Foldable Micro Electric Car

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology designs and manufactures this foldable electric car whose tail flips forward …Continue Reading

Innovative Assembling Furniture

Forget the bothersome problem that your apartment is too small, because you can still enjoy a convenient and …Continue Reading

Foldable Guitar

Because it’s not the first foldable guitar we’ve ever seen or introduced here, this one from designers Shlomi …Continue Reading

Hiriko Citycar EV Folds Up For Easy Parking

We’re always trying to park as more cars as possible in one place鈥 but since the space is …Continue Reading

Flaca Lamp

Flaca, which is Spanish for skinny, is an ultra-thin foldable lamp completely laser-cut from a piece of stainless …Continue Reading

Clipp Table Leg

Install the Clipp to any wood or plastic plates and then you can create your own tables鈥 When …Continue Reading

Foldable Snowshoes

The snowy winter makes you yearn for skiing while its cost is too high? Never mind, you may …Continue Reading

Ultra-portable Heater Egg Card

Hot egg is the most popular food in my family whenever the winter comes, as it not only …Continue Reading

Foldable Hiking Shoes

Foldable, portable and practical, the ‘Radler Trail Camp’ by Timberland is a lightweight and water-repellent shoe quite suitable …Continue Reading

Klaffi Shelf

Klaffi Shelf is an ideal shelving device for small apartment. Designed by Finnish Eeva Lithovius, the shelf takes …Continue Reading

Glasses Phone Stand

Quite frequently we see common things endowed with new functions or totally changed into other devices when designers …Continue Reading

Shield the Splatter

“Catch” features a temperature-resistant construction, performing well to prevent the grease or sauce from splattering whenever you rest …Continue Reading

Foldable Ukuleles

Certainly it’s not the first time we introduce foldable instruments, however Brian Chen’s Foldable Ukuleles still impresses us. …Continue Reading

Origami That Folds Itself

The material is really magic, as it can fold up itself automatically once you shine the light on …Continue Reading

Edelkrone Pocket Rig Stabilizer

Edelkrone’s Pocket Rig is a small stabilizer that can attach to DSLR cameras and offer you a good …Continue Reading

Foldable Paper Cover

While we frequently see foldable paper animals, flowers or something else, have you ever met a foldable paper …Continue Reading

Folding Wood

Metal seems cold while wood makes you warm? Well, then welcome you to a new age that prefers …Continue Reading

Flat Piano

How to slim pianos down and let them go into the houses of many more people? There’re several …Continue Reading

T Square Hanger

You’ve realized the gadget is a coat hanger? Honestly it doesn’t look like a hanger. However, the T …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Of course it seems like a handbag, but what could this be, if it is something else? Exert …Continue Reading

FlipIt USB Charger

With more and more electronics on my table, there’re actually less and less power outlets to plug them …Continue Reading

ShirtShuttle Case

ShirtShuttle is a creative gadget that helps you to keep a clean and neat shirt. It consists of …Continue Reading

Foldable Canoe

Surely we don’t need to take a canoe all the time, but if we could do that, why …Continue Reading

Sling Shot Camera

Sling Shot Camera is an interesting concept put forward by Sung Young Um and Jung Eun Yim, which …Continue Reading

Cush Case

Cush is a laptop sleeve that doubles as an ergonomic work station. When folded, its neoprene interior can …Continue Reading

Blooming Cuppa Tea

We all have our own purposes: some drinks tea for fun, some drinks for leisure and some merely …Continue Reading

Mini Business Card Scanner

For people who have too many business cards to handle, this Mini Business Card Scanner is the best …Continue Reading

‘KE-Chair’ For Vulnerable People to Escape

‘KE-Chair’ is an assistive device especially designed for people who have difficulties in evacuating from disaster. It is …Continue Reading

Fold-up Keyboard for iPad

Logitech’s Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad is a smart portable accessory that looks really cool as well. It attaches …Continue Reading

Sparkle Foldable Cradle

I’ve known of many parents looking for whatever the best for their babies and I鈥檓 happy to see …Continue Reading

Three-leg Folding Stool

Jack Smith’s folding stool is a three-leg one that can collapse for an easy transportation when its seat …Continue Reading

Theaters Will Hold More People With Ziba’s Folding Seats.

A good designer always tries to see the matter from users’ points of view. When they frequently need …Continue Reading

Twig Pod

Twig Pod is a smart item especially designed for cameras. It can fold into a small size no …Continue Reading

Solo Collapsible Hangers

How could a design be deemed as clever? Possibly it needs to be something useful while we common …Continue Reading

Proteus Foldable Helmet

Proteus helmet is a design from Jessica Dunn, a student from Sydney, Australia. Created to be foldable, the …Continue Reading

VW Camper Van Tent

Really interesting idea… We now can at least get a VW Camper Van Tent if we still couldn’t …Continue Reading

Pocket Chair

Why hasn’t someone thought of the idea before? Indeed an ideal portable chair is expected to be a …Continue Reading

Samsung’s Foldable Display

Amazing… I mean, the day has finally come and we’re now in a new age during which we …Continue Reading

Goci Foldable Kitchen

Goci’s Foldable Kitchen is one of the best-organized kitchens you can ever find. It mainly consists of four …Continue Reading

Gigwam Tent Systems

We all are greedy guys: when living in comfortable apartments we’d like a simple sleep in the nature, …Continue Reading

Portable Foldable Shoe Rack

If you want a lightweight shoe rack that can be folded flat for an easy transportation, then you …Continue Reading

Coffree: Disposable Coffee Cup Package Design

The idea behind this disposable coffee cup is really amazing: use as few materials as we can to …Continue Reading

Bathrooms That Cleverly Save Your Space.

If we cannot create more space, the best possible method to make a fantastic bathroom fit into our …Continue Reading

Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife

Thinner, thinner and thinner, and now we would have a really thin foldable knife that fits in a …Continue Reading

Easy Fold, Easy Use.

Designer Xie Chen Chen wants to save your trouble with messy wires with this Plug Socket, which not …Continue Reading

Waste Folder

Waste Folder is a recyclable bin that you can take everywhere, as it usually keeps in a compact …Continue Reading


Looking for something to surprise all your friends and guests? Sofa XXXX is rightly the thing you’ll need.

Accordion Shelf

Well, the Accordion Shelf designed by Eisa Srozyk just makes me think of the Fruit Memo Pads ever …Continue Reading


It is Snowdozer, a smart gadget that performs quite well in removing snow and ice from your cars, …Continue Reading

Foldable Mini Motorcycle

Exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, the foldable motorcar surprised every visitor because it can balance on …Continue Reading