Water Recycling Flowerpot

The double-hallow structure holds the leftover water after the watering, and then vaporizes it for recycling in sunlight.

Root Planter

You will never be bored by these ceramic “beauties” with tall and slender “legs”, not to mention the …Continue Reading

Rainy Cloud Flowerpot

Attatch the pot onto the wall, pour some water into the cloud and let it be the light …Continue Reading

WILLO Pillow Pots

I never realized people love plants so much that they would like to nestle them in their arms, …Continue Reading

Green Mailbox

Green Mailbox is a wall-mounted mailbox that features a special roof to collect water and irrigate plants automatically. …Continue Reading

Floating Pot

You’ve ever seen a flower pot that can move up and down automatically? Meet your surprise with this …Continue Reading

Face Pots

Charm your guests with Good Studio’s Face Pots. Made up with three parts—a basic pot, a face print …Continue Reading

Plant Necklace

Very interesting design— we can offer the plants with sufficient carbon dioxide as we breath, ensure them enough …Continue Reading

Pinching Plant Pots

Hey lovely green plants, how I wish you could know what I’m saying, because these ‘Potences’ by Gregory …Continue Reading

Musical Pot

Muse is a musical pot that amuses you. Collaborated by Lie Zhong-Fa, Koo Yoori and Jeon Se-Yong, the …Continue Reading

Life Pot

The particular design is called the “Life Pot”. It is created by Jomi Marco and Josep Armengol to …Continue Reading

Stem Planters

Here and there, the six Stem Planters, forming a tuft together like a bunch of flowers, would give …Continue Reading

Log & Squirrel Self Watering Planter

Of course plants can give a refreshing look to your living space, but they do need enough care …Continue Reading

Breathing Pot

Nowadays, demanding schedules often occupy people so that he/she has no time for other things like watering the plants. …Continue Reading


Simpler but practical designs are always popular and today we’ll show you another ‘we should have thought of …Continue Reading

Re-flowerpot by Hyunjun Kim

So how do you like the ‘fragile’ flowerpot which easily breaks up into two parts? If you’re someone …Continue Reading

The fish tank is the ecosystem’s epitome

The fish need no extra feeding and the flower needs no extra watering, and that’s the main feature …Continue Reading

Strata Flower Pot

In my opinion, there’s no pot on earth more eco-friendly or nutritious than average soil, oh wait, it …Continue Reading

The flowerpot tells how old your plant is

Do you know how old your plant is? You may have a good knowledge of your flower’s habits and …Continue Reading

Seeds in the Bottle

Though producers, sellers, users have been encouraged to recycle the packaging materials and containers of the product, white …Continue Reading

Solar Powered Hanging Plant Basket Rotator

Fancy that your flowers are rotating regularly in the sunshine for a better growth while you’re still up …Continue Reading

Portable Green Flowerpot

This flower pot is made of light, durable and green polypropylene material. To get a simple flower pot, …Continue Reading

Green Planter Wall Tiles

Made by recycled materials, green planter wall tiles give new meaning to the decor. This’s an neat and …Continue Reading

Energy saving flowerpot

This is a beautiful design to help you save natural resource. It has two separated parts, one could …Continue Reading

Wet pot

If you love flowers but always forget about watering, you should have a pot like this. With an …Continue Reading

Roly Poly Pot ask for water

This round-bottom plant pot has a weird function which is asking for water. With the built-in water monitor …Continue Reading

Magnetic twin pots

This pair of pots looks like twins. With the built-in magnet, they could be attached on the window …Continue Reading

Flowerpot need no water care

This flowerpot could suck water from the laver underneath.

Window pot

Attach this transparent pot onto your window, the plants gonna enjoy enough sunshine.

Corner pot

Put a pot at the corner, you and your flowers could get more space.

What’s this?

Can a big pot have be used for any other purpose? Just come in…

FabricPots with a zipper

This pot could let your plant take more breath. Plus, the zipper at the side of sleeve makes …Continue Reading

Grass Ring

This is a ring from 200 rings exhibit at Velvet Da Vinci. Designers created a lot of weird …Continue Reading

Green book

Plant something at the side of your book. At night, you could also light the tiny LEDs to …Continue Reading