Magnetic Modular Lighting System

This modular lighting system uses magnets to adjust its illumination amount. It can be easily assembled or removed …Continue Reading

Movable Wireless LED

This interactive, transparent low voltage lighting unit can be moved around within a transparent panel which allows it …Continue Reading

Rechargeable LED Cork

A rechargeable LED cork that turns empty bottles into lamp that shows the beauty of simplicity. The tail …Continue Reading


This tie is designed by Becky Stern, there is a row of LED lights with different colors on …Continue Reading

LED Cap Lamp

The BrimLit LED cap lamp is a convenient and simple device that can be installed on any edge …Continue Reading

LED Crystal Earrings

Perhaps you do not imagine that the small earrings can be used as LED lights, the battery and …Continue Reading

Tex-vest Human Traffic Light

With LEDs embedded, the conceptual jersey designed by Jaka Ple拧ec can display green, red and yellow colors and …Continue Reading

Retractable Levity LED Lamp

Taking mini-sized table lamps to a new level, designer Peter Stathis鈥 Levity LED lamp is one that can …Continue Reading

Magnificent Cathedral built with 55,000 LED Lights

During January 26 to January 29, 2012, the spectacular Ghent Light Festival held in Belgium and showcased several …Continue Reading

LED Light Strips

Although LED technology has already been widely used in our daily life, there’re still some LED related products …Continue Reading

“Switch” Energy-efficient LED Light Bulbs

“Switch” is a liquid cooled lightbulb that combines analog and digital technology to bring light into your home. …Continue Reading

World’s First Cloud-based LED Lighting System

The world’s first cloud-based LED lighting system was recently launched by Japan-based Net LED Technology Company. It’s called …Continue Reading

Wearable LED TV

Anytime, anywhere, watch what you鈥檇 like to watch, and that鈥檚 rightly the thing David Forbes’ Wearable LED TV …Continue Reading

Dynamic Luminous Ceiling Sky

Ever miss the blue sky and white clouds when you’re actually working within your offices? Well for all …Continue Reading

Ultra Flexible Task Light

Work smarter, not merely harder. FLEXiT is an ultra-flexible light that can be wrapped around tubes, bent into …Continue Reading

LED Anti-aging Mask

The fields in which LED is applied are far more than what we’ve ever expected, but it’s still …Continue Reading

LED Nostalgic Clear Bulb

Launched by Japan-based Panasonic, this is the world’s first LED bulb that uses clear glass to show the …Continue Reading

LED Light Display for Cars

A light signal isn’t functional enough to help you communicate with other drivers? Well, possibly the LED Light …Continue Reading

Hobo Lantern

Made of energy-efficient LED light and translucent fibers, the Hobo Lantern is a stylish bag that also doubles …Continue Reading

Flameingo Fire Extinguisher

Slim, slim, slim, seeming everything nowadays is pursuing a good figure, even includes the fire extinguishers. Have a …Continue Reading

Nike Air Mag “Back to the Future” Shoes

In the movie “Back to the Future Part II”, a pair of Nike shoes that came from 2015 …Continue Reading

Breathalyzer Jacket

It is everybody’s duty to keep away from a drunken driving so we may need some special gadgets …Continue Reading

Make Daily Products Part of Your Chess.

It is surprisingly simple to create your own chess – you firstly need to draw out a chessboard …Continue Reading

Crystallized Sugar LED Lamp

Surprised, ordinary sugar can be used as a sustainable resource to make lamps? But of course you may …Continue Reading

Looksoflat Lamp

Ordinary lamps can never go behind desks for finding your because they’re not flat enough to do that, …Continue Reading


For all those who want their gates to have a unique look but feel upset about designing and …Continue Reading

LED Ropes

This particular lamp is named as the “LED Rope.” It’s designed by Christian Haas to bring light into …Continue Reading

Piano Lamp

Shaped like a piano and also named as a piano, these LED lamps allow you to produce a …Continue Reading

Lamp Carpet

Driving carpet designs to a new level, Lama Concept has built some LED lights into 100% wool carpet. …Continue Reading


Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are… That song suddenly hit me the moment I …Continue Reading

Sand Glass LED Traffic Lights

Thanva Tivawong wants to lead the traffic in a different way, with the help of the sand hour …Continue Reading


Colorful LED lights have given the US map a new look and actually they’re used to highlight your …Continue Reading

SEIL Bag Concept

For years turn signals have been protecting cars and car drivers, but now Lee Myung Su is making …Continue Reading

LED Mushroom Lights

A withered tree comes to life again. That Chinese idiom suddenly struck me the first time I saw …Continue Reading

Drawing Lamp

More doesn’t always mean better, and that is a most important law for the creative and energetic designers. …Continue Reading

Fiber Optic Stilettos

The Fiber Optic Stilettos, to some degree, have pointed out the importance of science and technology. I mean, …Continue Reading

Pepper Mouth Monitors Your Words

Do not think that you can input whatever you want to the computer, coz the Pepper Mouth will …Continue Reading

Bulbo Bag Light

We people, especially the women, are used to taking all kinds of items in one big bag for …Continue Reading

Fountain In Your Hands

Imagination and creativity make everything possible. And right here is another impressive design, the Hands Fountain. Shaped like …Continue Reading

Call Me “Big Belly”.

Well, I have to say, the bulb created by Pieke Bergmans is really too fat…Look, the crystal LED …Continue Reading

LED Chess Set

The future of recreation has arrived! Simply unfold chessboard, turn on the power button, and then you can …Continue Reading

Energy Smart LED Bulb Can Last 17 Years.

Thanks to GE for coming up with the Energy Smart庐 LED bulb, we can save much more electrical …Continue Reading

Stainless Steel Portable Pen Projector

Portable Pen projector, from the Mexico-based designer Edgar Navarro, is a good helper for you to realize better …Continue Reading

FLEXI: Multifunctional LED Lights

Nobody would refuse a trip around the world, but the premise is to have enough money and also …Continue Reading

Rechargeable LED Pegs

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World’s First Flexible LED Lighting Film

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Paint on your ceiling with color LEDs

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LED Table Covers

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Multi-tab Power Strip

The multi-tab power strip was invented as a result of the idea to save you much trouble in …Continue Reading

LED Watch from Tokyoflash: The crazier, the better

Tokyoflash is a Japanese watch manufacturer that believes “the crazier, the better”. One of their unique design鈥’LED Watch’ …Continue Reading