Garden on Air-conditioner

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Miniature Pothole Gardener

Instead of rebuilding the roads damaged by the harsh winter in London, a guerrilla gardener Steve Wheen has …Continue Reading

WILLO Pillow Pots

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Chopstick Garden

Nature is where we get most things used in daily life, and thus they’re expected to go back …Continue Reading

Floating Pot

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Weed Spinner

Weed Spinner, a weeder that works together with electric drills, is a powerful device removing weeds with their …Continue Reading

Cricket Forge Leaf Bench and Leaf Table Set

Leaf bench and leaf table set, crafted of steel and finished in green, is beautifully designed anti-oxidation furniture …Continue Reading

Face Pots

Charm your guests with Good Studio’s Face Pots. Made up with three parts鈥攁 basic pot, a face print …Continue Reading

Easy-to-Grow Mushroom Garden

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Pinching Plant Pots

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Roof Gardens That Move Around The City

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Life Pot

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Luxurious Farm Tools

Canadian-born sculptor Cal Lane has long been in deep love with art, and her devotion to sculpturing finally …Continue Reading

OXO Good Grips Pour & Store Watering Cans

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Stem Planters

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Log & Squirrel Self Watering Planter

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Sculptures Covered With Plants

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Breathing Pot

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Rainbow Roses

After lengthy years of experiments, the breeders have finally developed these rainbow roses, offering you a clever alternative …Continue Reading

鈥楤reathe鈥 Concept Soil-Free Harvesting

Creative Factor: Eliminates the need of soil and encourages people to harvest plants inside their residence. Designed by …Continue Reading


Simpler but practical designs are always popular and today we’ll show you another ‘we should have thought of …Continue Reading

Double Headed Watering Can

Before we start the article, I have a silly question for Saebyul Lim, that is, won鈥檛 the user …Continue Reading

Strata Flower Pot

In my opinion, there鈥檚 no pot on earth more eco-friendly or nutritious than average soil, oh wait, it …Continue Reading

Solar Powered Hanging Plant Basket Rotator

Fancy that your flowers are rotating regularly in the sunshine for a better growth while you鈥檙e still up …Continue Reading

Roll-Out Vegetable Mat

Roll-out vegetable mat leads you to your own vegetable garden in a simple way! As the mat is …Continue Reading

LED Grow Light

Nobody will deny that all plants must grow in light, but you may change your opinion after you …Continue Reading

Wall Mounting Mini Garden

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Tree Chair

As the world鈥檚 first chair that is made of a live tree, it cost the old man seven …Continue Reading

Upside-Down Sky Planters

Different from normal ones, this upside-down sky planter has a higher water absorbing efficiency. The water can directly …Continue Reading

Roly Poly Pot ask for water

This round-bottom plant pot has a weird function which is asking for water. With the built-in water monitor …Continue Reading

Magnetic twin pots

This pair of pots looks like twins. With the built-in magnet, they could be attached on the window …Continue Reading

Flowerpot need no water care

This flowerpot could suck water from the laver underneath.

Bear claw leaf scoops

This is really a high efficient tool for leaf-cleaning. Plus, your children might enjoy this kind of work …Continue Reading

Corner pot

Put a pot at the corner, you and your flowers could get more space.

FabricPots with a zipper

This pot could let your plant take more breath. Plus, the zipper at the side of sleeve makes …Continue Reading

DIY water sprinkler

With PVC pipes you could DIY this sprinkler. Totally free.

Dr. Frog

You like plant but you鈥檙e so lazy that most plants in your house are dead of lacking water? …Continue Reading