Looksoflat Lamp

Ordinary lamps can never go behind desks for finding your because they’re not flat enough to do that, …Continue Reading

Modular Lights

The market barely provides ideal lamps essential for modern lifestyle, giving rooms a romantic or hip-hop look. Addressing …Continue Reading

LED Ropes

This particular lamp is named as the “LED Rope.” It’s designed by Christian Haas to bring light into …Continue Reading

Piano Lamp

Shaped like a piano and also named as a piano, these LED lamps allow you to produce a …Continue Reading

Balloon Lights

Each of the Balloon Lights designed by Uli Budde for Veritgo Bird is composed of a built-in LED, …Continue Reading

Ember Lamp Power Strip

Ember is the best bedside lamp you can ever find. It offers electricity, not only to charge the …Continue Reading

Bon-Home Culinary Heat Lamp

Although there’re many types of food heating devices on the market, the Bon-Home Culinary Heat Lamp still gains …Continue Reading

Tea Bag Lamp

Hi, I’m a tea bag, but bit of different from conventional ones you’ve ever met. Because I can …Continue Reading

Arduino Lamp

A Czech-based student, using Arduino programming, creates this innovative lamp that would automatically run into dark space and …Continue Reading

Floor Lamps That Wear Clothes.

The love for beauty is a nature not only of all human beings but also of some lamps. …Continue Reading

Portable ‘e12′ Table Lamp

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Cat Lamps

The table lamps could be as cute as little cats, and keeping that in mind, Kuntzel + Deygas …Continue Reading

Book Lamp

Usually we call one lamp a “book lamp” simply because it is designed to ensure you a reading …Continue Reading

World Globe Lamps

There’re many ways to show your care for the earth and the world we’re now living in and …Continue Reading

Hang Book Lamp

Time again daily life proves to be an important resource of inspirations and Daniel Baek come up with …Continue Reading

Omlet Lamp

Well, let us see in what shapes the decorative lamps are usually made before we start the topic …Continue Reading

Pouring Light Lamp

Thanks to Korean designer Yeongwoo Kim, we can now have a unique experience of pouring light out of …Continue Reading

Celebrity Lamp

Guess what, your lamp can also become a star when equipped with up to 40 pairs of mirrored …Continue Reading

Roly-Poly Light

Seemingly the designer Jung Jae Yup prefers items with a bounce-back-up feature too鈥 Dubbed “Roly-Poly”, the stainless steel …Continue Reading

Transformable Lamp That Modulates Light Intensity.

Soft and semi-transparent, the lamp designed by Martin Bahrij can give quite warm light in the night to …Continue Reading

MIA Electric Flashlight Lamp

With the technology and design placing towards energy-saving and multiuse, Jia Dai makes the flashlight a new one …Continue Reading

Collapsible Solar Powered Lamp

Here’s a new solar powered lamp created by Jesper Jonsson that features a collapsible design for easy transportation …Continue Reading

Drawing Lamp

More doesn’t always mean better, and that is a most important law for the creative and energetic designers. …Continue Reading

Doggie Lamp

Ponderous furniture usually results a cold room, which would then make us feel so helpless and so lonely …Continue Reading

Lamp That Thinks Like A Robot

Natan Linder and his LuminAR make us love MIT more and love lamps more. The MIT student integrated …Continue Reading

Latro Algae Lamp

We need lamps everywhere, in the rooms, in the cars, in dark streets鈥oint is that too much fuel …Continue Reading

Firefly’s Nest Lamp

Also known as “Geometric Romance”, the lamp from Tommaso Gecchelin aims to bring you back to the romantic …Continue Reading

Waxy Tower Motion Lamps

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Poster Lamp

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See How A Lamp Blooms.

Those who love the nature would love everything that reminds them of the wonderful creations of the nature, …Continue Reading

Table Lamp by Hong-kue Lee

Almost nothing special…Only light will tell. Designed by Hong-kue Lee, the table lamp allows you to get as …Continue Reading

Stylish Lamp Made From Trash

Your room is overcrowded with inner packaging sheets ever used for wrapping the refrigerators and computers? Then you’d …Continue Reading

Yellow Fin Lamp

Are you dissatisfied with your current wall lamps? Well, what if you could just leave the lamp set …Continue Reading

Infectious Light

Infectious Light is a modular lighting system made up of several battery-run light bulbs that could sense and …Continue Reading

Firefly Table

Inspired by the beautiful fireflies sparking in the gardens on summer nights, Vuk Dragovic has come up with …Continue Reading

Call Me “Big Belly”.

Well, I have to say, the bulb created by Pieke Bergmans is really too fat…Look, the crystal LED …Continue Reading

“Light Form” Modular Lighting System

If you’ve just returned from the Word Join Center, you must still remember the “Light Form”, a modular …Continue Reading

Airswitch1 Lamp Senses your Hands

Like most conventional lamps, the Airswitch1 here is still controlled by your hands, but in a totally different …Continue Reading

Saint Clair Lamp

Solar-powered lamps are not that new to us, but the Saint Clair Lamp presented here still surprises us …Continue Reading

Lamp with the Bulb turned upside down

Obviously the bulb that is equipped upside down has drawn everybody’s attention on the first sight. That’s quite …Continue Reading

Grass Lamp

Grass Lamp is Marko Vuckovic鈥檚 creative design which comes with a container for soil, water, and of course …Continue Reading

Lightbotz by Marcus Tremonto

An America-based lighting designer Marcus Tremonto, who drew his inspiration from science fictions and video games, has designed …Continue Reading

Egg Light by Igor Pinigin

I give you a box of eggs, wishing it to brighten your day鈥 Thanks to Igor Pinigin, we …Continue Reading

Doosan Baek’s Drop Lights

The ‘Drop Light’ 聽is all about changing the light intensity in an interesting and simple way. Each bulb, …Continue Reading

Less Lamp by Jordi Canudas

Designed by Jordi Canudas, Less Lamp is quite unique: firstly, what you buy home is actually a sealed …Continue Reading

LED Squeezable Lights

I cannot think of a rational reason why I love these squeezable LED lights, but I just know …Continue Reading

Wooden Bulb Lamp

Just look at the Wooden Bulb Lamp, it’s obviously another product meant for the most weird of your …Continue Reading

Jar Lamp

Jar Lamp is the design of Noon Studio. Nothing is particular about the table lamp when not turned …Continue Reading

Brick Series by Pepe Heykoop

As a child, Pepe Heykoop used to build small-sized houses with wooden bricks, and when he grows up, …Continue Reading

鈥楤echerlicht鈥 by Martin Neuhaus

Martin Neuhaus has just come up with ‘Becherlicht’ , a floor lamp that also doubles as a wall …Continue Reading