The Endothermic Energy Saving Glass Tile

This glass tile developed by Swedish company is much more efficient than traditional solar water heaters in conversion …Continue Reading

‘Citylight’ Concept

Exercise to power, the ‘Citylight’ Concept is an innovative design that attaches exercise equipment to streetlights and thus …Continue Reading

“Double-Bubble” Concept Aircraft

“Double-Bubble”, a futuristic aircraft developed by MIT, is announced to be a super-efficient passenger travel that may guide …Continue Reading

GreenZero Chargers

As a newer and cleverer solution to solve the problem of “overcharging”, Bracketron’s GreenZero chargers can automatically shut …Continue Reading

Bacteria Lamp

How are we going to live the future? According to Philips, in the next few years we should …Continue Reading

EZ Opener

Along with the improvement of many designs, it is really hard for people to put forward better and …Continue Reading

Fold-up Keyboard for iPad

Logitech’s Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad is a smart portable accessory that looks really cool as well. It attaches …Continue Reading

Water Power Charger

One Swedish company recently released this PowerTrekk, a portable fuel cell charger that utilizes water to produce electricity …Continue Reading

A Clock That Kills Flies.

In the nature there’re many eccentric plants like pitcher plants that live on small insects, and now there’s …Continue Reading

Water Scale

About 2000 years ago, the great mathematician Archimedes concluded that anything shaped to displace the same amount of …Continue Reading

Solar-powered Tents

The U.S. military recently developed a new Solar-powered Tent that uses a-Si thin film solar cells instead of …Continue Reading

Hand Paper Shredder

Whenever I get a receipt, a bill or something that concerns personal privacy, I’d always like to make …Continue Reading

Wind Cube

Smaller in size, the new wind power generator however performs much better in producing electricity. And it comes …Continue Reading

Energy Return Wheel

Striving for a new breakthrough in technological innovation, the Energy Return Wheel designed by Brian Russell is an …Continue Reading

No Exercise, No Clean Clothes

You’ll never pick up any clean clothes from washing machines unless you take exercise. That’s what we may …Continue Reading

Light Timer

Will you conserve more electricity if the light is as precious as time? Combining the hourglass concept with …Continue Reading

Seesaw Faucet Saves Water.

Though what you’ve seen from the Seesaw Faucet is mainly fun elements and a distinctive design, Chanhee Han …Continue Reading

Lightweight DeLaSalle Car Can Run 300 miles per Gallon.

A group of high school students from Automotive Design Studio, a unique class provided by Kansas City based …Continue Reading

Human-powered Car Can Reach Speed of Up to 60mph

After about forty years of developing a perfect human-powered vehicle, engineer Charles Greenwood has finally come up with …Continue Reading

MIA Electric Flashlight Lamp

With the technology and design placing towards energy-saving and multiuse, Jia Dai makes the flashlight a new one …Continue Reading

Collapsible Solar Powered Lamp

Here’s a new solar powered lamp created by Jesper Jonsson that features a collapsible design for easy transportation …Continue Reading

Poo-powered VW Beetle Is On The Road!

Unless you’ve left home without your glasses, you’ll no doubt find the Poo-powered VW Beetle running through the …Continue Reading

Orbital Washing Machine

Orbital Washing Machine, which takes the very name from the fact that it has a spherical drum spinning …Continue Reading

DryMate By Nico Kl盲ber

If you’re using high temperature to dry clothes, you should realize that the heat may damage your delicate …Continue Reading

Amazon Tote Bag

Now I really envy you guys living in the Seattle area, not for the sweet-smelling coffee but the …Continue Reading

Moon Pan Promises No More Waste of Heat.

Baita Design has just released Moon Pan, a crescent-shaped pan that fits around any regular pans to utilize …Continue Reading

Solar Camera Strap

Let’s start the article with a familiar situation: we go out to tour around, record the beautiful sceneries …Continue Reading

SolarLight Harvests Wind Energy for Power

Who can tell me why the light concept is named as “SolarLight” but actually designed to harvest wind …Continue Reading

World’s Tallest Residential Skyscraper

Welcome to World One, the world’s tallest residential tower in the future. It is a 450 meters tall …Continue Reading

Internal Straw Drinks Packs

The “Internal Straw” has come to change the way you sip the drinks. Or more exactly, the innovative …Continue Reading

Puma New Shoe Box

The ‘Clever Little Bag’, a collaborative work between yves behar / fuse project and Puma, was invented as …Continue Reading

Energy Smart LED Bulb Can Last 17 Years.

Thanks to GE for coming up with the Energy Smart庐 LED bulb, we can save much more electrical …Continue Reading

Solar-powered Bus Waiting Booth

Presented here is the solar-powered bus waiting booth, designed by Yang Mingjie for Ningbo South Business District, China. …Continue Reading

‘Flow’ With The Wind

Coming with a poetic name ‘Flow’, the bamboo lamps are created as a result of the intention to …Continue Reading

Wind Up Socket by Dongwon Joo & Jieun Choi

I am the kind of person who seldom remembers to unplug the devices when they’re fully charged, so …Continue Reading

Energy-saving Multitap & Ambient Lights

Although named as the “Saving Energy Multitap”, the strip actually won’t directly reduce your electricity cost, but helps …Continue Reading

Outlet Regulator by Conor Klein

You could always spare the time to unplug each gadget when you no longer use them? Or you …Continue Reading

Leak the energy before you conserve it? Crazy!

Flattery must have gotten you everywhere Mr. Lufdesign and I’d like to describe your concept as ‘a stylish …Continue Reading

Water-powered WaveTower Speaker

Can the water tower be used for any other purpose? Just come in and check it out鈥

Pencil Printer

Print your documents with a pencil! Yes, that’s just what the ‘Pencil Printer’ is intended for! You don’t …Continue Reading

White Goat: Convert normal paper into toilet paper.

Creative Factor: Cool machine converts office paper into toilet paper. The Japanese company Oriental has come up with …Continue Reading

Revolutionary Micro Wind Turbines by Philippe Starck

Creative Factor: Micro wind turbines allow each family to use electricity converted from wind. After two years of …Continue Reading

Norway’s Turbine City Concept

It would be nice to preview what our cities will be like in one or two decades, and …Continue Reading

Green Noise

Designed by Hung-Uei Jou, the so-called ‘Green Noise’ is a self-powered runway light that converts annoying noises of …Continue Reading

Piggybank Power Monitor

The Power-Hog is an attractive design from the Greener Gadgets Design Competition, and the concept is all about …Continue Reading

Eco-pump Refill Dispenser

Let鈥檚 check out what great changes the bottle dispensers have brought to us. On one hand, the dispensers …Continue Reading

Cambridge Researchers developed LEDs that last 60 years.

Though claimed featuring a perfect energy saving property long ago, LED hasn’t been widely used yet due to …Continue Reading

Diet Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

You’re paying too much money for the electricity bill! And you look around at all those electrical appliances鈥 …Continue Reading

鈥楽witcle鈥 Concept Design

So you always forget to pull out the plugs but simply turn off the electrical appliances聽when not using …Continue Reading

Pigtail Lamp

Who will leave those ugly spiral-shaped聽energy-saving lamps聽directly in the air since they have had a hard time designing …Continue Reading