Strong Bottle Opener

Looking at the following pictures, you can hardly imagine that this hammer is actually a bottle opener. This …Continue Reading

KEBO Single Hand Operated Opener

In 1930s, American famous brand KEBO designed the first Theodore Low bottle opener, but it was not easy …Continue Reading

Vampire Bottle Opener

Be careful, the vampire is coming鈥 It’s not to bite you, but to bite open your bottles! Look …Continue Reading

EZ Opener

Along with the improvement of many designs, it is really hard for people to put forward better and …Continue Reading

Micro-Plus EX 9-in-1 Key Ring Tool

Merely pocket-sized, this key-ring tool kit actually includes 9 gadgets- pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, wire crimper, bottle …Continue Reading

Nail Bottle Opener

Can one single nail open a bottle? Not likely, unless the nail is built onto a walnut wood …Continue Reading

Bottle Cap Punch

The smart Bottle Cap Punch is designed to cut holes in the metal caps of soda-bottles, so you …Continue Reading

Creative Bottle Openers

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What鈥檚 this?

Made from flexible materials, the gadget could be easily changed into different shapes and features a perfect heat …Continue Reading

O, Opener!

A good design doesn鈥檛 always need to feature an improvement on the functions, but should always make the …Continue Reading

5 in 1 Opener

Auto Safety Master Opener promises that only one is enough for all. No matter it is a bottle …Continue Reading

Bottle Biner

Except to crack open a bottle, the bottle biner also can assistant you to climb up a high …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

Apparently, this is a polished stainless steel shaped like an egg. But, you know what is it used …Continue Reading


With the help of the built-in digital counter, you will never forget how many bottles of beer you …Continue Reading

2-in-1 measuring cup

For those who love mixing drinks, this is a great thing. It combines bottle opener and measuring cup …Continue Reading

Bike chain bottle opener

This is a eco-friendly design, with a flexible, recycled bike chain handle, you could put it anywhere without …Continue Reading

Hands-free one touch Jar opener

Although you have many choices, such as the triangle opener , to open the jar, you still have …Continue Reading

A card with multiple uses

Everybody has many cards in wallet, but nearly all the cards are related to money. Oh, you hate …Continue Reading

Triangle jar opener

With the rubber band inside and the triangle shape, it could fit every type of jars. It could …Continue Reading

Twisting Jar opener

This is a good gadget for those not strong enough to open a jar. It could fit different …Continue Reading

Fruit skin Opener

With this weird ring, you could open fruit easily.

Bottle opener shaped-in ring

You can customize any logo of beer and beverage on it. While buying a beverage your customers will …Continue Reading

Air pressure wine opener

Just insert the needle into the cork and pump it up. It鈥檚 really convenient. But, you gotta care …Continue Reading

Hand-crank mixer

You like peanut butter? You think it鈥檚 too mess? So you gonna like this mixter.

USB drive with a bottler opener

Do you think your USB drive could be a bottler opener? Don鈥檛 worry, it鈥檚 safe!

Weird bottle opener

You know how weird a bottle opener could be? Come in…