Balloon Plug That Seals The Bottle Tight

The plug fits in any bottle and seals it tight because of its innovative inflatable design.

Embedded UPS for Plugs and Sockets

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U-shaped Ring Plug

The U-shaped ring plug is user-friendly pulled out by single finger, and rear open architecture makes it possible …Continue Reading

Push Plug

Amazing鈥 I mean, these plugs come with really cute look that can make us smile. Additionally, they also …Continue Reading

U-socket USB Wallplug

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Plugy Earphone Jack Accessories

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Plug and Player

Well, MP3 devices do need some change, and we’re quite happy to see Giha Woo and his “Plug …Continue Reading

Easy Fold, Easy Use.

Designer Xie Chen Chen wants to save your trouble with messy wires with this Plug Socket, which not …Continue Reading

The Plug Wears A Collapsible Coat To Protect You From Electric Shocks.

The action of pushing in or pulling out a plug seems really simple but not that pleasant, coz …Continue Reading

Leak the energy before you conserve it? Crazy!

Flattery must have gotten you everywhere Mr. Lufdesign and I’d like to describe your concept as ‘a stylish …Continue Reading

Ultra-thin Foldable Plugs (Renewal)

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Slim Plugs

Ok, we have Macbook Air, so the PC is slim enough; we also have SAMSUNG SGH-U608, so the …Continue Reading

Plug with a hole

Pulling out a plug is not a hard work, but it is not always an easy task. Therefore, …Continue Reading

Faucet Plug

If you can remember to close the faucet, you should not forget to pull out this plug.

Pull A Plug–Remove plugs without yanking

With the gadget, you won鈥檛 break your cord while pulling the plug.

Continue plug

Add socket on your plug, you can continue pluging.