LED Ultrasonic Diffuser

An aroma atomized and air humidifier will rejuvenate your living space, ease your breathing and promotes better sleep. …Continue Reading

Cypress Wood Eco-humidifier

Carved out of Japanese Cypress, along with its natural lemony-scent, the wooden humidifier simply absorbs water from the …Continue Reading

Easy-to-use mini-humidifier that floats on water

In the shape of a donut, this mini-humidifier is like no other. It doesn鈥檛 require a fixed water …Continue Reading

Stick Humidifier

Anytime, anywhere, this portable humidifier put forward by Knobz Design can help you easily make the air refreshing. …Continue Reading

Lovepot Humidifier

鈥楲ovepot鈥 is the name of these cute humidifiers featuring a tissue ball made from laminated wool. Due to …Continue Reading

Beluga Humidifier

Everyone knows that whales gush out water column continuously when swimming in the sea, but people seldom realizes …Continue Reading

Vase Humidifier

Humidifier is apparently a seasonal product. It is necessary merely in winter rather than all around the year. …Continue Reading

Oasis Portable Humidifier

This humidifier could give you a comfortable environment without any power. Plus, it could also filter air by …Continue Reading

Foggy flower

This humidifier could make your house more beautiful and while you adding water it just like a plant.