turns off your music player when you remove it from …Continue Reading

Awesome Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

Logitech has just launched a washable keyboard K310. You can wash it in water as deep as 30cm …Continue Reading

GreenZero Chargers

As a newer and cleverer solution to solve the problem of “overcharging”, Bracketron’s GreenZero chargers can automatically shut …Continue Reading

PumPing Tap Socket

PumPing Tap is a 2011 red dot design concept winner, which can cleverly solve the problem of wastage …Continue Reading

Sony’s Battery that Runs on Paper

The development of bio-batteries is now pushed to a new level, after electronics giant Sony announced that it …Continue Reading

Flexible Electronic Skin can respond to Touch.

New developments have been found in the Electronic Skin field, because researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley Lab have …Continue Reading

Breakthrough Battery Technology from Northwestern University

Researchers from Northwestern University have developed a breakthrough battery technology that features both high efficiency of re-charging and …Continue Reading

Mini Business Card Scanner

For people who have too many business cards to handle, this Mini Business Card Scanner is the best …Continue Reading

Electronic Post-it Note

Native Union’s Electronic Post-it Note is something that allows you to leave a message personally and politely. With …Continue Reading

Sony’s “Lenticular Sheet” Enables Glasses-free 3D

Till now, the International Funkausstellung Berlin 2011 has brought us many surprising designs and products, and today we鈥檇 …Continue Reading

Airsketcher Fan

The Airsketcher, which looks the same as ordinary fans, actually has an astonishing function that it can automatically …Continue Reading

HD-15 High-Definition Electronic Earplugs

Etymotic Research’s HD-15 High-Definition electronic earplugs is the ever-best gadget that can both protect your ears from loud …Continue Reading

Electronic Skin

Researchers from the University of Illinois have exhibited their latest achievement – the Electronic Skin via the Internet. …Continue Reading

Awesome Cameras

We need a camera, to record beautiful scenes, lovely people, important dates, and many other valuable things. But …Continue Reading

Stanford Transparent Batteries

Stanford scientists are pushing us to a new age, one that popular with transparent batteries. They’re transparent and …Continue Reading

Hello World Display

Valentin Ruhry’s new display is a huge board built with many illuminated rocker switches to show messages. Whenever …Continue Reading

Electronic Piggy Bank Munches on Credit Cards

Several students from Ume氓 Institute of Design in Sweden have built this innovative electronic piggy bank based on …Continue Reading

Floor Plan Light Switch

Ever had any difficulty to find out which switch is controlling which light? Never mind, as you can …Continue Reading

銆怐IY銆慒abric Speakers

Making a speaker is much easier than you’ve ever imagined, and what you need to prepare is merely: …Continue Reading

Multi Lines

Doing away with annoying cords found on tables and floors, these Multi Lines make themselves part of the …Continue Reading

Electric Nose Lift

Everyday you need to spare only three minutes with the Beauty Lift High Nose and the handy beauty …Continue Reading

An Awesome Collection of Speakers

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Ember Lamp Power Strip

Ember is the best bedside lamp you can ever find. It offers electricity, not only to charge the …Continue Reading

Wireless Charger Comes To Market.

Wireless chargers which were developed years ago have recently appeared in the market. And the one we show …Continue Reading

E-Money Band

You must have been used to purchasing something in convenience stores with a credit card, but what about …Continue Reading

Smiling Switch Makes The Earth Smile.

“Do not forget to turn off the light. Let 鈥渕e鈥 keep smile. Let the earth keep smile.” The …Continue Reading

Line Block Cable

Thanks to four Korea based designers and their Line Block Cable, you’d always feel happy to see cables …Continue Reading

DryMate By Nico Kl盲ber

If you’re using high temperature to dry clothes, you should realize that the heat may damage your delicate …Continue Reading

“HighDro Power” Harvests Energy From Falling Waste Water

Based on the same principles as a hydroelectric power station, Leicester De Montfort University industrial design’s graduate Tom …Continue Reading

Icon Charger for iPhones

The iPhone charger looks just like the battery icon on the iPhone, and that’s where its strange name …Continue Reading

Wind Up Socket by Dongwon Joo & Jieun Choi

I am the kind of person who seldom remembers to unplug the devices when they’re fully charged, so …Continue Reading

Outlet Regulator by Conor Klein

You could always spare the time to unplug each gadget when you no longer use them? Or you …Continue Reading

Multi-tab Power Strip

The multi-tab power strip was invented as a result of the idea to save you much trouble in …Continue Reading

Leak the energy before you conserve it? Crazy!

Flattery must have gotten you everywhere Mr. Lufdesign and I’d like to describe your concept as ‘a stylish …Continue Reading

Antlers hold your cellphones while charging.

These electrical outlets integrated with three types of antlers on top would be your best choices if you …Continue Reading

Electrolux Double-O hides an extra cooking space.

If you love cooking then I鈥檓 sure you have a great collection of cookers: frying pan, stock pot, …Continue Reading

PlanOn’s Printstik PS905ME is a printer that doesn’t use ink

Weighing 1.5 pounds and measuring 2.5cm x 5cm x 28cm, PlanOn’s Printstik PS905ME boasts the smallest and lightest …Continue Reading

Sony’s bio-battery generates electricity from leftover drinks.

At TOY Forum 2010, Sony’s bio-battery has drawn many people’s attention. It shows how batteries generate electricity from …Continue Reading

White Goat: Convert normal paper into toilet paper.

Creative Factor: Cool machine converts office paper into toilet paper. The Japanese company Oriental has come up with …Continue Reading

Dyson’s Smallest Vacuum Cleaner

City DC26- a 3.5kg device that is small enough to sit on an A4 piece of paper- is …Continue Reading

Loft Wing Ceiling Fan

Designed by Alexander Ignon, the Loft Wing Ceiling Fan has brought us back to those old days when …Continue Reading

Retro-styled LG Serie 1 Television

If you want a distinctive TV then you have the option of retro-styled LG Serie 1 television. It …Continue Reading

Juice: Ingenious Mobile Charger

鈥楯uice鈥 charger by Hiroaki Tanaka allows you to charge different size of batteries with the energy supported by …Continue Reading

The window glass will show us more information in the future.

We鈥檝e been used to seeing through the windows from time to time, because in that way, we could …Continue Reading

Computational Camera

Have you ever tried to take photos with a series of cameras that are bound together? If not, …Continue Reading

Count the ants鈥ead the time

A dazzling watch鈥t is surprisingly full of so many red, green and orange ants. OMG, who can tell …Continue Reading

iShoes makes walking easy.

The traffic in and around cities is always a great problem. But one of the nice things about …Continue Reading