Phonebloks Conceptual Cell Phone

This conceptual cell phone consists of a single main board whose modular components can be upgraded by replacing …Continue Reading

Juice Up Your Phone

Juice-up is a cable that transfers battery life from one phone to another, though at a concept stage, …Continue Reading

Unique Phone Underwear

Although, there鈥檚 no hidden modesty parts of mobile phone, some of its physical buttons really need meticulous care. …Continue Reading

Cupholder with Phone Shell

With the development of society, people are more and more likely to enjoy lives, and they pay attention …Continue Reading

Fun Bowl for Dieting Accompanied by Phone

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Awesome Telephone Booths

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Big Tongue Phone

If you’re ever a fan of Rolling Stone you’ll soon figure out where the new Big Tongue Phone …Continue Reading

Icon Phone

Icon Phone designed by Elium Studio is a cordless phone & Internet radio. It comes with quite a …Continue Reading

Visual Sound Mobile Phone

Visual Sound is an innovative mobile phone especially designed for the impaired person. Allowing the deaf folks to …Continue Reading

Pen Concept Mobile Phone

It is good to preview what the world would be like 10 or 20 years later, and all …Continue Reading

Eco-friendly Cellphone powered by sugary drinks

The conceptual cellphone from Nokia is achieved by a young Chinese designer, Daizi Zheng. Different from usual mobiles …Continue Reading

What is your phone doing on the window glass?

Are you looking for something different and personalized? Having a look at the 鈥楽olar Powered Sticker Phone鈥 presented …Continue Reading

Mechanical Mobile

Those who love mobile games surely know the problem in supporting them, yes, you have to charge the …Continue Reading

A Green Phone from Nokia

Well-known for a sustainable use, Nokia has been widely popular all over the world. And the new product, …Continue Reading

Phone Fingers

Well, frankly speaking, the Phone Finger is really unnecessary and maybe a bit stupid鈥ou may even associate it …Continue Reading

Wake-Up Phone

Well… is Wake-Up Phone a phone that awakes me in the morning?! Come on, each phone now has …Continue Reading


Have you ever missed any important calls when taking a bath? Certainly we may break off to answer …Continue Reading

OC iPhone Dock

What could be more annoying than the cellphone ringing during the work? The sudden noise frightenes you a …Continue Reading

Window Phone

Do you believe that the thin transparent touch phone could make accurate weather predictions and change its screen …Continue Reading

Violin-shaped Corded Telephone

Oh, yea they do be gone as we get closer and closer to technology, landline phones are still …Continue Reading

Lighter Phone

A cell phone that supports your bad habit! With a cigarette lighter embedded in it, the bar phone …Continue Reading

Deposit Check in Cell Phone

Do you also have a dream that you could easily deposit checks in your cell phones? Well, the …Continue Reading

Cell Phones for the Blind

Specially designed for the blind, the cell phone is unique for its high plasticity, which could change and …Continue Reading

Foundation-box Cell Phone

Do you still remember the Bear Phone? Similarly, this V588 mobile phone is also specifically designed for girls. …Continue Reading

Zumba phone

This so-called Zumba phone is claimed to be the first fully hands-free mobile phone. It is as small …Continue Reading

Wind Chime for you cellphone

Wind chime and cellphone seems to be unrelated to each other. NO! This chine is definitely related to …Continue Reading

Magnetic touch screen

iPhone is very popular, but the text imputing is really horrible. Maybe a sliding Qwerty keyboard is a …Continue Reading

Gesture phone with an innovative touch screen

This phone is pretty innovative. It comes with a pair of separated speakerphone and microphone and so you …Continue Reading

World鈥檚 lightest phone

This Modu mini phone, which weight in 1.4 ounces, just made it into the Guiness Book of the …Continue Reading

Transformer phone concept

With many built-in hi-tech functions, this conceptual phone may indicate a new trend of portable device. Except for …Continue Reading

Symbio VOIP phone

VOIP is a good alternative low cost communication way in this Internet era. However, in order to use …Continue Reading

Touchscreen phone with a built-in handset

This Mooon+ touchscreen phone features a built-in handset which could be attached on the phone as the microphone …Continue Reading

Fabric cellphone concept

Digital device always be cool, however, this kind of cool also need some warm elements. This new concept …Continue Reading

Toaster phone

this concept is designed by Brazilian designer Renata Quintela. If you like delicious toaster, you gonna like this …Continue Reading

[VIDEO] Morph鈥擭okia鈥檚 transformable cellphone concept

Although iPhone is a perfect product in our mind nowadays, it won鈥檛 be the best forever. So, what …Continue Reading

Digital tattoo

Designed by John Mielke, this concept is powered by your own blood. And the special smart-ink pixel painted …Continue Reading

Transparent slid phone

Different from normal slid cell, this design comes with a transparent keypad which is hidden in the phone …Continue Reading

Remade鈥擡co-friendly cellphone from Nokia

The remade concept is the most eco-friendly cellphone. The metallic body is made from recycled aluminum cans and …Continue Reading

Modular phone patent from Sony Ericsson

This new patent comes with two housings, one for keyboard, keypad and some other input devices, the other …Continue Reading

NEC Flask is coming

Actully NEC has shown the Flask concept phone in CeBit 2006 which is powered by liquid fuel. But …Continue Reading

Gesture controlled cellphone from Sony-Ericsson

With the unique gesture controlling technique, you could mute an incoming call or snooze the alarm by moving …Continue Reading

Circle phone

In the era of rapid development of digital device, a cellphone could have many functions which is only …Continue Reading

Pen phone

This pen-shaped phone is really a sexy one. You like it? However, it鈥檚 not a good idea to …Continue Reading

Yamaha鈥檚 omni-directional VoIP Speakerphone

This idea from Yamaha is very good for cyber-meeting. The rotating arms with microphone arrays could capture perfect …Continue Reading

Phone for elder

Although you could setting speed dial, it鈥檚 not enough for elders. This new concept could be a good …Continue Reading

Quicksilver Cellphone concept

Just separate the two parts of the phone, another part of the LCD gonna be revealed. Maybe it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Memo Pad phone

The frame of this phone is actually a Memo Pad. You do not need any extra notepaper beside.

Stylish concept projection phone concept

After TI releasing their first projection cellphone, some new concepts have been designed. This have a display …Continue Reading

Hang your cellphone

This concept design gives you a better way to charge your cellphone. You can just hang it on …Continue Reading