Birds’ Positions on Electric Wires are Turned into Music in This Vedio

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Musical Swings in Montr茅al

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An Umbrella That Can Play Music

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Mechanical Music Box

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Funnel Wall Plays Music during Rain

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Suitcase Symphony

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Audio Wrap Bag

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Keaton Music Typewriter

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Sand Art Made with Vibrations

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Vinyl Records Bicycle

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Musical Glasses

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USB Phonograph

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iCon Bed

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Concert Piano

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Turnstyle Turntable

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Glowing Electric Guitar Strings

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Snail Ukulele Baritone

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Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras, Or?

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Graveyard Shift Headphone

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Play a Guitar Or Just Show It Off?

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Big Tongue Phone

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Play Button

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Awesome DIY Guitars

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Musical Pot

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Glass Speakers

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Beer Bottle Musical Instrument

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Play the Drum for Light!

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Panasonic Earphone Note

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Whom Will You Listen To- The Angel or The Devil?

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A Coffee Cup, Or?

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DJ Gear As Jewelry

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Noteput Music Table

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Pencil Instrument

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White Fruit Radio

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Water-powered WaveTower Speaker

Can the water tower be used for any other purpose? Just come in and check it out鈥

Portable Music Pillow

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Vibration Earphone ‘BS-80HD’ from VIBEBS

Korean VIBEBS will launch their latest project- an open type vibration earphone ‘BS-80HD’ two months later. The innovative …Continue Reading

Music Drop MP3 Player

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Share the Music!

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鈥楻adio Active鈥 by erez bar am

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Famicom Guitar

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Melody Balloon

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Sound Track: An educational music toy for kids

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iPhone Ocarina

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Dancepants Kinetic Music Player

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Tripod MP3 Player

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Stylophone Beatbox

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Washboard Necktie

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FM-AM USB Radio Tuner

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