A Foldable Stand for Laptop

Elevating the laptop screen to the correct height for your sight and posture, its extremely lightweight, strong and …Continue Reading

Laptop Stand Made of Pizza Box

The notebook bracket is DIY item made of Pizza box. The originally tend to be abandoned Pizza box …Continue Reading

Prop Laptop Stand

A bigger scissor? Of course not, as the gadget is actually a laptop stand that is both affordable …Continue Reading

Cush Case

Cush is a laptop sleeve that doubles as an ergonomic work station. When folded, its neoprene interior can …Continue Reading

Inflatable Laptop Desk

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A Stand Laptop Stand

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Sitting or lying, use the PC in any positions you want.

There is nothing wrong about having a hectic but fulfilling work life. But what about living a lazy …Continue Reading

John Green鈥檚 Embrace

Dubbed 鈥淛ohn Green鈥檚 Embrace鈥, the simple furniture is created with a multipurpose. Either you want a book-shelf, a …Continue Reading

Bookarc, the Desktop Stand For Your Mac Book

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The Cricket laptop stand

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Laptop Pillow

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Wall mounted laptop desk

This is another space-saving design. But the 399 bucks price may scare you.

Laptop computer desk

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Fingers laptop stand

This laptop stand won鈥檛 only serves as a stand, but also be a collector of the messy cables. …Continue Reading

The scooter computer desk

With three wheels, this unique scooter could be a good alternative for you to finish some short task.

Thanko laptop stand

The new laptop fan stand could be adjusted to adapt your pose.

DIY floating laptop dock

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Computer Desk on Steering wheel

This odd desk makes it convenient for you to use laptop in car.

A laptop 鈥渄esk鈥 used anywhere

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