Sofa is not merely furniture, because it actually has a free soul too, with which the furniture not …Continue Reading

Carbon Fiber Furniture Set

Wood, stone, steel鈥 Forget those traditional materials used to build furniture, and have a look at these carbon …Continue Reading

Nature Chair

“Life within Objects” is a design that provides us a new way to interact with animals and plants. …Continue Reading

Elastic Chair

What will you do with 40 elastic bands, to play a game, to handcraft an artwork, or to …Continue Reading

The Safest Writing Desk

“My Writing Desk” is a workplace put forward by Inesa Malafej, and honestly that’s something I’m looking for. …Continue Reading

Compact Caf茅 Table

The Compact Caf茅 Table by Sigurd Larsen is no doubt the best furniture you can ever find if …Continue Reading

Desk Convertible to Bed

Offices will soon become a place that you can both work at and live in, with this convertible …Continue Reading

Tablecloth? Table!

This white “tablecloth” is a new piece of furniture launched by German architectural studio Graft Architects. It breaks …Continue Reading

Tail Stool

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Hug Chair

Hug Chair, just as implied by its name, is an innovative piece of furniture especially designed for clingy …Continue Reading

Creative Chairs

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Rose Chairs

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Closet Lamp

Question marks seem to appear everywhere in our life and now they even come as furniture. Designed by …Continue Reading

Stitching Concrete

Basically it’s not that difficult to make a stool but very difficult to design one. However, these Stitching …Continue Reading

Rope Chair

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Sparkle Foldable Cradle

I’ve known of many parents looking for whatever the best for their babies and I鈥檓 happy to see …Continue Reading

Weed Shelving

Today we’re loving this Weed Shelving, Sergey Saava’s creative work that is shaped like weed and brings into …Continue Reading

Head shelf

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Wall Chair

Things will be totally different if without Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard: before the item is merely a …Continue Reading

Red Napkin Holder

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Three-leg Folding Stool

Jack Smith’s folding stool is a three-leg one that can collapse for an easy transportation when its seat …Continue Reading

Arms Chair

This is not merely a chair as we see. It may be our grandmother, comforting us with her …Continue Reading

Cricket Forge Leaf Bench and Leaf Table Set

Leaf bench and leaf table set, crafted of steel and finished in green, is beautifully designed anti-oxidation furniture …Continue Reading

Catalyst Shelf

Aptly dubbed “Catalyst”, Jiyoung Seo’s shelf triggers user to feel, touch and react with the unit so as …Continue Reading

Kids’ Car Beds

It is any kid鈥檚 dreamy bed. With a comfortable bed on its top, a studying room and a …Continue Reading

Bugatti Grand Prix Car Inspired Desk

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Pocket Chair

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Training Dresser, Your Kid’s Dresser

Such an innovative dresser was invented when Seattle product designer Peter Bristol tried to think and act in …Continue Reading

Tomm Velthius’ Train Table

Tomm Velthius has successfully blurred the line between furniture and toys. He built many railway lines in a …Continue Reading

Wheelbench, A Mobile Bench

Who says no one can move a bench himself? Surprise them with Rogier Martens’s Wheelbench. Inspired by wheelbarrow, …Continue Reading

Easy Express Emotion Bed

Hmm… really bit of funny, because we now can tell whether a couple is in sweet or in …Continue Reading

Poker Table For Poker Play

A table constructed with huge poker cards… also works as shelves or a dividing wall if with certain …Continue Reading

Communicative Furniture

Tabisso furniture spells out your words! The collection includes chairs, lamps, and other types of furniture, and they’re …Continue Reading

Walking Table

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You’ve Got Mail!

Well, well, obviously you’ve got some mails… not from I New Idea or any of your buddies but …Continue Reading

Skull Chair

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Rubix Transformer Furniture Set

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Diamond Inspired Chair

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Painting Tables

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Shape-Shifting Storage

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Vitra Kuubo Office Meeting Table

Here鈥檚 an office meeting table from Naoto Fukasawa, and this time the well-known Japan-based designer has built the …Continue Reading

Movable Chair

Just admit the fact that this Movable Chair is really a great design! A chair that can move …Continue Reading

These Beds, Not Bad.

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Bird Nest Bed

Even though it may be quite difficult to fly like a bird, it is really simple to live …Continue Reading

Chinese Chess Bookshelf

The Chess Bookshelf is in the Chinese traditional style, featuring magnets to hold the chess pieces as unique …Continue Reading

Traffic Jam Cloth Hanger

Serbian designer Vuka拧in Vukobratovi膰 takes street signs indoors and changes them into a unique cloth rack dubbed “Traffic …Continue Reading


Looking for something to surprise all your friends and guests? Sofa XXXX is rightly the thing you’ll need.

iCon Bed

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Affinity Chair

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Rubber Table

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