A Slice of Food in Cooking

The pictures coming from a book featuring photos of food taken from weird perspectives show what the food …Continue Reading

Creative Banana Art

The artist carves and cuts illustrations on banana peels, together with the banana itself, he creates fun art.

Food Paintings That Looks Really Like The Real Thing

The mouth-watering sandwiches, tantalizing sweet treats, fresh and tender fried eggs and exquisite pastries are actually paintings, amazing!

Mini Cities Food Art

Iconic landscapes and typical food often remind you of a specific city. Will you instantly recognize those famous …Continue Reading

Creepy Life-like ‘Worm’ Sweets

Peristaltic worms are creepy and awful, however, these giant 鈥榳orms鈥 are actually yummy sweets sold by a Japanese …Continue Reading

Black Burger

Black cheese, black garlic sauce together with a completely black bun results in a striking exotic black burger …Continue Reading

Another Series of Pretty Food Arrangments

It seems that moms love to create cute food arrangements for a healthier diet for their children, like …Continue Reading

Realistic Miniature Clay Food

Tiny sculptures of delicious food inspired by treats we usually have are made with polymer clay, moulded with …Continue Reading

Tiny Figures’ Big Adventures

You can’t be tired of miniature scenes with delicious food and tiny figures in it, for they are …Continue Reading

Adorable Food Art

Ukrainian artist Daryna Kossar uses delicious food to create beautiful and colorful edible artworks, which may inspire you …Continue Reading

Wool Knitted Comfort Food

Artists redefines the meaning of “comfort food” by replicating real food vividly in knitted lambswool.

Healthy Food Art Creations

The artist spent 4 hours to create seven lovely images made of healthy vegetables that depict the start …Continue Reading

Country Maps Made out of Real Food

Using the food each country is best known for to create art is not news. We had introduced …Continue Reading

Foods Disguised as Other Foods

“It’s not what it seems” is a fun series of painted objects that look like other foods, aren’t …Continue Reading

Scented Breakfast Necklaces

A mouth-watering display of breakfast, these necklaces look and smell like the food they appear to be. Perfect …Continue Reading

12 Course Meal in A Can

An easy way to have a delicious meal with 12 dishes compressed and packed into layers within a …Continue Reading

Realistic Resin Sculptures of Noodles

A Korean artist recreates common Korean noodle dishes with resin chopsticks that float 12-feet-high dangling resin noodles flowing …Continue Reading

Interesting Food Art

Playing with food is lots of fun, creating unique arts out of them entertains even more.

Adorable Food Art

Malaysian mother Samantha Lee has been creating adorable meals for her two daughters using cut-up rice, bread, vegetables, …Continue Reading

Luxurious Burger Feast

A duo of French graphic designers came up with an idea of creating a delectable series of goodlooking …Continue Reading

The Aqualibrium Garden

Wanna grow some organic food of your own? The planting garden above absorbs fish wastes as nourishments directly …Continue Reading

Butt Pudding

You know this lascivious child from the famous Japanese Cartoon 鈥淐rayon Shin-Chan鈥, and there鈥檚 a pudding kit in …Continue Reading

Foodscape: a Feast for The Eyes

breadford & cheesedale Photographer Carl Warner uses pieces of food to create his still-life photography landscape series. The …Continue Reading

Lobster Motorcycles

Lobster shells are transformed into amazing miniature versions of different motorcycles, very sophisticated, don鈥檛 you think?

Plants-shaped Tablewares

The bright metal tablewares may terrify people who are not used to western cuisines. So you may be …Continue Reading

Innovative Edible Crafts

Orange peels, popcorns, red peppers,etc. Edible things have been changed into everyday things, such as cameras, tapes and …Continue Reading

Sandwich Book

It鈥檚 not a textbook on how to make sandwiches, it鈥檚 a book with its pages printed as exactly …Continue Reading

Potato Colony

鈥淢ore water and sunshine!鈥 Potatoes are tanning, striking, skiing,etc. Why not use everyday things to do something interesting …Continue Reading

Food Story

The photographer of Food Story Vanessa Dualib has made a sequel to food shooting accordingly. mymodernmet锛宨n the new …Continue Reading

Food Art

What is your first reaction towards food? Please pull your cellphone to have food disinfection or directly let …Continue Reading

Tasty BBQ on an iron

Cool idea by Thomas Mailaender! He converted an iron into a BBQ hob that can be carried around. …Continue Reading

The solar system lollipops

Check out these solar system lollipops! They look great. And you can even use them as an educational …Continue Reading

Eyes you can eat

Stick these edible eyes to your strawberries to give them a cute face! Made from sweet sugar, it …Continue Reading

Eat finger foods with Trongs

Practical and playful, Trongs let you enjoy eating finger foods like buffalo wings without getting your hands messy. …Continue Reading

Glowing Gummy Bugs

These aren鈥檛 ordinary gummy candies-they can glow just like lightning bugs! But how? The secret lies in the …Continue Reading

Funny Egg and Food Art

Believe it or not? Eggs and vegetables can also become a piece of art. Aren’t these egg and …Continue Reading

Best Cookie Packaging Ever

This is the famous Japanese Black Melonpan. Isn鈥檛 the packing so creative? Would you give it a try?

Plasma Torch that Kills Bacteria in Raw Chicken

Well, although chickens are still not safe (because we humans really prefer to eat them), at least people …Continue Reading

“Delicious” Notepads

These notepads are especially impressive because, more often than not, we may just feel sleepy rather than hungry …Continue Reading

Sandwiches with a Longer Guarantee Period

Pocket sandwiches developed for the U.S. army now features a much longer guarantee period that what we’ve ever …Continue Reading

Chocolate Artworks

People who love chocolate will no doubt appreciate the artwork-alike chocolate made by Jean-Michel Carr茅. Each piece not …Continue Reading

Sexy Buns

The sexiest buns we’ve ever seen come from bread manufacturer Kohberg, who released pink-colored and bra-patterned package bags …Continue Reading

Fortune Cookies in Digital Age

Fortune Cookies, emerging in the beginning of 20 century, are dessert with prophetic notes inside. Now since the …Continue Reading

Cheese Pencils

Cheese Pencils are interesting packaging design for The Deli Garage’s cheeses. Also come along with them is a …Continue Reading

3D Food Printer

Wanna to experience any modern but comfortable ways of cooking? Have a look at this 3D Food Printer. …Continue Reading

Make Daily Products Part of Your Chess.

It is surprisingly simple to create your own chess – you firstly need to draw out a chessboard …Continue Reading

Food Jewelry

Welcome to our food- themed party. To dress up yourself, you may choose from apple rings, pear necklace, …Continue Reading

Choco Shot

So will we humans become much lazier in the future as we even need to “inject” in some …Continue Reading

Yummy Dough

A good cook always needs the best ingredients to accomplish the best dishes? Not necessarily, because anybody- with …Continue Reading