KOKUYO Tidbit Memo Pads

With many punch lines printed on the paper, this ‘KOKUYO Tidbit’ memo offers us an innovative way to …Continue Reading

Hug Light

A warm hug is the best gift we can ever get from others 鈥 your parents, kids, friends, …Continue Reading

Simpson Chairs

The Simpson Family now owns their personal chairs, which are designed by Bangkok-based 56th Studio. Quite impressively, the …Continue Reading

Ear Earbuds

What could be much weirder than another pair of ears appearing on your real ears? Sounds interesting and …Continue Reading

Waveform Necklace

Graduation day is still around, have you already prepared a special gift for your friends or relatives? If …Continue Reading

Wall Switch Watch

To make a watch unique, possibly we could transform it into a switch, which means you can click …Continue Reading

Beer Jug Jokki Hour Foam Maker

Adding some fun to summer-popular beer and offering you guys a more interesting and better way to enjoy …Continue Reading

Battle Mug

With a M1913 rail built on the surface, this Battle Mug allows its users to mount any accessories- …Continue Reading

Magic White Light Bulb

Let me show you how to become a magician in merely one minute: you should firstly get a …Continue Reading

Strapless Sun Visor

Smart and lightweight, the Strapless Sun Visor would protect you away from the shinning sun light while never …Continue Reading

DIY Kid Plates

While most parents and teachers are trying to stop kids playing with their food, designer Alexis Birkmeyer is …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Guessing time again, so what do you think this Teddy Bear is used for? Don’t tell me that’s …Continue Reading

SMS Text Messaging Notebook

You know that the Short Message Service has been there for 20 years? Well, time passes away so …Continue Reading

Lipstick Flask

Hello my ladies, you now can play a trick with others while enjoying wine from your Lip Stick! …Continue Reading

Map Sunglasses

Well, however cool and attractive it is to wear American map shaped sunglasses, we still need to reject …Continue Reading

Pixilated Crayons

Pixilated crayons, usable rainbows close at your fingers鈥 Combining seven different colors in one, these colored pencils can …Continue Reading

Big Ear Pencil Sharpener

Produced by Monkey Business, the pencil sharpener here comes with two big ears, which allow the users to …Continue Reading

Superhero Pint Glasses with Capes

Wanna to make your glasses look completely different from others? Then you’d better change them into Superheroes! The …Continue Reading

Lid Sid Cooking Aids

What can prevent water splattering out and making a mess when you’re making a stew? The Lid Sid! …Continue Reading

“Strike” Matchbox

Unbelievable, the pocket-sized metal box here is actually a gadget for both storing and lighting matches!? But how? …Continue Reading

Flower Matches

Designed by Japan-based artists, these Flower Matches give us another reason why we always love creative designs: each …Continue Reading

Power Lines Holders

Power lines, when placed in different places and endowed with different functions, seem to have brought us with …Continue Reading

Hexagonal ZEBag for Wine Bottles

On the list of those who love wines, there must be a portable and functional bottle storage bag …Continue Reading

“Daddy Long Legs” Lamp

Daddy Long Legs in the famous novel is obviously different from this table lamp put forward by Produkt …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Shoe sole or something else, can you figure out what the item may be?

Tooth Erasers

Bite, bite, and bite, these amazingly cute erasers here want to remove every word from your paper with …Continue Reading

Cloud Erasers

Whenever talking about something white and pure, both the clouds and erasers will come into my mind. Hence …Continue Reading

Indice Bookends

Undoubtedly reading is something intentional or planned: with these colorful Indice Bookends to organize your books, you can …Continue Reading

“Delicious” Notepads

These notepads are especially impressive because, more often than not, we may just feel sleepy rather than hungry …Continue Reading

Dictionary Desk Pillow

Quite commonly we say that there’s valuable knowledge in books, but sometime there’s a comfortable soft pillow inside …Continue Reading

Boat Candles

“Moon river, wider than a mile”, and there’s a boat candle floating on the water鈥 Designed by Slovak …Continue Reading

Tardis Safe is Unlocked with Your Smartphone

Tardis, used to be the Doctor Who time machine police box made famous by the British television show, …Continue Reading

They’re Cars, and They’re Trailers!

You drive a car in the front, with another same (but smaller) car following behind鈥 Do you love …Continue Reading

Photorito Lens Wrap

You love your camera lens so much that you even want to eat it? Well, of course nobody …Continue Reading

Chocolate Planet

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, all those eight planets of our solar system have …Continue Reading

“BlackBox” SMS Printer

I’ve known of many people, especially those in love, getting used to making a copy of their SMS …Continue Reading

Princess Headphone Covers

Hello, my friends in front of the screen, have you noticed my cute bun hair? Aren’t they lovely? …Continue Reading

Extendable Sock Aid

Who can tell me where the end of human’s laziness is? After years of benefitting from dish-washers, clothes …Continue Reading

Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks

Speed up, speed up, when using these Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks to enjoy your lunch, you may feel …Continue Reading

Stockings can tell Your Attitudes.

Stockings can tell your attitudes, demure, discreet, subtle, playful, sensual, impulsive, seductive, provocative, daring, passionate, cheeky, dangerous or …Continue Reading

Adjustable Customized Keyboards

Within quite a few days we’ll step in a new year, so at the same time we should …Continue Reading

Shark Helmet

Watch out, a shark is nearby to attack you鈥 in a special way of disguising itself as a …Continue Reading

Fossil Soap

While professional archaeologists are concerned about finding fossil dinosaurs, we unprofessional people are just enjoying the fun of …Continue Reading

Wireless Speaker Light Bulbs

Why are designers so innovative? Almost every time I met some new designs I would ask myself that …Continue Reading

Exclusive Tourist Tents

The beautiful scenery is not the only reason that encourages us to go picnic in the open air, …Continue Reading

Your Little Printer

Your Little Printer, unveiled by the Berg, is a smart portable printer that helps you to print out …Continue Reading

Creative Notebook Designs

Magic time鈥 By combining two round plates, one thread and several simple patterns together, D-BROS from Japan has …Continue Reading

Paper Glasses

These glasses are not unnecessary toys as you may have thought, as they can help to focus your …Continue Reading

Skull Helmet

Anything better than these skull helmets for you bad boys? Especially designed for motorcycle riders, these helmets are …Continue Reading

Leaning Tower Tea Set

There’re at least two (or more) Leaning Towers in the world, one is the famous building away in …Continue Reading