Disastrous Scenarios on Traditional Blue Porcelain Dinner Plates

Instead of traditional tranquility, the artist adds some drama onto the dinner plates with sea monsters, bats, dinosaurs …Continue Reading

Dip Clips

It鈥檚 a kitchen gadget for kids or appetizers to enjoy their favorite dip without messing the whole plate. …Continue Reading

Bear Sandwich Plate

Kids will love this friendly bear plate and use it to make tasty sandwiches with its big nose …Continue Reading

The Shark Sushi Plate

It is sure to make you think feeding sharks when taking first look at these images! In fact, …Continue Reading

Wall Plates

You can decorate your room as original as you wish. Simply arrange some beautiful plates on the wall …Continue Reading

DIY Kid Plates

While most parents and teachers are trying to stop kids playing with their food, designer Alexis Birkmeyer is …Continue Reading

Lunar Crater Plates

There’s always one reason you love the lunar craters: to the scientists, they’re mysterious part of the Moon …Continue Reading

Plate Roulette

Who pays the pizza today? It completely depends on the Plate Roulette, which decides who win or lose …Continue Reading

Augmented Reality Ceramics

Never stop your imagination about the augmented reality world: after a series of inventions and designs based on …Continue Reading

The Original Shirt Plate

Lazy men always need something special and this time they’ll no doubt get crazy with The Original Shirt …Continue Reading


Possibly next time you mail a postcard, you’d better have some tasty food along with it, coz these …Continue Reading

Plates By Entresuelo1a

Hey all you housewives, get out of the kitchen and see what Entresuelo1a has created for you… Something …Continue Reading

Magic Mini World

We’ll all live in a different world, in a neurotic fairy-tale world full of mini-sized furniture and items …Continue Reading

Table Set Design

What would happen if we combine the plates and dinning table together? Having that question in mind, Elad …Continue Reading

Dishware teaches you geography.

Dishware in the same shapes of the nations? What a brilliant concept. Each standing for a certain country, …Continue Reading

Macedonia tray by Janne Kytt盲nen

Macedonia here is not referring to the republic in South-eastern Europe, but to an attractive fruit tray. Drawing …Continue Reading

Green Disposable Plates

Though it鈥檚 generally accepted that green is of most important, we cannot break with disposable plates drastically on …Continue Reading

Un-Recklessly Breakable Plate

Alexander Hulme has brought us a new design to challenge the mathematic聽law that one minus one equals zero. …Continue Reading

Nutrition Pyramid lunch-box

Nutrition Pyramid is a famous theory, but would you really follow it? It is not a easy job, …Continue Reading

Finger plate

This plate, if you think it is, is used to hold the dessert or other tiny food. By …Continue Reading

What’s this?

This radiator-shaped thing is made of ceramic, and so it is surely not a radiator. You what is …Continue Reading

Pizza plate

This design comes with several carves which are prepared for the pizza knife. It must be the easiest …Continue Reading

Benta Plate

It is not easy to directly push the food up onto your fork. However, a curved edge like …Continue Reading

Smile plate

You gotta be happier while seeing a plate is smiling at you.

Shish dish

This is a brilliant idea for those shish kebab fans. In the central of this dish, there is …Continue Reading

Multi-functional fruit bowl

Goblet tower is one of the most attractive shows in a party, but it is hard to have …Continue Reading

Heating plate

Surfaced conductive film, this plate could warm your food for a long time.

Scoopy for those over-weighted

Although you wanna loose weight, you might never recognize that you have eaten too much. So, this plate …Continue Reading

Pyramid fruit bowl

Arrange fruits on this bowl, you gonna have a fruit pyramid on your coffee table.

Folding bowl

This fruit bowl is obviously inspired from China鈥檚 folding fan. It鈥檚 really a good idea.

Fruit bowl like a bud

Put your fruit on the top of this bud-shaped bowl. You house gonna be more more lively.

Pasta twirling plate

Put spaghetti in this circle part in the center of this plate. You can have a better twirling …Continue Reading

Plate with a wine holder

This plate allows you to hold your wine glass without any inconvenience. It鈥檚 a smart design.

Thekla plate

While not using this plate could serve as a table cloth. If you wanna take it? Just carry …Continue Reading

Frame with real fruits

This bowl has a extra frame which could make it like a real photo.

Interesting plates

Each one has only half of the picture, so you should use both of them at the same …Continue Reading

Ring-shaped fruit-bowl

This innovative fruit-bowl makes your fruit like artwork. It comes from Germany鈥檚 designer Joung Myung Lee. Just hang …Continue Reading