Paper PP Alloy

Paper PP Alloy, developed by the PEGA Design and Engineering, is strong, durable and eco-friendly material that is …Continue Reading

T-Shirt Converts Rock Music into Electricity

Certainly we’re all different: some people simply enjoyed the rock music, while some others were converting the music …Continue Reading

MetroChange Charity Campaign in New York

What can people do with their metro cards? Asking that question, some NYU students have come up with …Continue Reading

Nontoxic Flame-resistant Fabric

Traditional clothes, especially those made from synthetic fiber, burns so easily in flame that they usually result in …Continue Reading

Epson Launches World’s First BPA-free Recycled Thermal Receipt Paper.

You know that many receipts from ATM or the stores are found to contain harmful substance Bisephenol-A (BPA)? …Continue Reading

Prop Laptop Stand

A bigger scissor? Of course not, as the gadget is actually a laptop stand that is both affordable …Continue Reading

Sustainable Running Shoe

Basic is classic, and that’s why we’re pursuing everything that comes with a simple design but also full …Continue Reading

Cardboard Cocorico Cooker

Hello little chefs before the screens, we’ve gotten some amazing toys for you: the Cardboard Cocorico Cooker. It …Continue Reading

Water Climb Weighing Scale

Simpler is better. This Water Climb is constructed with merely a watertight bag and a cylindrical marked glass …Continue Reading

Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

Congratulation that Jake Tyler has found cardboard鈥檚 new function and made a vacuum cleaner with the material. As …Continue Reading

Re-Paper Chopsticks

Disposable wooden chopsticks, although deemed to have destroyed a vast amount of trees, are still in great need …Continue Reading

Switchable Footwear Soles

Apparently these Urshuz by Grant Delgatty will soon rank TOP 1 on your list of shoes. They feature …Continue Reading

Creative House Made From PVC Pipes

Some materials usually seem so common that we seldom though to make them into something more creative. But …Continue Reading

Can Cars

Use our intelligence. We should do this because we can create innovative or even magical things with our …Continue Reading

Waste Folder

Waste Folder is a recyclable bin that you can take everywhere, as it usually keeps in a compact …Continue Reading

IT Clips Reuse Your Tyres.

Bike inner tubes usually have excellent flexibility and toughness, however we seldom get a chance to reuse them… …Continue Reading

Cool Gadgets Recycled From Old Motorcycle Parts

On a design show held by Triumph Motorcycles and Birmigham Institute of Art and Design, many students brought …Continue Reading

Memo House

This memopad, coming in a cute shape of a simple house, is made from waste wood collected from …Continue Reading

Bioplastic Rain Poncho

We can use potatoes to make various dishes, but what about using them to make a rain poncho? …Continue Reading

Bottle Cap Jewelry

If you could have only one piece of jewelry, you’ll never need one made of recycled bottle caps, …Continue Reading

Indonesian Bamboo Restaurant

We’ll never suggest you go to a restaurant that is constructed from bamboo for dinner, because no buildings …Continue Reading

What’s this?

This time we’ll firstly tell you that this is something made of black rubber and then it鈥檚 your …Continue Reading

Campaign Cardboard Bookshop

As we become more and more technologically inclined, the books we read has followed the same trend. But …Continue Reading

Container Architecture From New York

Welcome to New York, and we’d like to show you a truly amazing architecture 鈥 an art studio …Continue Reading

Children’s Chair Made From An Old Bucket

The Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli has provided another new idea for DIY enthusiasts. He made this colorful cute …Continue Reading

Paper Pencils

Made from 100% recycled paper, these pencils, with environment protection as the main concept, aims to enlighten the …Continue Reading

Puma New Shoe Box

The ‘Clever Little Bag’, a collaborative work between yves behar / fuse project and Puma, was invented as …Continue Reading

Cardboard Baggage

What’s cardboard plus originality? It’s the Cardboard Baggage, which also doubles as a multi-functional rack to keep your …Continue Reading

“Bug”: A Zero Emission Concept Mini Car

As the cities get crowded and polluted, numerous automakers and designers are trying to tackle the problem of …Continue Reading

Protect The Earth and Choose Eco Coke!

“Same classic taste, but greener”, with that in mind, Andrew Kim has come up with a new series …Continue Reading

Izzy Plastic Urban Bike Concept

“Made of plastic” is not the only characteristic of the Izzy Plastic Urban Bike, a collaborative project between …Continue Reading

DIY Waste Basket

Charles Seuleusian is quite concerned about the environment and aims to save up energy as possible as he …Continue Reading

Recompute: A Sustainable Desktop Computer

To do away with those not-so-eco-friendly materials used to manufacture computers, Brenden Macaluso has come up with 鈥楻ecompute鈥, …Continue Reading

A Green Phone from Nokia

Well-known for a sustainable use, Nokia has been widely popular all over the world. And the new product, …Continue Reading

Start a green life with 鈥楤oo bag鈥

Bamboo is a kind of plant that could adapt to different climates. Generally, it could be harvested every …Continue Reading

The First Green Olympic Medals

2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games medals, unveiled recently at Vancouver Olympic village, are claimed to be environment-friendly, super-ellipse …Continue Reading

Multiple Stroller For Babies

The new baby buggy by Hoj Jeong is here to provide more convenience, ensuring an easy use through …Continue Reading

Compost Dustbin

Though everyone wants to contribute to the eco-business, most of us really couldn鈥檛 find the right way to …Continue Reading

Billboard Collection

Best publicity needs best billboards, but who needs billboards? To fully recycle the large amounts of billboards, TBWA, …Continue Reading

Recycled Plastic PET Bottle Lights

Obviously the design of the gorgeous home decorations that are made of recycled plastic bottles is the best …Continue Reading

Flashing Candle Light

Modern art lighting is popular both indoors and outdoors, which attracts dozens of designers. Recently, a Spanish designer …Continue Reading

Recycled Trash bin

This is a brilliant idea. The trash can itself is made from waste paper and so it is …Continue Reading

Recycling Bath Sink

Close the tap while brushing your teeth is a good habit, otherwise a lot of clean water will …Continue Reading

Recycled shower

You wanna a long shower but still afraid of wasting water and energy? Then you gotta like this …Continue Reading

Paper Tea house

Unlike most other constructions, this one from Shigeru Ban is made from paper board. And it is starting …Continue Reading

Recycled notebook

The sticky design allows you write memo on the back of the notebook. It is a smart idea.

Recycled Wastebasket

Made from recycled tire, this wastebasket has to soft handle which make it easy-carrying. In addition, the two …Continue Reading

Plastic Bottles hanger

Plug two plastic bottles into the hanger, it gonna be a recyclable gadget. In addition, the wide surface …Continue Reading

S_UPPORT: a fashionable crutch

This new crutch must give your more comfortable by its unique design. In addition, it鈥檚 made of plastic, …Continue Reading

Modular shoes for personalization

This new type of shoe allows you to assemble three parts of it totally depends on yourself. And …Continue Reading