Broken Wine Rack

You know what? You’ve gotten too many bottles of wine on the rack that it finally breaks into …Continue Reading

Nanton Coat Rack

Designed to look like a transmission tower, the Nanton Coat Rack by Palette Industries not only comes with …Continue Reading

Wall-mounted Shoe Rack

So you’re living in a small apartment and cannot spare any space to place your shoes? If so, …Continue Reading

Led Zeppelin Ladder for Corner

Led Zeppelin is a step ladder especially designed for the corner. It was named after rock band Led …Continue Reading

Weird iPhone Stands

Two new iPhone stands here. They come with totally different shapes, one shaped like a faucet with water …Continue Reading

Portable Foldable Shoe Rack

If you want a lightweight shoe rack that can be folded flat for an easy transportation, then you …Continue Reading

Toy Racks

My little nephew Tony owns much interest in toy cars, and his cars used to lie around everywhere …Continue Reading

Traffic Jam Cloth Hanger

Serbian designer Vuka拧in Vukobratovi膰 takes street signs indoors and changes them into a unique cloth rack dubbed “Traffic …Continue Reading

Spider Podium

Honestly I’ve never found a spider could be so cute before I come up with the Spider Podium. …Continue Reading

“Balloon + Bomb” Coat Racks

In 1945 the first atom bomb was set off over Hiroshima and 65years later the first coat rack …Continue Reading

Golf Club Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

With the wine rack designs pushing towards “magic”, we’ve met many bottle holders that feature a single bar …Continue Reading

Radiator Rack

I don’t like winters in Britain鈥攖he sun seldom comes out and the clothes never dries. But I would …Continue Reading

Magic Floating Bottle

Why could the wine bottle float in the air? To those frequent readers who still remember the Beautiful …Continue Reading

Dinosaurs will hold your CDs.

The CD rack takes a good advantage of dinosaurs’ skeleton, enabling the users to place more pieces of …Continue Reading

Hershey Kisses CD Rack

Are you dissatisfied with your current CD cases? Luckily you’ll have a new choice, the Hershey Kisses CD …Continue Reading

Inflatable Laptop Desk

Who says laptop desks has to be large and hard. Surprise them with the Laptop Lilo! Not only …Continue Reading

Who moved my condiment bottles?

Couldn鈥檛 find your condiment bottles聽again? Most housewives like you are always bothered by the same problem as they鈥檝e …Continue Reading

P+ Bicycle System

Created by Young-Min Kim, Hyeon-Jeong Woo and Kyung-Goo Lee, the P+ Bicycle System is a multi-purpose bike rack …Continue Reading

Magazines & Books Racks

Almost every book has an impressive and personalized cover, so it鈥檚 really a pity that dozens and dozens …Continue Reading

Mr. Robot is right here to hold your wine bottles!

What does 鈥榞rown-up鈥 mean to you? Yes, we鈥檝e depicted a picture about the days about 鈥榞rown-up鈥 ever since …Continue Reading

Mighty Wine Tree

Say, what鈥檚 the best way to store wines? Though there鈥檚 still not a definite answer, what is definite …Continue Reading

Coat Rack of Many Colors

Ordinary life always makes us feel tiresome. If so, why don鈥檛 we try this innovative coat rack, which …Continue Reading

Bracket Card

Dubbed as 鈥淕oGoStand鈥, the plain plastic card may be a great help in accidental conditions whenever you need …Continue Reading

Mule-like Commodity Rack

The most hard-working mule all over the world! Made of high-pressure laminate, the mule-like commodity rack can continue …Continue Reading

Annular CD Rack

Wanna a breath of fresh air in dog days? Well, what about the fan-like CD rack? Given the …Continue Reading

Triangular Dish Rack

The triangular dish rack is composed of several resin modules, which looks so simple and portative that it …Continue Reading

Hanging Bed for Pets

How about keeping pets in limited space? Crowded, noisy, boring and you will certainly suffer a lot. Then …Continue Reading

Simple hanger

The structure of this hanger is very simple. It only comes with a stand and several conventional hangers. …Continue Reading

Mode CD spring

Sure, it鈥檚 a spring, but it is not used for spring purpose.

Spice organizer

With the innovative design, you will have more space for jars. You can use it just like normal …Continue Reading

CMYK clothing butler

With five hols through the surface, this board could hold clothes for those don鈥檛 like to hang clothes …Continue Reading

Ceramic wine & fruit tree

Fruit bowl is very common, but you must have not seen a fruit tree like this, it鈥檚 an …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

It鈥檚 a multiple-layers flat cushion made from wool. But it is not used for supporting. Its size is …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

Obviously from the picture, this human-shaped thing is a gadget used for kitchen. You know what is it …Continue Reading

Charger holder

Just hang it on the plug, you can have a surface to hold your device.

Toilet paper rack with extra ones

If you have encounter the embarrassment, you gonna like this design. It could hold some extra ones. So, …Continue Reading

Collapsible dish Rack

You don鈥檛 have enough space for dishes? Try this rack. While in need, it could hold many dishes …Continue Reading

Barcode CD holder

Put you CDs in this barcode holder. It鈥檚 very funny.

Stylish CD shelf

You can store your CDs just by plugging them into the slot. Its underside could also be a …Continue Reading

Display your expensive high-heels on the wall

Just plug the heels into the holes you can still display your expensive shoes on the wall. It鈥檚 …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

A plastic bottle? But, why does it have this weird shape?

Scissor rack with big eyes

Put your scissor on it , this rack gonna have big eyes. Pretty cute! Huh?

Win bottle holder mounting on the wall

Having many holes this rack could fit for many bottles of wine. It鈥檚 pretty cool. But a little …Continue Reading

Monkey & Banana

Do you think it gonna be safe to ask monkey hold bananas? I don鈥檛 know. But it鈥檚 really …Continue Reading

Egg tower

Perfect thing fit for kichen!