Ostrich Pillow Mini

Still for nappers, this new item in the Ostrich Pillow family features smaller size, allows you to wear …Continue Reading

Window Travel Pillow

A neck pillows can really lessen the discomfort when you traveling on the train or on the plane, …Continue Reading

Inflatable Pillow That Looks Like An Accordion

A remote-controlled inflatable pillow that allows the chest or legs or neck to be raised in a cozy …Continue Reading

One Pillow With Endless Possibilities

Soft and portable, this stylish pillow appears as a fluffy M枚bius strip with its 100 percent bamboo fabric …Continue Reading

Ostrich Pillow

To cover your eyes, block out the noise and have a nice and deep sleep in any location, …Continue Reading

Snack Pillows for Movie Night

Snacks and pillows are indispensable gadgets for movie night, what if we combine both together into unique and …Continue Reading

Soft Pillow Light

Looks like a melon vegetable hanging on an electric wire, this soft pillow emits gentle and warm ambient …Continue Reading

Multi-functional Pillow

You can always try to figure out new ways of using this multi-functional pillow, a smaller pollow and …Continue Reading

Concave Pillow for Cervical Rest

The central location of this memory pillow is depression, so that the people with cervical problem to keep …Continue Reading

Romantic Dreamy Pillow Cases

The Dreamy Pillow Cases is a perfect choice for your sweetheart. Tell your loved one that you think …Continue Reading

Awesome Accordion Pillow

聽The Accordion Pillow allows you to pretend to play the accordion by stretching out to look like a …Continue Reading

Singing Pillow

Built with a moisture sensor that detects your tears and a speaker inside, the Sleepy Weepy Pillow will …Continue Reading

Dictionary Desk Pillow

Quite commonly we say that there’s valuable knowledge in books, but sometime there’s a comfortable soft pillow inside …Continue Reading

Self-adjusting Robot Pillow

Innvo Labs’ Self-adjusting Robot Pillow is a product that can ensure you a good night’s sleep by automatically …Continue Reading

WILLO Pillow Pots

I never realized people love plants so much that they would like to nestle them in their arms, …Continue Reading

Robotic Bear Pillow Prevents Snoring

Snoring is something like smoking, as it not only destroys the health of the person who makes it, …Continue Reading

Creative Bed Sheets

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Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

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Camera Lens Cushions

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The Ostrich Pocket Pillow

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Foot Pillow

While attentively protecting charm flesh on your hands, you should also pay enough attention to your feet…

Happy Color TV

It would definitely be quite interesting to have such a cute pillow in the sofas… With the old …Continue Reading


Hey you naughty kids in front of the screen, it’s another time for bed! And hopefully you would …Continue Reading

What’s this?

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Stretching Clock

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With Pillow Talk, No More Loneliness.

Even if your lover is in someplace far away, you’ll no longer feel lonely any more, because you …Continue Reading

Portable Music Pillow

Designed by Yuan-Hao Hsu and Lin Tzu Hsuan, the portable ‘MU SPACE’ not only allows you to enjoy …Continue Reading

Heart-shaped Glowing Pillows

What could present your love better than your heart and roses? In combination of thousands of mesmerizing roses, …Continue Reading

Folded Banknote Shape Pillow

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The Light Pillow

Cute! The light pillow is so odd and pure that it is the best decoration to change up …Continue Reading

Ctrl+Alt+Del Pillows

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Hug me pillow

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iSleep Pillow

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Travel pillow

For most people taking the economy class, to have a good sleep might be an impossible task. The …Continue Reading

Laptop Pillow

Laptop is obviously means a computer used on your lap, however, you have to suffer from being heated …Continue Reading

Squidface Pillow

With a patented air-flow circle, this cushion will give you a comfortable sunbath experience.

Stone pillow

If you need more natural environment in your room, you gonna like this series of pillows.

Music pillow

With a built-in speaker, this pillow could provide music for the dozer. In this way you won鈥檛 be …Continue Reading

Beach radio pillow

This weird thing is actually a beach pillow with a built-in radio. Let it support your head and …Continue Reading

Pillow light

Give your kids a pillow like this, they could have a better pose while reading.

Digital anti-snore

Daryoush Bazargani from University of Rostock developed a new pillow which could prevent your snoring by connecting to …Continue Reading

Travel pillow

With this pillow, you can have enough rest on the plane.

Angel pillowcase

This pillowcase will make you like an angle while sleeping.

Anti-snore Pillow shaped in M

Thanks to the M shape, you can put one of your arm under the pillow, so that to …Continue Reading

Portable pillow as a facesaver

This 2-in-1 pillow is a good stuff for those who like insolation.

Pillow avoiding snore

This is good thing for those suffering the snore of their partners. It will gently vibrate (for waking …Continue Reading

Lounging Sound Pillow

With holes in each of the six sides, you can hear TV clearer.

What鈥檚 this?

A fresh salmon fish? What could it be used for other than eating?

Glo Pillow, who can wake you up like sunshine

This pillow could wake you up by using 鈥渟unshine鈥 generated by LEDs! The ‘glo pillow’ uses an integrated …Continue Reading

Blood pillow

It looks like that they are lying in blood. No, they are lying on pillows, blood-shaped pillows!