Seesaw Bench

Among so so many convertible furniture designs, the Seesaw Bench from Dirk Ploos van Amstel has successfully caught …Continue Reading

Multiuse Window Blind

Cleverly combining a window blind and a laundry rack, designers Kim Bobin and Ko Kyungeun have developed this …Continue Reading

“Floating” Bicycle Club

With a rooftop cycling arena supported by a glass-enclosed cafe on the ground, this conceptual building designed by …Continue Reading

Wall Lamp or Table Lamp?

With half of its body built into the wall, this lamp created by Hareide design has not only …Continue Reading

Tape Scissor

Combining two separate tools rightly in one, the Tape Scissor is a brilliant scissor with a built-in tape …Continue Reading

Folio Shaped Tissue Box

Here and there, this Folio Shaped Tissue Box could be placed anywhere, serving as a book stand or …Continue Reading

iPhone Mug Case

A mug for the iPhone? Not really, but instead the mug here is a multifunctional case that acts …Continue Reading

Multifunctional Little Frog

Made with earth-friendly wood materials, these little frogs can serve in three different ways, acting as an arm …Continue Reading

CampFire iPad Stand

Called CampFire, the sleeping bag case for iPad2 can work as both a protector and a stand, offering …Continue Reading

Telescope Ring

Guess what this is: it’s a ring, it’s a telescope, and it’s a magnifying glass too. The answer …Continue Reading

Transformable Stand Sleeve for iPad

Love playing with your iPad, but never mind what kind of sleeve or stand it is using? No, …Continue Reading

X Hanger

Made from powder-coated, bent steel, the X Hanger designed by Kfir Schwalb is merely a single piece while …Continue Reading

Ring Presenter

Coming from Genius, the Ring Presenter is a sleek version of the company’s Ring Mouse that adds PowerPoint …Continue Reading

Sensei Chair/Table Set

For small-apartment owners, the space-saving and multifunctional furniture sets are always welcomed, and on their lists there’s Claudio …Continue Reading

Ribbon Adjustable Baking Pan

One, two or even ten different shapes of baking pans are not enough to people in deep love …Continue Reading

Creative Laptop Bag that Can Charge Your Computers.

Honestly we seldom see laptop bags redesigned with many new functions, not to mention a bag that actually …Continue Reading

Glasses Phone Stand

Quite frequently we see common things endowed with new functions or totally changed into other devices when designers …Continue Reading

“Local Bike” with a Cargo Container

Several years we were trying to make everything as simple as possible, endowing every device with only one …Continue Reading

iPhone Tripod Mount and Stand

Your iPhone certainly promises a good quality of photography, but you couldn’t always hold it by hands especially …Continue Reading

Nikon DSLR Costume

The Halloween 2011 is coming, so have you gotten something special to surprise your guests? If not, see …Continue Reading

Flying Car

Apparently the Terrafugia Transition Flying Car is an advanced vehicle we’ll use in the future. It is literally …Continue Reading

“Chopp” Chopping Board

Can you believe that the “Chopp” is claimed to be the last chopping board you need to buy?! …Continue Reading

Multiuse U-magnet

We need handles almost everywhere and “Your Magnet” is rightly a multiuse u-magnet for almost everything. It features …Continue Reading

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

Bookmarks and dictionaries are two necessary tools for bookworms, and obviously the item shown here has cleverly combined …Continue Reading

Flower DSLR Camera Cap with Hood

The Flower Hoodcap is an amazing design concept that combines lens cap with lens hood for a DSLR …Continue Reading

Creative Chairs

No doubt we all need a chair. But which is your ideal one, a chair with interesting shape …Continue Reading

Cideko Air Keyboard

Cideko’s Air Keyboard would bring us a new experience with wireless keyboards. It is embedded with a 3D …Continue Reading

Water Purification Rain Coat

It is a matter of peculiar interest to purify rain water in places where are short of clean …Continue Reading

Multifunctional HDTV

German LCD maker HANNspree recently launched its Lounge TV 70 on International Funkausstellung Berlin 2011, which is announced …Continue Reading

Pond-Washing Aid

Undoubtedlly hand-washing is always the best way to make your clothes clean, and we believe more people will …Continue Reading

Sasan Magic Carpet

Sasan Magic Carpet is a clever design that offers practical sleeping and seating solutions with its adjustable constructions. …Continue Reading

Catalyst Shelf

Aptly dubbed “Catalyst”, Jiyoung Seo’s shelf triggers user to feel, touch and react with the unit so as …Continue Reading

Bugatti Grand Prix Car Inspired Desk

This luxurious Bugatti Grand Prix Car Inspired Desk isn’t merely on paper, as you can actually see it …Continue Reading

Tomm Velthius’ Train Table

Tomm Velthius has successfully blurred the line between furniture and toys. He built many railway lines in a …Continue Reading

The World’s First Personal Robot

Welcome to a new time with your personal robots Luna. It is the world’s first personal robot, which …Continue Reading

Roll & Mix: Multi-use Food Preparation Utensil

Roll & Mix is a multifunctional utensil designed by Marcial Ahsayane. It includes two parts, one is an …Continue Reading

An Alarm Watch

Even though we’ve already had cellphones with built-in alarms, we seldom have a watch that doubles an alarm. …Continue Reading

Cane With Flashlight

A really clever gadget for the elders… The Flashlight Cane is designed to offer the old with needed …Continue Reading

What Can A Display Screen Do?

There’re various ways leading us to a better life and actually you could easily have your life improved …Continue Reading

Tool Belt

Belts are always used as an ornament, and we don’t see them function in the other ways if …Continue Reading

Fiskars’ Cuts+More Scissor

See what these Fiskars’ Cuts+More Scissors can do, the results are really amazing: they could cut paper into …Continue Reading

Rhapsody Children’s Beds

Almost no words are needed, and just look at the pictures you’ll know clearly what the Rhapsody Children’s …Continue Reading

Curv Transformable Furniture

What would you want to have if your apartment can accommodate merely one piece of furniture? You’ll need …Continue Reading

Can Your Scissor Crack Nuts? Mine Could!

Everyone would need a multifunctional scissor like this. Ergonomically designed, the innovative scissor can be used both left …Continue Reading

Turn The Season

Seasons change as the time passes, so every year we begin with the spring that is full of …Continue Reading

“Somnys” Multiuse Furniture

Despite that we cannot dedicate a pretty serious amount of space to large furniture like beds and tables …Continue Reading

Happy Window, Happy View

On a fine afternoon, put the books aside, open the Happy Window and have a pleasant chatting with …Continue Reading

Icon Phone

Icon Phone designed by Elium Studio is a cordless phone & Internet radio. It comes with quite a …Continue Reading

Multifunctional Book Stand

Although the E-book service has provided potentially new means for people who enjoy reading, most of them still …Continue Reading

Occo Multiuse Seat

We bet nobody would refuse the Occo, if he/she wants to live a both convenient and comfortable life. …Continue Reading