BBQ Suitcase

Unfold the suitcase, you’ll get a BBQ grill, wonderful!

Ultrathin Boom-box

Thinner, thinner and thinner, nowadays people are really concentrated in designing and owning items that are thin enough, …Continue Reading

Stick Humidifier

Anytime, anywhere, this portable humidifier put forward by Knobz Design can help you easily make the air refreshing. …Continue Reading

Umbrella Phone Charger

Kenneth Tong’s umbrella is the most different one you can ever find, in the most WTF way ever …Continue Reading

Menu Pin Tables

Push and pin, even though that’s what you usually do with drawing pins, this time you can use …Continue Reading

Bike Tool Handlebars

Cleverly and smartly designed, the inCOG bike tool is a great idea that we may think “why nobody …Continue Reading

Credit-Card Sized Stylus

  Not a real credit card but instead a real stylus, the item is much easier for people …Continue Reading

Mt. Fuji Travel Tissue Case

When white tissue paper comes out, the blue simple case then displays the beauty of famous Mt. Fuji, …Continue Reading

Strapless Sun Visor

Smart and lightweight, the Strapless Sun Visor would protect you away from the shinning sun light while never …Continue Reading

One Trip Grip

Working hard and shopping hard, ladies today must have been used to those heavy shopping bags and the …Continue Reading

SkyDeck Table

Wherever you go, wherever you stay, this SkyDeck designed by Japanese firm Torafu Architects can always support you, …Continue Reading


Keeping mountain bikes always in a good condition is a hard work, especially when you need to face …Continue Reading

Gokey Wrist Band

Only one key in the pocket, usually we do that when outside for a walk or jog just …Continue Reading

Light Glove

Undoubtedly wearing light on hand is much better than holding light in hand: it not only offers bright …Continue Reading

Lipstick Flask

Hello my ladies, you now can play a trick with others while enjoying wine from your Lip Stick! …Continue Reading

iPhone Shutter Grip

Since iPhone is never called or described as a smart portable camera, it must have certain limitations that …Continue Reading

Earphone TIdy

From now on, each of us may have three ears: except for those usual two real ears, we …Continue Reading

In & Out Toothbrush Sterilizer

Combining a toothbrush and a sterilizer together, the In & Out Toothbrush Sterilizer features a USB port as …Continue Reading

CampFire iPad Stand

Called CampFire, the sleeping bag case for iPad2 can work as both a protector and a stand, offering …Continue Reading

Hexagonal ZEBag for Wine Bottles

On the list of those who love wines, there must be a portable and functional bottle storage bag …Continue Reading

Stretchless Hanger

Easy to hang your clothes and easy to pack up, the Stretchless Hanger provides us an effortless way …Continue Reading

Easy-to-use Banana Slicer

Personally I don’t need any banana slicers as I can almost eat up a banana before I get …Continue Reading

AIRE Mask Concept

The best and most efficient way to create portable charger is obviously to make use of human bodies: …Continue Reading

Privacy Pop

Friends are important, but sometimes privacy is more important, that鈥檚 why we may need a “Privacy Pop”. It’s …Continue Reading

Tagg Pet Tracker

Dogs, cats, all your pets are active and naughty, hence you need to keep an eye on them …Continue Reading

GoPad for iPad

You cannot bear a while without your iPad? Then let this GoPad help you. It’s a smart accessory …Continue Reading

Telescope Ring

Guess what this is: it’s a ring, it’s a telescope, and it’s a magnifying glass too. The answer …Continue Reading

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What, what music is your iPad now playing? Sometimes the sound of iPad is so low that you …Continue Reading

Wrist Memos

Anywhere, anytime, as long as you need to check out a day’s schedule or a shopping list, you …Continue Reading

Mobile Tree Bench

Surely if there’s a tree, there will be a bench, because we may simply convert a tree into …Continue Reading

Dictionary Desk Pillow

Quite commonly we say that there’s valuable knowledge in books, but sometime there’s a comfortable soft pillow inside …Continue Reading

Foldable Guitar

Because it’s not the first foldable guitar we’ve ever seen or introduced here, this one from designers Shlomi …Continue Reading

Bondi Multiuse Hanger

Bondi is a smart little hanger with astonishing multi functions. According to your real needs, the Bondi can …Continue Reading

PocketString Device

Daily practice. That’s the No. 1 principle you need to keep in mind if you ever dream to …Continue Reading

LomoKino Adapter

I’m sorry the LomoKino camera only lets you capture retro 35 mm movies while forgetting to offer you …Continue Reading

Mobile Scanner

Yes, the New York City is no more that safe as it may used to be, and thus …Continue Reading

Portable Self-inflating Home

Made of metallic polyester, Martin Azua’s “Basic House” is a self-inflatable shelter that can offer you a home …Continue Reading

Pocket Piano

You see it is little, it’s in your pocket, and it’s a piano! Handmade and packs a vibrato …Continue Reading

Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exercise

Special tool for special use, the “Rhythm Slim” is rightly something that can combat muscle aches and slack …Continue Reading

Tool Tank

Tool Tank, just as its name implies, is a portable gadget that offers three different kinds of tools, …Continue Reading

“Sono” Wireless Sonography System

Coming from Hannes Harms, the “Sono” is a concept of a mobile and wireless sonography system. It enables …Continue Reading

Solar Pills

Ever felt that you’re in lack of sunshine? If so, you may have a try of Sunset Laboratories’s …Continue Reading

Tamaggo 360-imager

With CES 2012 finally opened today, many innovative gadgets will soon spread on the internet within the following …Continue Reading

Flaca Lamp

Flaca, which is Spanish for skinny, is an ultra-thin foldable lamp completely laser-cut from a piece of stainless …Continue Reading

“BlackBox” SMS Printer

I’ve known of many people, especially those in love, getting used to making a copy of their SMS …Continue Reading

Clipp Table Leg

Install the Clipp to any wood or plastic plates and then you can create your own tables鈥 When …Continue Reading

Ultra Flexible Task Light

Work smarter, not merely harder. FLEXiT is an ultra-flexible light that can be wrapped around tubes, bent into …Continue Reading

Electronic Diaper for Men

Diaper for men? Sounds bit of ridiculous, it is real product recently showcased at the Eco-Products 2011 in …Continue Reading

Scribe Bed Desk

In cold cold winter, we’re likely to do almost everything in bed, including studying, working, playing and of …Continue Reading

Foldable Snowshoes

The snowy winter makes you yearn for skiing while its cost is too high? Never mind, you may …Continue Reading