Shield Fan for Privacy Protection

Abri-boca has equipped with a wooden protective shield fan, which can be used for rest without being disturbed …Continue Reading

Upside Down R/C Helicopter Ceiling Fan

Hey, look here guys: a helicopter is landing upside down on your ceiling, to offer you cool comfortable …Continue Reading

Airsketcher Fan

The Airsketcher, which looks the same as ordinary fans, actually has an astonishing function that it can automatically …Continue Reading

Faucets That Resemble Penguin, Rainbow and Violin.

Why do we always say that all creative designs have life as their source? You’ll soon get the …Continue Reading

Loft Wing Ceiling Fan

Designed by Alexander Ignon, the Loft Wing Ceiling Fan has brought us back to those old days when …Continue Reading

Blade-less Window Fan

Could a window fan without blades still be regarded as a fan? I really doubt that because it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Fan Inside Wire Cage

The pristine fan, with a complicated wire cage outside the simple fan, presents an alternative furniture design by …Continue Reading

Solar Folding Fan

What impresses us most in the movies that show the daily life of the British aristocracy is the …Continue Reading

Clay Fan

As an outstanding young man in design field, Maarten Baas is well known for his alternative aesthetics, such …Continue Reading

Bedfan give you cooling summer

Although we have tried our best to avoid wasting energy, air conditioner is still necessary for those like …Continue Reading

Double fans

Thermaltake BigTyp VP is a unique fan. It can provide extra cooling for VGA and RAM with a …Continue Reading

The fan clock

It seems that fan and clock will not have any relationship. However, Stanislav Katz designed this fan clock …Continue Reading

Rose fan and Rose microphone

With these two gadgets, your office gonna be more romantic.

Heat-driven motherboard fan

Different from ordinary motherboard fan, this innovative product from MSI is driven by harvesting heat from the processor …Continue Reading

Cycool–Cool cycle

Exercising gonna make you stronger, but much energy is lost in this process. This Cycool could cool you …Continue Reading

Breathe a windstorm

This interactive system allows you to generate a windstorm just by breathing! The hug fans will rotate according …Continue Reading

Dandelion Fan & lamp

These two unique designs are inspired from dandelion.

Nauti Fan

Shaped like a nautilus shell, this light weight Nauti Fan is fairly fashionable. Its leggs allow it to …Continue Reading

Capsule Fan

This weird capsule is actually a USB personal fan. Just plug it into USB port, you can be …Continue Reading

Neck cooling fan

Wearing a fan like this on your neck, and startup the fan, you gonna have extra cooling in …Continue Reading

Mini cooling fan Pen

Adding a fan at the end of pen, you will be cooler while writing in summer.

LED Art Fan

With 5MB built-in memory, this Fan could show 128 colorful frames while running. So, it鈥檚 just like a …Continue Reading

Enigma ceiling fan with just one slice

Different from standard ceiling fan, this Enigma Fan has only one slice. It comes with a halogen light …Continue Reading

360 degree Fan

With series of blades rotating, this fan could generate wind within 360 degree. Unfortunately, it asks for $239.