Pig Couch

An adorable sculpture as well as a fully functional one person chair, pig couch is fairly comfortable with …Continue Reading

Get comfy with the Leaning Rocker

Made of laminated wood and spring steel, the Leaning Rocker is designed to help people lean back and …Continue Reading

Backpack couch with pockets

This couch is like your backpack. It has a lot of pockets to put your staff like magazines, …Continue Reading

Decompression Chair by Matali Crasset

Inflating the back of this chair turns it into an armchair. Awesome! Called Decompression Chair, it was designed …Continue Reading

Table with playful feet

Is the table stable? The answer is yes. The illusion is created through careful design. And depending on …Continue Reading

Amazing Rotating Bend Bench

The possibilities are endless when it comes to furniture building. This rotating bench is another great example. It …Continue Reading

Use a hibernating Grizzly bear as your sofa?

What a crazy idea! Don鈥檛 worry. It is just a bean bag that looks like a sleeping Grizzly …Continue Reading

Unique Aquarium Bed

Ever wish to surround yourself with fish while you鈥檙e sleeping? This bed features a huge aquarium as its …Continue Reading

63 Degrees Folding Bench Allows for Easy Storage

Designed by Angelina Barks, Bluemel Finn and Severin Arnold for a project at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, …Continue Reading

Stacked Teacups Bookcase

Unique design! The bookcase looks like teacups staked together and the overall effect is enchanting. It is handmade …Continue Reading

The Paq Chair/Bed by G茅za Csire

The Paq Chair is more than a chair鈥攊t can easily transform into a bed. When its designer G茅za …Continue Reading

Cute rabbit couch

Rabbit couch is designed with 鈥榯hinking of a rabbit frolicking in the heart of city,鈥 according to its …Continue Reading

Cat Tunnel Sofa

If you are a cat owner, you would love this sofa. Designed by Korean product designer, Seungji Mun, …Continue Reading

Fun Functional Furniture

This customized furniture in the likeness of Albert Einstein is so cool! The funny and functional furniture is …Continue Reading

“Step Up” Shoe Rack

What do you think this wooden ladder is used for? Obviously it’s not made to help you reach …Continue Reading

Simpson Chairs

The Simpson Family now owns their personal chairs, which are designed by Bangkok-based 56th Studio. Quite impressively, the …Continue Reading

Direction-changing Outdoor Bench

Sitting altogether toward the same direction is not that bad, but obviously it鈥檚 much better if we can …Continue Reading

Post-it Table

Combining post-it stickers and tables together, Italian team Soup Studio has created this Post-it Table for architects, designers, …Continue Reading

“Take Out” Storage Furniture

What if we could take a whole drawer out on trip or to the office, rightly use them …Continue Reading

Floating Balloon Desk

Well, this time a creative reception table was made due to AD agency Boys and Girls’ disagreement with …Continue Reading

Offset Table System

Simply but cleverly designed, the ‘Offset Table System’ from Tom谩s Alonso allows for different combinations of accessories on …Continue Reading

Seesaw Bench

Among so so many convertible furniture designs, the Seesaw Bench from Dirk Ploos van Amstel has successfully caught …Continue Reading

Zen Circus Fitness Furniture

As antigravity yoga is quite popular around Europe now, designer Caroline Kermarrec has thus drawn a creative inspiration …Continue Reading

Wild Chair

What, chairs may have their tempers too? You must think that somebody is kidding you, unless you see …Continue Reading

Lazy Football Chair

Can you sit to play football? I can, as long as I have this “Lazy Football” chair designed …Continue Reading

SkyDeck Table

Wherever you go, wherever you stay, this SkyDeck designed by Japanese firm Torafu Architects can always support you, …Continue Reading

Hold Chair

Hey, chairs, have you successfully held the tables? … To make cleaning floor an easy work, Malaysia-based designer …Continue Reading

SCRW Stool

Easy to assemble and easy to adjust its height, the SCRW Stool designed by Manuel Welsky is a …Continue Reading


Inspired by life but also serves life, the PortiqueArmchair designed by Florent Coirier is a clever combination of …Continue Reading

Multifunctional Little Frog

Made with earth-friendly wood materials, these little frogs can serve in three different ways, acting as an arm …Continue Reading

M虏 bench

Why M虏? It’s really an interesting but impressive name for the bench designed by Studio Segers, but why? …Continue Reading

“Paszcza” Armchair

You’re the most special one! For people who would like to behave in distinctive ways, Poland-based design studio …Continue Reading

Innovative Assembling Furniture

Forget the bothersome problem that your apartment is too small, because you can still enjoy a convenient and …Continue Reading

Mobile Tree Bench

Surely if there’s a tree, there will be a bench, because we may simply convert a tree into …Continue Reading

Shoe Tree Tulips

Before the Shoe Tree Tulips came to us, we merely know that a shoe rack is something to …Continue Reading

Check Bookshelf

Your favorite books, your favorite designs, your favorite furniture鈥ny of your paper books can be sorted by this …Continue Reading

Earthquake-proof Table

The effective measures to fight against earthquake continued to improve, and here comes the Earthquake-proof Table, a collaborative …Continue Reading

Fjarill Drawers

Danish designer Jakob Joergensen has created the Fjarill Drawers, a distinctive piece of furniture with drawers opened in …Continue Reading

X Hanger

Made from powder-coated, bent steel, the X Hanger designed by Kfir Schwalb is merely a single piece while …Continue Reading

Biker Chair

With no wind, no road, or speed, to ride on the Biker Chair may seem bit of boring …Continue Reading

Sensei Chair/Table Set

For small-apartment owners, the space-saving and multifunctional furniture sets are always welcomed, and on their lists there’s Claudio …Continue Reading

Manual Stools

Can you sit on water? Of course you can, but merely in science fictions or in your dreams鈥 …Continue Reading

Scribe Bed Desk

In cold cold winter, we’re likely to do almost everything in bed, including studying, working, playing and of …Continue Reading

3D Cabinet

3D Cabinet created by cleverly arranging bright yellow color and plain black color鈥 Quite simple concept, but really …Continue Reading

Transformer Furniture

Anything full of connotation is always appreciated. Just as a man with rich connotation attracts us much more, …Continue Reading

Sod-Covered picNYC Table

Welcome to my personal lawn rightly inside my apartment! Never doubt your own eyes, and I’m not kidding, …Continue Reading

Swingers Bench

Rest on a bench and play seesaw. The “Swingers” chair, an awesome piece of furniture designed for two …Continue Reading

Wood Rings Tables

We humans are not consistent with ourselves, as on one hand we try to live in a place …Continue Reading

Klaffi Shelf

Klaffi Shelf is an ideal shelving device for small apartment. Designed by Finnish Eeva Lithovius, the shelf takes …Continue Reading

Alphabet Furniture

Use as you read, these Alphabet Furniture sets all come with several individual modules but can combine to …Continue Reading