Tool Pen

A versatile pen features a couple of regular tools in it, helping you to get rid of those …Continue Reading

A Pen Captures Colors in The World

By using an RGB sensor and a five-color ink cartridge, this pen is able to capture the exact …Continue Reading

An Ergonomic 3D Printing Pen

A small smart, comfortable-to-use 3D printing pen allows you to draw in the air, it is much sleeker …Continue Reading

Pen Cases Appear to Be Three Dimensional

Bold and eye-catching, with a little illustrations, the usually boring pen cases are turned into “fake” three dimensional …Continue Reading

Cool! Light-painting Pen for iPhone&iPad

Takara Tomy has introduced a light-painting art pen that works with a special iPhone or iPad app to …Continue Reading

Pen Made From Magnets

This pen is anything but ordinary. It鈥檚 the world鈥檚 first magnet-made modular pen that can be put into …Continue Reading

Rainbow Highlighter

Brighten up your desktop with this colorful set of rainbow-shaped highlighters!


With its tale sways gently while being written, POOLEAF is more than a grass-shaped pen, it reminds you …Continue Reading

Magic Pen

Cerkahegyzo is really like a God, as he can play tricks on such bothering matter of sharpening pencils …Continue Reading

PenAgain-Cramp Free Pen

The cool new PenAgain-Cramp Free Pen is made from sturdy aluminum. Instead of griping the pen firmly, this …Continue Reading

Katapult Pen

You write, and you play, the Katapult Pen is rightly something that may bring you both knowledge and …Continue Reading

Penclic Mouse Soon Comes to North America.

Welcome the Penclic Mouse to America and Canada. As a pen-shaped mouse that ensures the users a comfortable …Continue Reading

Wacom Inkling

The world’s leading manufacturer of digital interface solutions “Wacom” have recently issued its Inkling, a magic pen set …Continue Reading

Draw Working Circuits With Silver-ink Pen.

Jennifer Lewis & Jennifer Bernhard, two professors from University of Illinois, have collaborated with a silver-ink pen that …Continue Reading

Inkless Metal Beta Pen

Solid can be used as ink? What a crazy idea! But indeed it is really amazing, because Inkless …Continue Reading

Make Your Nose A Pen!

Ok, let’s firstly make it clear that this wearable pen may be just a design for fun… Because …Continue Reading

Bamboo Stylus For iPad

Wacom recently launched its Bamboo Stylus, a premium digital pen especially designed for iPad. It aims to help …Continue Reading

Edible Candy Pens

You’re someone who is used to having pencils or pens in mouth when using them? Too bad these …Continue Reading

Bookmark Pen Design

Although bookmarks are created for us to mark a book, we in fact often use a pen instead …Continue Reading

Pen Scissors

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Upstanding Retractable Markers

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Constrained Ball

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Sprout Pen Concept

May it have you feel disappointed or not, I’d still like to declare that the ‘Sprout’ Pen is …Continue Reading

eVouse Concept

Especially designed for specific designers, the wonderful eVouse concept combines two important functions in one: a mouse for …Continue Reading

Pen Concept Mobile Phone

It is good to preview what the world would be like 10 or 20 years later, and all …Continue Reading

Ruler Pen

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Disappearing Ink Pen

Hey guys, welcome to I New Idea again, and today I鈥檒l perform magic tricks聽for you. Are you ready? …Continue Reading

Spy Scope

Resembling a pen, the 6銆瀤 5/8銆瀉pparatus hides a telescope and a magnifier within the two ends of the …Continue Reading

Modular Pen

Well, indeed I don鈥 think we may need so complicated a pen like this, a modular pen that …Continue Reading

Feelor Touch the Color

Intended as a teaching aid for the blind, preschool children, Feelor Touch the Color is a new set …Continue Reading

Marker-Fool Pen

鈥淢arker-Fool鈥 assists to change your world colorful. Working in almost the same way as color printers, the new …Continue Reading

Shake Shake Radio Pen

Based on Faraday鈥檚 Laws of Induction, the musical pen from China can generate power and store it in …Continue Reading

Book Marker

Named as book marker, the super thin pen also allows you to mark up your pages with double-colored …Continue Reading

Environmentally-friendly Pen

Environmentalism has become a mainstream all over the world, and the shell of the environmentally-friendly pen is made …Continue Reading

Poo Pen

Oh, my God. This is for sure the most weird and smelly pen I鈥檝e ever seen. It let …Continue Reading

Color picker

Color is one of the most important factors of painting, but it is hard to get a nature …Continue Reading

The butterfly pen

The butterfly knife is very popular, but it seems not very safe, especially for kids. If your kids …Continue Reading

5 in 1 pen

With a bendable LED light, this pen will make it convenient to write in the dark. In addition, …Continue Reading

Pen & Mouse

This innovative computer mouse could be used as a normal pen. Attach the receiver on the USB port, …Continue Reading

SMS pen

Sending SMS is a good way to communicate with your friends, but you might still remember the era …Continue Reading

Stamper-shaped easy writer

For disabled persons, it鈥檚 not a easy business to write with their hands. But this stamper-shaped gadget could …Continue Reading

Spy pen

This pen uses the ink which will be read only under ultra-violet light and it鈥檚 shredder could even …Continue Reading

Pen phone

This pen-shaped phone is really a sexy one. You like it? However, it鈥檚 not a good idea to …Continue Reading

Y-shaped pen

This Y shaped pen is a ergonomic one. The unique design allows the pen to support the weight …Continue Reading

Inkless digital pen

Samsung is developing a new concept pen named QUAD, which could let you write on any surface. However, …Continue Reading

Free ride pen

It is said this is the most comfortable ballpen in the world? Plus, it鈥檚 really expensive, which cost …Continue Reading

Mini cooling fan Pen

Adding a fan at the end of pen, you will be cooler while writing in summer.

ColorCutter鈥攎arker with a blade

Put a knife inside a marker, so you can cut paper while drawing.

Time pen

Press the button, you gonna see a time displaying on a surface you want it to be on.