End of Life Care Machine

At the end of life, a caressing action from the family or friends may support people to go …Continue Reading

Hug Light

A warm hug is the best gift we can ever get from others 鈥 your parents, kids, friends, …Continue Reading

Zig Zag Mirror

With a cute name “Zig Zag”, this mirror put forward by MUT Design not only offers the users …Continue Reading

“Real Juice” Box Designs

What’re the best packages, do you think, for 100% natural fruit juice? According to Brazilian advertising agency Ageisobar, …Continue Reading

Guiness Submarine Bar

London-based Jump Studios has transformed a tourist submarine into a deep-sea bar to commemorate Guinness Company’s Sea Experience …Continue Reading

Slip-on Shoelaces

During the last tens and hundreds of years, almost all the designer and manufactures were devoted to improving …Continue Reading

Inverted Umbrella

Rainy days, romantic days, many couples are fond of hanging out on a wet day to experience something …Continue Reading

Light Bubble

Turn on a bulb, to display the interesting process of a bubble getting bigger and then disappearing… Really …Continue Reading

Tree Pod Restaurant

Five meters high from the ground, the dinning pod built on top of a tree is located in …Continue Reading

Innovative Assembling Furniture

Forget the bothersome problem that your apartment is too small, because you can still enjoy a convenient and …Continue Reading

Car Stove

A car installed with a wood-burning stove inside?? That sounds really crazy, but that’s innovative as well, indeed. …Continue Reading

“Record me” Home Recorder

During these days with a cellphone or laptops, we humans are no longer relying on the traditional ways …Continue Reading

Natural Fiber Bicycle

The further the world steps forward, the farther we’re kept away from the nature. But fortunately there’re still …Continue Reading

Horizontal Shower

What is the best method to relax you after a daytime full of work? The answer must be: …Continue Reading

Mountain Subway

Although I’ve known of many people going to climb a mountain as they might try to live away …Continue Reading

“Cryoscope” Weather Forecaster

“So what is the weather today?” Wait, wait, I’ll soon tell you something about the temperature with my …Continue Reading

ISI Desk Clamp

Design easy and use easy, Devraj Bhadra’s ISI Desk Clamp is an innovative concept that offers us a …Continue Reading

Check Bookshelf

Your favorite books, your favorite designs, your favorite furniture鈥ny of your paper books can be sorted by this …Continue Reading

Sand Bowls

Can the movement of sand get kept forever? Well, that’s obviously not a question at all, since we …Continue Reading

Barcelona Rock Hostel Concept

Climbing up the rock 鈥 to live in the Barcelona Rock Hostel designed by Polish architecture firm UGO …Continue Reading

Optical Illusion Paintings

What have you seen from these Optical Illusion Paintings made by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak, a second picture …Continue Reading

NoClean Aquariums

Hard to raise fish, but what’s much harder is to clean the fish bowl, because cleaning the tanks …Continue Reading

Innovative Blindspot Design

In order to help the visually handicapped people better find their ways independently, a team of researchers from …Continue Reading

‘Paint Evolution’ by CuldeSac

Honestly I don’t know who invented brushes, but I know clearly it is Valencia-based designers CuldeSac that will …Continue Reading

Awesome Collection of Package Designs

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Creative Business Card for Yoga Instructor

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Mazda’s Innovative “i-Eloop” System

What is the best car in your imagination? Possibly it should be smart, fashionable, high-tech, high-efficiency but low-cost? …Continue Reading

Computer System That Reads Your Emotions

Although computers are still designed without emotion or spiritual excitement, they now at least can read your emotions. …Continue Reading

Shield the Splatter

“Catch” features a temperature-resistant construction, performing well to prevent the grease or sauce from splattering whenever you rest …Continue Reading

School on the Bridge

“The Bridge School”, running through an old village in Fujian Province in China to connect the two sides, …Continue Reading

Nano SIM Cards

With everything, such as the cellphones and the tablet, turns to become much thinner and lighter than before, …Continue Reading

Hole Punch Binder

Everything is gonna to be easy with creative ideas and concepts from genius designers. And this time you’ll …Continue Reading

World’s Thinnest Daily Disposable Contact Lens Flat Pack

How thin do you think the package of a daily disposable contact lens could be? In my opinion, …Continue Reading

No-Spill Mill

Hello you housewives, what about your dinners today? What, the pepper fall onto the table again?! Well, you …Continue Reading

Phill House for Entire Family

Phill, completed by Romanian designers Nuca Studio in Bucharest, is a meeting place for the entire family. It …Continue Reading

Corner Power Strip

My passion for cleanliness and organization finally drives me closer to this Corner Power Strip designed by Herald …Continue Reading

Pistol Hairdryer

Anything that comes with an outlook nothing to do with its functions is usually interesting. And the Pistol …Continue Reading

T猫o Tea Spoon

Yaps I love tea very much, but I never imagined squeezing tea bags to enjoy the ever last …Continue Reading

Awesome Opera Stage Designs

Bregenz is a city in the west of Austria, where the famous Bregenzer Performing Arts Festival will be …Continue Reading

45 Degree Bottle Neck

You know, design is sometimes so simple. The innovation of this water bottle merely lies in the neck …Continue Reading

Escaping Elements

While most designers are busying adding more and more elements into their artworks, Japan-based Yuki Matsueda has, however, …Continue Reading

Cut-away Leaf Art

There are no two identical leaves in the world, especially after they鈥檙e cut into different shapes. They seem …Continue Reading

Cheese Pencils

Cheese Pencils are interesting packaging design for The Deli Garage’s cheeses. Also come along with them is a …Continue Reading

Wedding Dresses

As you open the wedding invitation card, the proverbial knot is then tied to turn the bride and …Continue Reading

Incredible Rubber Carvings

Totally beyond imagination鈥 With subtle design and delicate carving, Wim Delvoye has transformed unused tires into amazing sculptures. …Continue Reading

Creative Chairs

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Creative Cutting Boards

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Creative 3D Business Cards

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