Putting your finger into the coffee mix package to make it a stirring tool

This is a unique coffee mix package design. Simply cut it open, put your finger at the bottom …Continue Reading

Bag-in-Bag wine

Another unique design of boxed wine packaging. Called Bag-in-Bag wine, it comes in white, red and ros茅. Since …Continue Reading

Unique perfume bottles 鈥揤an Der Lichaam aromatherapy

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Origami beer label

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Paper Dish Pizza Box

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Silly Exhibitionist Coffee Cup

Designer Brock Davis teaches you how to make a goofy exhibitionist coffee cup. Draw a creepy face and …Continue Reading

Dipping ketchup on the top

Dipping ketchup in the little cups provided in most fast food restaurants is so yesterday! A simple indent …Continue Reading

Cool Mr. Chocolate

Mr. Chocolate adds a lot of fun to your chocolate! Just use it to pretend you grow a …Continue Reading

Self-cooking Egg Carton

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“Real Juice” Box Designs

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True Air Fresheners

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Self-chilling Drinks

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Seed Faces

Plant melons and get melons, sow beans and get beans, then what will we get after these Seed …Continue Reading

Creative DVD Packaging Design

Great music is just like the beautiful sunrise, as they both bring big shocks to us, and that鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Angel Mommy Pack

Angel Mommy Pack is a smart design especially good for babies and their moms. It’s a clever combination …Continue Reading

QR Code Christmas Wrapping Paper

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Awesome Collection of Package Designs

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Spoonin Instant Coffee Package

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World’s Thinnest Daily Disposable Contact Lens Flat Pack

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Sexy Buns

The sexiest buns we’ve ever seen come from bread manufacturer Kohberg, who released pink-colored and bra-patterned package bags …Continue Reading

AeroShot Pure Energy

It is all the coffee: someone chooses to boil a pot of coffee, someone prefers to instant coffee, …Continue Reading

45 Degree Bottle Neck

You know, design is sometimes so simple. The innovation of this water bottle merely lies in the neck …Continue Reading

Cheese Pencils

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Daft Coke

At the beginning of this year, Coca Cola and Daft Punk have collaborated to issue a limited edition …Continue Reading

EZ Opener

Along with the improvement of many designs, it is really hard for people to put forward better and …Continue Reading

Tea Cup

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Blooming Cuppa Tea

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Incredible Packaging Designs

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Ice Cream the T-shirt Pack

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City Water Concept

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Choco Shot

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Peelable Smirnoff Bottles

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Coffree: Disposable Coffee Cup Package Design

The idea behind this disposable coffee cup is really amazing: use as few materials as we can to …Continue Reading

Reusable Packaging Bags

Fold, fold and fold, and you would have another box of Doritos… Designed by Petar Pavlov for Doritos, …Continue Reading

Accordion Package

The problem that canned instant noodle still takes up too much space has for a long time bothered …Continue Reading

Juice Box Camera

It is a Juice Box Camera, a camera that is even more attractive than photos it takes.

A Collection of Creative Packaging Designs

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Thrift Toothpaste Package Design

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Food-like T-Shirt Packaging

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Creative Butter Packaging

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Birdy Juice Packaging Concept

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Real Green Tea Bag

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Fresh Fruit Juices Packing

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One Single Wine Bottle with Two Necks

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Panasonic Earphone Note

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Dress the Bottles Up!

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Cute Packaging Bags

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Internal Straw Drinks Packs

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Optimistic Pills

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