Mini Flat-pack Greenhouse

The miniature flat-pack incubator for growing plants indoors contains a reusable and recyclable sheet of polypropylene plastic which …Continue Reading

The Most Green Street in U.S.A

The Cermak Road in Chicago has recently named as the most green street in U.S.A by Chicago Department …Continue Reading

“Real Juice” Box Designs

What’re the best packages, do you think, for 100% natural fruit juice? According to Brazilian advertising agency Ageisobar, …Continue Reading

Sod-Covered picNYC Table

Welcome to my personal lawn rightly inside my apartment! Never doubt your own eyes, and I’m not kidding, …Continue Reading

Zero Waste Batteries

Though claimed “zero waste” or “no waste”, these earthCell batteries actually are not something decomposing completely in the …Continue Reading

Green Mailbox

Green Mailbox is a wall-mounted mailbox that features a special roof to collect water and irrigate plants automatically. …Continue Reading

Chopstick Garden

Nature is where we get most things used in daily life, and thus they’re expected to go back …Continue Reading

Melt Tag

It is reported that every year about 1.3 billion trees worldwide are used to make various types of …Continue Reading

Solar-powered Tents

The U.S. military recently developed a new Solar-powered Tent that uses a-Si thin film solar cells instead of …Continue Reading

Leaf Shirts

With such interesting leaf shirts on, can we humans become Adam and Eve again and then live in …Continue Reading

Indonesian Bamboo Restaurant

We’ll never suggest you go to a restaurant that is constructed from bamboo for dinner, because no buildings …Continue Reading

Trash Bag Tells How Much Biomass Energy Your Rubbish Can Offer.

Have you ever realized how much biomass energy you’re wasting when throwing rubbish away? Let the trash bag …Continue Reading

Real Green Tea Bag

The refreshing green color of the new tea bag always makes us think of one same word: healthy. …Continue Reading

Roof Gardens That Move Around The City

Will human’s living environment get improved in the future if we build more and more gardens on the …Continue Reading

Clothes Made from Textile Biomaterial

Guess what, the cool jacket is made from vegetable leather that is grown from a vat of green …Continue Reading

Human Powered Vehicle Concept

Taking the zero-emission vehicles to a new level, more and more automakers are developing vehicles that are powered …Continue Reading

SolarLight Harvests Wind Energy for Power

Who can tell me why the light concept is named as “SolarLight” but actually designed to harvest wind …Continue Reading

Latro Algae Lamp

We need lamps everywhere, in the rooms, in the cars, in dark streets鈥oint is that too much fuel …Continue Reading

World’s Tallest Residential Skyscraper

Welcome to World One, the world’s tallest residential tower in the future. It is a 450 meters tall …Continue Reading

Planet Earth Reusable Bag

Foldable, portable and also durable, the Planet Earth Reusable Shopping Bag is an ideal alternative to the common …Continue Reading

Renault 2010 Sand Jumper

Excited about the cool Renault 2010 Sand Jumper? Well, continue reading then, coz the following information is much …Continue Reading

Glass虏 Tiles For Green Homes

The future of home decorations has arrived! Try the Glass虏 tiles and go for a greener life at …Continue Reading

Paper Pencils

Made from 100% recycled paper, these pencils, with environment protection as the main concept, aims to enlighten the …Continue Reading

Cardboard Baggage

What’s cardboard plus originality? It’s the Cardboard Baggage, which also doubles as a multi-functional rack to keep your …Continue Reading

Sculptures Covered With Plants

Robert Cannon comes out with a new series of sculptures, something that cleverly present the connection between art …Continue Reading

Quick Milk Magic Straws

I cannot think of a rational reason why I want the magic straws, and the only reason may …Continue Reading

Aptera Motors

Welcome to the magnificent-looking Aptera Motor. It’s white, it’s cool, it’s powered by electricity and it has three …Continue Reading

Sprout Pen Concept

May it have you feel disappointed or not, I’d still like to declare that the ‘Sprout’ Pen is …Continue Reading

Air Scale

Air Scale is an innovative design by Yasuhiro Akama. The concept is all about telling the users the …Continue Reading

‘Harvest’ by Asif Khan

Showcased at the Design Museum London, ‘Harvest’ is an installation of chairs and tables made of Gypsophila plant, …Continue Reading

Tree Hotel

Swedish architects Tham & Videg氓rd Hansson Arkitekter have collaborated to bring forward the ‘Tree Hotel’ concept. It is …Continue Reading

Wall Lizards, Wall Lamps

Wall lizards are born to live on the wall and so do wall lamps. That鈥檚 why these wall …Continue Reading

Bottles Made from Squids

Made from squid skins, these bottle-shaped cans are possibly the most eco-friendly cans we鈥檝e ever met. If you …Continue Reading

Leaf and Branch Magnet Board

Natural beauty is an all-pervading presence, and this time, you鈥檒l find it just inside your house. Attach any …Continue Reading

Strata Flower Pot

In my opinion, there鈥檚 no pot on earth more eco-friendly or nutritious than average soil, oh wait, it …Continue Reading

Bamboo Slips For Picnic

As a practical usage of bamboo, the 鈥楤amboo Slips For Picnic鈥 presents the collective wisdom of students from …Continue Reading

A Green Phone from Nokia

Well-known for a sustainable use, Nokia has been widely popular all over the world. And the new product, …Continue Reading

Wind Lamp

Welcome to Seoul and take a walk on the bridge installed with Wind Lamps. Conceived by the designer …Continue Reading

Start a green life with 鈥楤oo bag鈥

Bamboo is a kind of plant that could adapt to different climates. Generally, it could be harvested every …Continue Reading

Plant Lamp

Seemingly the floor lamp is just a pot of flower, growing elegantly and vigorously. And it is really …Continue Reading

Briz Window Air Conditioner

Solar powered, window AC, obviously these characteristics are not deemed as strong points in the new product 鈥淏riz …Continue Reading

Synchronicity Island

The innovative device is a new kind of floating island that is used to purify the water. Powered …Continue Reading

Recycled Cassette Tape Ties

Surprisingly, these ties are made from recycled cassette tape rather than fabric, which means your old walkman can …Continue Reading

Cookie Cup

It is the most delicious coffee cup you鈥檝e ever met, huh? I really couldn鈥檛 help imaging the wonderful …Continue Reading

Solar Traffic Light

OMG, it鈥檚 actually a traffic light! That鈥檚 really a brilliant idea but hopefully birds wouldn鈥檛 take them for …Continue Reading

The First Green Olympic Medals

2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games medals, unveiled recently at Vancouver Olympic village, are claimed to be environment-friendly, super-ellipse …Continue Reading

Green Table

Yes, I know the Green Table is not the only way to improve indoor air, but you鈥檙e sure …Continue Reading

Seeds in the Bottle

Though producers, sellers, users have been encouraged to recycle the packaging materials and containers of the product, white …Continue Reading

Solar Powered Hanging Plant Basket Rotator

Fancy that your flowers are rotating regularly in the sunshine for a better growth while you鈥檙e still up …Continue Reading

Sunny Song

Stereo systems like speakers have certainly brought us with much amusement and convenience, but they do have some …Continue Reading