The Village Bookstore by Isay Weinfeld

Isay Weinfeld’s Village Bookstore is a convertible and mobile design for library Livraria da Vila. Everyday it offers …Continue Reading

Creative Inventionland Offices

Inventionland, America’s largest invention factory, is a famous studio especially built for working out creative ideas. Every year …Continue Reading

Swashbuckling Bedrooms

Steve Kuhl is absolutely a greatest father, because he has built so spectacular a bedroom for kids that …Continue Reading

Bathrooms That Cleverly Save Your Space.

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Creative T-shirt Shop

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Shell House

Javier Senosiain鈥檚 Shell House must have been the envy of all their neighbors, friends, and you guys in …Continue Reading

Enjoy Life With Your Cat!

Those who really love animals are quite willing to share everything they have with the naughty little guys. …Continue Reading

Saatchi & Saatchi’s Conference Room

Conference rooms are also related to art, and one of our examples is the Saatchi & Saatchi’s conference …Continue Reading

Mountainous Brook: A Natural Bathroom for Urban Residents

‘Mountainous Brook’, just as its name implies, is an innovative bathroom suite designed to create natural atmosphere inside …Continue Reading

11 Floating Staircases

Not only in the outlook of the buildings, great changes have also taken place in the houses’ interior …Continue Reading

Hydrofloors Create a Swimming Pool inside the room.

The first time I looked at the Hydrofloors, I thought the thing shouldn’t exist, coz more and more …Continue Reading

Multifunctional Tiles

Taking the tiles to a new altitude, Johanna Opalska has designed an innovative series of tiles that go …Continue Reading

Grow Space For Kids

All the kids around the world should thank the h2o Architects a lot, as they’ve come up with …Continue Reading

Decorative Panels: Innovative Alternative for Wallpapers

Available in various patterns, these innovative panels shown here will spice up both your offices and your living …Continue Reading

Spiral Net

‘Experiencing the Void’ is an innovative concept put forward by JDS architects for the Guggenheim museum. It is …Continue Reading

Hanging Book Cases

Nothing would suit you better to exhibit your favorite books than the Slim Book Case. These transparent book …Continue Reading

Magazines Wall

So what have you done with the discarded magazines? Throw them away? Oh, guys, you will regret having …Continue Reading

Villa Vals

‘Villa Vals’ is a holiday home built underneath the alpine slopes of Vals, Switzerland. Architectural firms SeARCH has …Continue Reading

Design a Jurassic Park Themed Bedroom for kids.

If you鈥檙e planning to decorate聽your boy鈥檚 bedroom, you should have a look at the Jurassic Park Themed Bedroom …Continue Reading

A wall full of sockets

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New Designs for Airplane Interior Layouts

At present, it is really boring to go on a long-distance trip, especially for those passengers in economy …Continue Reading

Wall Mounting Mini Garden

The natural life may be just a sweet dream to most people. However, with the wall mounting mini …Continue Reading

Frame bar

This photo is captured from St George Lycabettus Hotel in Kolonaki, Athens, the interiors use a very special …Continue Reading

Punished, to the corner

This is a smart idea for those always lacking storage space. You can put something which is not …Continue Reading

Rotary cabinet

This cabinet is located in the center of the room. It can rotate 360 degrees, so you can …Continue Reading


Lacking enough space for washing machine is a usual problem for those without a big house. But you …Continue Reading

Multi-functional spinning wall

You need more functions in limited spaces? This spinning wall is a good choice. You can change the …Continue Reading

Compact room

You can have extra 4 m虏 after using ceiling bed. However, do you know what 4 m虏 means …Continue Reading

Ceiling bed

You could save about 4 m虏 by using a bed like this.

Amazing staircase

This is an amazing design of Veronika and Sebastian’s rental apartment. With this innovative stair, you could have …Continue Reading

Bedroom hidden in a single box

You might think this box could only be used for containing and you won鈥檛 believe that a single …Continue Reading

Digital cloud

This cloud shaped object is a commissioned by British Airways for their new luxury lounges in Heathrow Airport …Continue Reading

Expanding shelf

This shelf is actually a combination of two shelves. It could expanding into a larger one to provide …Continue Reading

Smoke bell

You need a box to provide separated space for calling, and you might need a similar box for …Continue Reading

Swimming pool ceiling

This is an odd art design of 21 century museum of contemporary art Kanazawa in Japan designed by …Continue Reading

Transparent concrete

Just imagine that you could look through the concrete wall, what you gonna do. Hey, don鈥檛 be dirty. …Continue Reading

Sliding Welter Wall

With sliding c-wall this door could be a better way to hidden the inside room. It鈥檚 a perfect …Continue Reading

Smoking tomb?

This is an odd ceiling painting from an IT firm in Mumbai, India.

Sofa wall

This sofa named Behind the Wall is an intriguing two sided iece of furniture that is both wall …Continue Reading

Boeing 787 Dreamliner VIP edition

Hong Kong real estate tycoon Joseph Lau has just ordered a Dreamliner VIP. Although it鈥檚 impossible for us …Continue Reading

Drawer stair

Assemble stair with drawers, it鈥檚 good idea for limited space.

Slide in the museum

If you are a adult dreaming to be a kid again, you should try this slide. It is …Continue Reading

INVISIBLE flatwire

With this flatewire, the decoration of your home gonna be better, and no body will the the chaotic …Continue Reading

Interactive Multi-touch Bar

This incredible, interactive multi-touch bar is from 鈥淭onfilm鈥. Wanna see the magic bar? Video after the break.

Restaurant full of toilet

I suppose there might be some smell in this kind of restaurants. You?