Cloud Clothes Hanger

Adorable and decorative, these fresh clothes hangers will refresh your home or closet in no minute.

Illusion Hanger

It’s the works from a German designer Tina Schmid, the hanger similar to the Rubik’s cube toy is …Continue Reading

The Flowering Tree Hanger

The tree hooked hanger is beautiful yet practical, symbolizing the harmony of marriage鈥攖wo family trees coming together.Since the …Continue Reading

Stretchless Hanger

Easy to hang your clothes and easy to pack up, the Stretchless Hanger provides us an effortless way …Continue Reading

Bondi Multiuse Hanger

Bondi is a smart little hanger with astonishing multi functions. According to your real needs, the Bondi can …Continue Reading

X Hanger

Made from powder-coated, bent steel, the X Hanger designed by Kfir Schwalb is merely a single piece while …Continue Reading

Skeleton Hanger

Crazy, the designer now hires some human skeletons to serve us! The Halloween is already gone, but seemingly …Continue Reading

T Square Hanger

You’ve realized the gadget is a coat hanger? Honestly it doesn’t look like a hanger. However, the T …Continue Reading

Glasses-shaped Bag Hangers

So these pairs of glasses are quite cute, right? However they鈥檙e not made for your eyes, but for …Continue Reading

Solo Collapsible Hangers

How could a design be deemed as clever? Possibly it needs to be something useful while we common …Continue Reading

Hanger A La Magritte

Hanger A La Magritte 鈥 original coat hangers that have drawn an inspiration from Rene Magritte’s famous painting …Continue Reading

Coat Check Chair

If you seldom remember to hang up your coats properly onto racks but instead lay them over chairs, …Continue Reading

Traffic Jam Cloth Hanger

Serbian designer Vuka拧in Vukobratovi膰 takes street signs indoors and changes them into a unique cloth rack dubbed “Traffic …Continue Reading

Chic Wardrobe Bags

Considering that the consumers may need more new hangers too after getting more new clothes, DEDE DextrousDesign has …Continue Reading

Cute Child’s Hangers

Lovely kids need cute clothes hangers and today we’d like to show you two kinds of animal hangers, …Continue Reading

Plane Hangers

Chetan Sorab would like to share some playful thought with you adults who still want to enjoy the …Continue Reading

Drip Hooks

Next time you find some bloodstains on the wall, you should see twice before screaming with fear. Why, …Continue Reading

Hanger Tea

You could guess it already from the scene. Yes, it鈥檚 an innovative tea bag with the same shape …Continue Reading

Windy Hanger

Though we were told that washing hands is a good habit to keep us healthy, do our hands …Continue Reading

Let the hangers draw on the wall.

In the picture above, which shows what the new hangers are designed for, the crayons that are attached …Continue Reading

Lihamo: a light, a mobile and a hanger

Lihamo? That鈥檚 too strange a word, and I bet no one knows what it exactly means, except the …Continue Reading

Huge clips, cute hooks.

Who would like such a huge clip? I mean, it鈥檚 too large to hold paper or other items. …Continue Reading

Offside Foosball Coat Hangers

There is an old proverb, 鈥淟ove me, love my dog.鈥 But there is more wisdom in this: 鈥淟ove …Continue Reading

Early Bird

Nature is a fertile source of imagination and creation, and inspired by the appearance of migratory birds sitting …Continue Reading

DNA Hangers

Imagine that your clothes hangers are made in the same shape of your DNA? It鈥檚 quite incredible, right? …Continue Reading

Magnetic Hanger

The figure-shaped hanger is a re-designed one that hooks. With magnets built inside the top rim, the innovative …Continue Reading

Cameo Coat Hanger

Yes, you鈥檙e right! They are Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, celebrated musicians. However, the cameos are not merely designed …Continue Reading

Balance Hanger

Imagine that hangers could also act as decorations to modern residence! Though named as 鈥淏alance Hanger鈥, the decorative …Continue Reading

Gadgets from Visual Voltage Exhibition

Presenting here are several smart designs from visual voltage exhibition held in Brussels. In order to call for …Continue Reading

Clothes Hanger

Ordinary clothes rack couldn鈥檛 bear a heavy load, but we do need to hang those messy like clothes, …Continue Reading

Hangers with Built in Clothespins

Obviously most housewives have been bothered by the difficulty in fixing hangers to ensure a full drying of …Continue Reading

Nose Hook

Hope you all had a great time with the nose hook. Seemingly lifelike, when stick it to either …Continue Reading

Multi-functional Coat hanger

This coat hanger, which seems like a stick insect, is paired with conventional towel rail. Depending on the …Continue Reading

Criss-cross hanger

Although traditional hangers may not so bad most of the time, they will force you to stretch the …Continue Reading

Multi-functional Cardboard furniture

This is not the first time we get cardboard furniture, but this one is smarter. Because of the …Continue Reading

Inflatable hangers

Thicker hanger is usually better for clothes. However, in common sense, thicker means heavier and so it won鈥檛 …Continue Reading

Swan hanger

Elegant design usually lacks utilitarian feature. But this hanger inspired from swan is an exception. Apparently, its shape …Continue Reading

Simple hanger

The structure of this hanger is very simple. It only comes with a stand and several conventional hangers. …Continue Reading

Mirror hanger

Thanks to the brilliant structure, the hangers can function as hooks when not in use.

Wave hanger

Although made from simple metal frame, this hanger can be a good decoration when not in using.

Modular hanger

If you always dissatisfied with the hanger, you should assemble one by yourself. This modular hanger from Kai …Continue Reading

Box hanger

With the box design, this hanger could provide more space for storage.

4-in-1 hanger

This hanger is good for those always lack of space for clothes.

Olivia Chair

Although foldable chair could save much spaces for you, those lack of space still wanna more extra room …Continue Reading

Another flexible hanger

You still remember the Red Dot winner, Flexible hanger? Now, we have another alternative from Qed. This one …Continue Reading

Flexible hanger for T-shirt

This is a Red Dot award winner whose name is Eslimi T-shirt Hanger. If you always have to …Continue Reading

Stylish hanger

Seems like a folding screen, this stylish board is actually a coat hanger. It could even be a …Continue Reading

Stackable hangers

Plastic hangers are not as strong as wooden or steel ones. So you might need more than one …Continue Reading

Clip hanger

When you hang clothes outside, you might need a clamp to hold your coat, especially for underwear. But …Continue Reading

Wall hanger

This hanger could be hidden in the wall while not using. So, you could save more spaces.