Una Cebu Car Crafted from Natural Materials

Who knows what the best way to help people realize the potential beauty and utility local natural resources …Continue Reading

Skateboard Sculptures

There’s no waste in the designers’ mind, because anything old and unused can find their new life after …Continue Reading

Cow Sculptures Made from Used Cars

Almost in every part of the world we can find creativity, which now exists in Finland too. There …Continue Reading

Epson Launches World’s First BPA-free Recycled Thermal Receipt Paper.

You know that many receipts from ATM or the stores are found to contain harmful substance Bisephenol-A (BPA)? …Continue Reading

Boots Bag

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TuboHotel by T3arc

Have you ever experienced a night in concrete pipes? Well, if not, we strongly suggest you have a …Continue Reading

Reading Sculptures

Long-Bin Chen’s Reading Sculptures prove that incredible art can be made with almost everything, even with discarded items. …Continue Reading

Geeky Bag

42 pieces of floppy disks were recently brought together and found their new function, that is, to work …Continue Reading

Creative House Made From PVC Pipes

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Can Cars

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IT Clips Reuse Your Tyres.

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Cool Gadgets Recycled From Old Motorcycle Parts

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Big Wheel Sled

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Memo House

This memopad, coming in a cute shape of a simple house, is made from waste wood collected from …Continue Reading

What’s this?

This time we’ll firstly tell you that this is something made of black rubber and then it鈥檚 your …Continue Reading

Repurposed Plastic Trash Bricks

New Zealand businessman Peter Lewis has created an innovative machine that can transform discarded plastic like bottles and …Continue Reading

Container Architecture From New York

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Renault 2010 Sand Jumper

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Paper Pencils

Made from 100% recycled paper, these pencils, with environment protection as the main concept, aims to enlighten the …Continue Reading

Tire Sculptures

Korea-based artist Ji Yong Ho, who believes that “rubber is very flexible, like skin, like muscles”, has shown …Continue Reading

FlexibleLove Virgin

Incorporating an ‘accordion-like, honeycomb’ structure, the FlexibleLove Virgin by Chishen Chiu could accommodate a seating for 8 to …Continue Reading

Optimus Prime Replica created from Recycled Materials

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DIY Waste Basket

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Cassette and Film Tape Portraits by Erika Iris Simmons

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A Green Phone from Nokia

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Eco-Modular Furniture

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Recycled Cassette Tape Ties

Surprisingly, these ties are made from recycled cassette tape rather than fabric, which means your old walkman can …Continue Reading

The First Green Olympic Medals

2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games medals, unveiled recently at Vancouver Olympic village, are claimed to be environment-friendly, super-ellipse …Continue Reading

‘Shavings’ Stool

Honestly, the ‘shavings’ stools from Israeli have reminded me of the corks commonly-used in medicine bottles, but they鈥檙e …Continue Reading

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

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Recycled Plastic PET Bottle Lights

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Record Sleeve Table and Syringe Chandelier

So ordinary! On the first sight of the furniture, you may have the same feeling as I do. …Continue Reading

Module Office

Made of recycled materials, the module office is equipped with all office necessaries and takes up an area …Continue Reading

Unique Beach Leisure Chairs

The beach leisure chairs are made of recycled materials, dehydration and epoxy resin coating. Because of the simple …Continue Reading

Green Planter Wall Tiles

Made by recycled materials, green planter wall tiles give new meaning to the decor. This’s an neat and …Continue Reading

Soda robot that can jump

Some human like robot can walk like a real person or even clime stairs, but jumping stairs seems …Continue Reading

Recycled shower

You wanna a long shower but still afraid of wasting water and energy? Then you gotta like this …Continue Reading

Label cups

We have introduced many products with a recycled package which can be reused for the other purpose, such …Continue Reading

Bristlebot 2.0

Different from former bristlebot, this one is made of old computer chip. But, it is still very funny.

Recycled Wastebasket

Made from recycled tire, this wastebasket has to soft handle which make it easy-carrying. In addition, the two …Continue Reading

Remade鈥擡co-friendly cellphone from Nokia

The remade concept is the most eco-friendly cellphone. The metallic body is made from recycled aluminum cans and …Continue Reading

Clothline CLIP

Made from recycled plastic, this clip is fairly a eco-friendly one. Plus, the best point is that it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

NASA toilet price in 19 million dollar

This is a NASA toilet manufactured by RSC Energia from Russia, whose price is 19 million dollar. It …Continue Reading

Shellhouse for homeless

You are homeless, you wanna a house? Then, you should not miss this this so-called shellhouse. Carolina invents …Continue Reading

Bed on the spring: just like a car

In common sense, springy bed means the bed with a springy mattress. However, this bed made from recycled …Continue Reading