Surreal Hybrid Creature Paintings

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Mind-blending Optical Illusion Paintings

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Mechanical Diagrams in Traditional Oil Paintings

These mechanical diagrams of engines, lenses, and other complex contraptions are actually oil paintings, amazing!

Automatic Watercolor Painting Machine

When connected with computer, this device will automatically recreate digital artworks into watercolor paintings using ordinary paint tools.

Fire Paintings

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Detailed Miniature Paintings

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Intricate Feather Paintings

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If You Ever Wondered How Animals are Created

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Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings

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Paintings of Minimalist City Scenery

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Childhood Themed 3D Sculptures & Paintings

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‘Kiddie Art Series’

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Exaggerated Paintings on Book Spines

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Optical Illusion Painting

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Insanely Detailed Paintings on Tiny Pieces of Food

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Famous Paintings’ Pop Style Make-over

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Realistic Finger Paintings

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Delectable Dessert Paintings

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Ten Spacial Street Paintings

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You Won’t Believe These are Paintings

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Craig Tracy 鈥 Body Painting

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Famous Paintings Recreated Using Thousands of Torn Magazine Scraps

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