Adorable Dream Cars Designed by Kids

Toyota invited kids to draw their dream vehicles and then brought the ideas to life in a tiny …Continue Reading

Seesaw Bench

Among so so many convertible furniture designs, the Seesaw Bench from Dirk Ploos van Amstel has successfully caught …Continue Reading

DIY Kid Plates

While most parents and teachers are trying to stop kids playing with their food, designer Alexis Birkmeyer is …Continue Reading

Landscape Dinner Set

Clouds, trees, houses and the green lawn as well, almost everything found in a drawing by kids now …Continue Reading

Pixilated Crayons

Pixilated crayons, usable rainbows close at your fingers鈥 Combining seven different colors in one, these colored pencils can …Continue Reading

Big Ear Pencil Sharpener

Produced by Monkey Business, the pencil sharpener here comes with two big ears, which allow the users to …Continue Reading

Aqueduck Faucet Extender

Possibly most designers should apologize to kids, because they usually forget to make things convenient to children but …Continue Reading

Orbit Ruler

Just as its name implies, the Orbit Ruler is rightly an innovative ruler that can draw various circles …Continue Reading

Multifunctional Little Frog

Made with earth-friendly wood materials, these little frogs can serve in three different ways, acting as an arm …Continue Reading

Tooth Erasers

Bite, bite, and bite, these amazingly cute erasers here want to remove every word from your paper with …Continue Reading

Corvette Z06 Bed

Cars here, cars there, cars are all in your bedrooms. The series focuses on “cars”, including car-shaped beds, …Continue Reading

Katapult Pen

You write, and you play, the Katapult Pen is rightly something that may bring you both knowledge and …Continue Reading

Tree House Bedroom

A house never blocks you away from the nature, coz the nature is rightly inside your house! Especially …Continue Reading

Adjustable Brass Pencil Sharpener

With an adjustable design, the brass pencil sharpener can produce three kinds of points: a sharp one for …Continue Reading

Pinoky Gives Stuffed Animals Their Lives

Stuffed animals used to be inanimate toys that can only get moved by the humans; but now they …Continue Reading

Shark Helmet

Watch out, a shark is nearby to attack you鈥 in a special way of disguising itself as a …Continue Reading

Giant Animal Bed Sheets

Animals are always the best friends to kids, who not only play with dogs but even sleep with …Continue Reading

Slide House

The world’s best house for kids seems to have appeared in Japan, designed by LEVEL architects. With an …Continue Reading

Stay-put Bowls and Spoons

Babies are just naughty, and they never seem to obey what you tell them while still act in …Continue Reading

Hiding Peephole for Kids

Once viewing the world with the children鈥檚 eyes, we may realize that everything convenient to the adults are …Continue Reading

The Kid’s Republic Book Store

Kid’s Republic is colorful bookstore built in Beijing, China for children. From the ground floor to the upper …Continue Reading

Cardboard Cocorico Cooker

Hello little chefs before the screens, we’ve gotten some amazing toys for you: the Cardboard Cocorico Cooker. It …Continue Reading

The Safest Writing Desk

“My Writing Desk” is a workplace put forward by Inesa Malafej, and honestly that’s something I’m looking for. …Continue Reading

Snow in a Can

No doubt you’re the one who can control the weather, but merely the snowy weather at the moment. …Continue Reading

iWood Laptop Blackboard

iWood is the first but best your kids can ever get鈥 Well, even though it is made of …Continue Reading

Fish Pencil Case

A pencil case that resembles fish won鈥檛 be amazing. But if it is made to be too authentic …Continue Reading

Frolicat Bolt Laser Cat Toy

Your little kitten now can play its favorite “chasing” game with the Frolicat Bolt Laser Cat Toy. For …Continue Reading

FunBath For Kids

The famous American Standard brand has recently issued their “Funbath”, a new series that lets kids get more …Continue Reading

Fun Houses for Kids

These attractive houses are not real ones for you to live in, but actually playgrounds especially made for …Continue Reading

Baboo Clips

Usually adults and children are believed to view one same thing from totally different points. To adults, these …Continue Reading

Origami Table Placements

After meals, fold these table placements into cute animals and hold an animal-themed party with your kids.

Evolution Eraser

Truly the evolution of human race took a rather long time, but designer Hiroyuki Shiratori of H-Concept has …Continue Reading

Clay Illustrations

It’s not the first time we see illustrations out of clay because there’re actually many cartoons using clay …Continue Reading

Rainbow Tip Pencil

Write with pencil, to create your own rainbow. These Rainbow Tip Pencils, featuring color-mixed tips, can make any …Continue Reading

Mini Inflatables

Shine up your 2011summer with these Mini Inflatables! Here Mini convertibles are changed into inflatable beach toys that …Continue Reading

Pedal-Powered School Bus

Kids are always expected to form many good habits, and one of them is the ability to cooperate …Continue Reading

Walls Notebook

This is definitively something amazing. As you write, draw or paste with your imaginations on these notebooks that …Continue Reading

Inkless Metal Beta Pen

Solid can be used as ink? What a crazy idea! But indeed it is really amazing, because Inkless …Continue Reading

Fairy Tale Mirrors

What will you do if you have a magic mirror as those you see in books or films? …Continue Reading

Wooden Animal Track Sandals for Kids

Japan-based Kiko recently delivered these Ashiato sandals to us. With these special shoes on our feet, we鈥檒l leave …Continue Reading

Kids’ Car Beds

It is any kid鈥檚 dreamy bed. With a comfortable bed on its top, a studying room and a …Continue Reading

Training Dresser, Your Kid’s Dresser

Such an innovative dresser was invented when Seattle product designer Peter Bristol tried to think and act in …Continue Reading

Phil Jones’ Stampler

Stampler, a clever combination of staplers and stamps, would print a smiling face on paper when you use …Continue Reading

Yummy Dough

A good cook always needs the best ingredients to accomplish the best dishes? Not necessarily, because anybody- with …Continue Reading

Child’s Play Bed

If you ever had a dream to sleep within a book, Yusuke Suzuki’s Child’s Play is rightly the …Continue Reading

Playmobil Apple Store Playset

Will the futuristic world be only for Apple? Already in these days, almost all we adults have gotten …Continue Reading

Lickety Spoon

Spoons for kids are far more important than serving tools, because a unique and attractive spoon may become …Continue Reading

Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit

Get one Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit for your children and then let them know batteries are …Continue Reading

Edible Candy Pens

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Swashbuckling Bedrooms

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